What’s wrong with eating plant-based foods?

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Is there really a problem with eating plant-based foods?

In this podcast, Dr. Stock discusses the problems with plant-based foods including phytotoxins and antinutrients as well as a look through history to see how transforming food is impairing our health in drastic ways.

Health Dangers of Plant-based Foods

NOTE: This podcast is based on an excerpt from Dr. Stock’s eBook “Health Dangers of a Plant-based Diet” which you can download for free here.

Beyond Plant Problems

If plants are full of antinutrients and phytotoxins that can harm human health, what should we eat? Can we really live on just meat? What are safest plant-based foods to eat? You can learn more about how to eat to minimize the harm from plant-based foods and maximize nutrition and health in the Meat Health Masterclass.

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Dr. Kevin Stock
Dentist with a focus on health through a meat-based diet, sleep, and fitness. Researcher, author, inventor of the NED Device. Founder/CEO at Meat Health LLC, Scriptis LLC, and NED LLC. Blog, "Notes to Self," at: https://kevinstock.io