What’s wrong with eating plant-based foods?

Is there really a problem with eating plant-based foods? In this podcast, Dr. Stock discusses the problems with plant-based foods including phytotoxins and antinutrients as well as a look through history to see how transforming food is impairing our health … Read more

The Carbohydrate Podcast

In this podcast Dr. Stock dives deep into carbohydrates and how they relate to a carnivore / meat-based diet: Should you eat carbs? If so, how much? Which ones? When? How often? Dr. Stock also talks about his carbohydrate experiments, … Read more

The Protein Podcast

If you have questions about how much protein to eat, when to eat it, or what kinds are the best, you are in the right place. If you have concerns about how much protein is too much and will a … Read more

What is the Meat Health Method

What is the Meat Health Method? How does it differ from the Carnivore Diet? Judy Cho, NTP invited Dr. Kevin Stock on to discuss the Meat Health Method that he developed and teaches in Meat Health Academy, and why it’s … Read more

Gaining Muscle and Perfect Teeth

A conversation between Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Kevin Stock In this podcast, Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Kevin Stock discuss how to build muscle and lose fat on a meat-based diet, what role do plant-based foods / carbohydrates play … Read more