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If you have questions about how much protein to eat, when to eat it, or what kinds are the best, you are in the right place.

If you have concerns about how much protein is too much and will a high protein diet damage your kidneys or liver, give you gout, leach calcium out of your bones due to its acidity, age you faster (mTOR, IGF-1) and decrease longevity, or just turn to sugar via gluconeogenesis (GNG), kick you out of ketosis, and elevate cortisol…we cover it all.

Part 1 (you can also listen on any of your favorite podcast apps)
Part 2 (you can also listen on any of your favorite podcast apps)

Part 1 of this podcast will address 6 of the most common fears around eating high protein diets.

Part 2 of this podcast will discuss why, instead of fearing protein, you should perhaps consider eating a high protein diet.

NOTE: You can read the original article “High Protein Diets” here.

Part 1: Dangers of High Protein Diets

  • “Excess Protein” and Gluconeogenesis (GNG)
    • This is the #1 fear around protein, and this will be the #1 hardest section to get through. Please don’t get bogged down in the science if that’s not for you, just push on through it.
  • High Protein Diets and Gout
    • “Won’t eating too much meat give me gout?”
  • High Protein Diets and Kidney Health
    • “Isn’t too much protein hard on the kidneys?”
  • High Protein Diets and Bone Health
    • “Isn’t meat acidic?”
  • High Protein Diets and Longevity
    • “Doesn’t too much protein stimulate mTOR and IGF-1 and shorten lifespan?”
      • In this section I discuss something that I haven’t heard many people talk about, which I think may be the most important thing in the whole articleanabolism vs catabolism
        • If you read nothing else – read this section.
  • Meat-based High Protein Diets (Carnivore Diet) and Amino Acid Balances
    • “Won’t eating too much (muscle) meat get my amino acids “out of balance.”
      • Methionine vs Glycine (and more…)

Part 2: Protein — The Most Essential Macronutrient

  • The Most Essential Macronutrient
    • Protein Malnutrition
  • Protein Leverage Hypothesis
    • The key to solving obesity and disease prevention?
    • The most satiating macronutrient?
  • High Protein Diets And Body Composition
    • The Most Overlooked Aspect of Fat Loss
    • The Protein Advantage
    • Fasting and Body Composition (warning and pitfalls)
    • Building Muscle without Putting on Excess Fat
    • Fat Loss and Muscle Building—beyond vanity
  • High Protein Diets: Plants vs Animals
    • Complete vs Incomplete Proteins
    • Protein Quality: DIASS
    • Cooked vs Raw
      • Denaturing of proteins
  • High Protein Diets: Final Thoughts
    • Do we need to revise the RDA on protein?
    • How much protein should you eat?

Beyond Protein

Now that you are an expert on protein, it’s time to tackle carbs (which you can do in this podcast) and then tie it all together in the Meat Health Masterclass.

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