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The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore

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  1. I’m new to my journey and loving this site. I am curious what your thoughts are on wild game. I love deer, elk and moose and my body responds really well to them. Any reason you don’t mention these? I live in Canada and my friends and family hunt. I feel game would be a great and inexpensive way to consume grass fed and finished animals, of course adding extra fat from beef, pork or duck.

    1. Wild game is just great!

      I think the only reason I don’t mention them a bit more is:
      1. A lot people don’t have great access to them
      2. Some, like deer, tend to be really lean – and people tend to do better with a bit fattier cuts

      Fresh, grass fed, finished animals for a good price – can’t beat that! (I’m more than happy to take left overs off your hands 🙂

      1. Also, game has extreme levels of histamine (way higher than aged beef). May be a problem for people with histamine sensitivity.

  2. Are there any concerns for a Blood type A eating a carnivore diet?

      1. Ilhowvdo we eat this much meat? As s Blood type A, i isually get pancreatitis n liver issues. Kidney too. Being vegan is best on me but im flabby n want muscle n be ripped. Scared to eat this much. How much is truly needed for 125pound woman? A day?? N what do you recommend for meats? Ty what about cancer? From meat? Tyty

  3. I joined Tribe & started carnivore WOE May 4th. I’m 6’2 & was 200 now down to as low as 176lbs but usually 180. I eat 2 steaks (1.5 to 2lbs total) & 2-6 eggs for breakfast plus cup of home made bone broth. Do same at night only no broth & 2 eggs. Only use pink Himalayan salt & drink 2-3 litres of salted water daily. Lately I have been waking with muscle cramps & cold feeling in lower legs/hands. I work out thrice weekly & very active with farm work. I drink 8oz glass water upon waking before getting up & using liquid potassium & magnesium supplement which seemed to Help at start. My MD wants to see me after getting blood results for 90+ days carnivore but won’t know those results till I get in 2 weeks from now. Any suggestions Dr. Stock on how to gain healthy weight back & rid myself of cramps/cold feeling?

    1. Something that’s interesting – I remember when I first started and I didn’t have any issues with cramps until maybe 12 weeks in. Then they just passed. I’d just give them time (sounds like you’re doing everything right!)

      And by your last question – you make it seem like you want to gain weight?
      Gaining 20lbs of fat back with a carnivore diet is not going to be easy 🙂 but I’m assuming you want muscle weight. In that case, as you probably know, muscle building is a marathon. Gaining a few pounds of muscle a YEAR is considered great growth, so using a scale on a weekly/monthly basis for this is really pointless (I wouldn’t worry about weight too much – sounds like you’re healthy)

      Blood work after 90 days can be very misleading (especially with the fat loss) – hopefully your doc can understand lab numbers in context of diet/lifestyle changes

  4. I just start this life style I been eating becon and hamburger meat and steaks eggs and only water I am I on the right track , I was 389 started keto 6 months ago,now I am down to 265 but stick there for a month or so any advice , thanks so much

  5. I just start this life style I been eating becon and hamburger meat and steaks eggs and only water I am I on the right track , I was 389 started keto 6 months ago,now I am down to 265 but stick there for a month or so any advice , thanks so much really want to lean down to about 215-220

  6. I am new for Carnivore but I have been on ketogenic for 3 month and I am willing to developed to carnivore….but my problem is I don’t eat beef ( people say its the best for carnivore) can I have only pork, fish chicken and seafood?….is it much bad if I drink black coffee daily? Thank you. ( sorry for my poor English I am Thai)

    1. There are some advantages that ruminant meat provides but pork, fish, chicken are just find.

      And in the “30 Day Guide” (you can download it on the left) see “Level 2” as far as your coffee concern goes 🙂

  7. I believe Bison is a ruminant animal. Is eating Bison as good as Beef? The bison I had in the past was quite lean. Are there fatty cuts as well that would be appropriate for those on the Carnivore Diet?

  8. Hi Dr Kevin. I have been on a mostly beef diet (with other meats) for nearly two months now and I found I am craving chocolate around the same time each month. I didn’t have any sugar for six weeks but caved this week and have had a few pieces. What does a few pieces of chocolate do to what is going on in the body on a carnivore diet?
    I didn’t suffer at all from digestion problems when I stopped eating plants despite having a non-functioning LES, chronic reflux and no gall bladder. I have been off reflux medication for a few years now and kept the acid under control with a keto-ish diet (processed carbs are a killer for reflux!) Of course, the reflux is gone on a meat diet, except for poor quality bacon, and I intend to continue with what my family thinks is a crazy diet. I am asked regularly what it is doing to my kidneys. I have researched this question but I don’t have a succinct answer, even though I know my kidneys are fine.
    What can I tell the people who love me that I am doing the right thing to my body?
    Also, here in Oz we can eat kangaroo (though it is not popular) but it is very lean. I would assume this is not a good meat for a carnivore diet due to the low fat content, what are your thoughts?

    1. Well by caving in to the chocolate craving, it will keep cravings alive longer (the cravings die eventually but that’s one of the big problems with a “flexible” diet approach to carnivore, is that cravings stick around).

      The people that love you will support your decision to eat how you want. It really is as simple as that 🙂

      You can always send them here or to https://kevinstock.io if they want to understand the science (but often trying to convince people of anything is useless unless they are sincerely interested in learning/being open-minded – most of the time people just want to reaffirm their held beliefs).

      Kangaroo is just fine (as is other lean meats) you just don’t want to eat only lean meats.

  9. I was wondering on effects of carnivore diet on sleep. Effectively I want to reduce my sleep time to 6-7 hours (about 8.5h currently). However, I know that carnivorous animals tend sleep a lot more (i.e. cats) so they can process all that protein. Can you please share what effect had it on you, and other people?

    1. While I think sleep is as important (if not more so) than nutrition, and therefore don’t recommend trying to manipulate getting less than one needs, most people experience no difference or a reduction in sleep time.

  10. Could or should I add exercise to the carnivore diet. I was doing Keto and starting carnivore today, but unsure if exercising is ok and if it will help get best results. If ok to exercise what type of exercise is best on this diet? Thank you for all of this wonderful information and your guide.

    1. Yes I always recommend exercise 🙂

      The best kind is the kind you enjoy (or can learn to enjoy…) and will stick with.

      I think weight training is one of the best things you can do personally.

  11. Hi, what do you recommend I do as a 15yr old male and I have been vegetarian for the past 7yrs. I need to gain weight and I need to treat my auto-immune diseases(mostly skin related) Right now I am about 20lbs under weight. How much should I eat per day and how should I transition from vegetarian to carnivore. I honestly don’t even know what meat tastes like and I am going to have my first steak this week, anyways thanks for the help and I hope this diet can give me results because I’ll tell you vegetarian is a horrible diet even if you do everything right it is detrimental to your health. I have been trying countless products, routines, foods, everything to see what is wrong with me and I would never think it’s the one thing I wasn’t eating lol. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Brendon, I would start by reading the “Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore” – that’s the place to start. You can download it on this page.

      It goes over what to eat, how much, and what to expect.

      All the best!

  12. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and now have to be on a low sodium diet. Any suggestions? No more bacon, and beef doesn’t taste as good without salt. I was on the Carnivore Diet and lost 25 pounds. I’m trying to go back on it, but running out of ideas on what I can have (because of the salt thing).

    1. Obviously I can’t give medical advice here. But personally, I’d explore the whole salt/high blood pressure thing. I’ve don’t quite a bit of research in this area and the evidence of removing all salt to treat high blood pressure isn’t all that convincing to me.

      That said, the carnivore diet is often accompanied with great improvements in blood pressure, so perhaps monitor it closely and add salt gradually if you must have it for taste reasons.

      You can also add in other meats, seafood, eggs.

      1. Hello, I’m 54 yrs old, day 11 of carnivore after doing Keto for 1.5 month. The first few days I felt funky but now I feel great! I work out 3x a week and dropped a few lbs (about 4) – I’m doing this to see if it will help my focus, energy, as well as my unexplained neuropathy in my feet. Otherwise, I am healthy. My issue is with going to the bathroom and experiencing constipation. just 2x in 10 days and the last time was painfully difficult. Is fat the culprit? I do add butter and eat fatty cuts of meat and bacon. I’m drinking about 60-70 OZ of water a day. I eat eggs and meats, bacon, butter, a little HWC in my coffee and some cheese. How do you know how much fat to eat? or water to drink?
        Thank you – happy to have found your site 🙂

        1. Hi Helen sounds like you are doing everything right!

          Bowel changes are very common (really even expected) early on.
          Meat is absorbed extremely efficiently (not a lot goes to waste) so going less and less often is common.

          Increasing fat can help – but it sounds like you are already doing fine here.

          I’d just give it a bit of time to regulate.

  13. I recently had a baby, he is about 11.5 weeks now and I am exclusively breastfeeding him. Can I go on the carnivore diet while doing that, or will it have negative effects on him? My husband just heard about this diet and wants to try it but is concerned about me doing it for that reason.
    Thanks in advance; I’ll check out the 30 day guide for my husbands sake in the meantime.

      1. I watched a you tube of a family who went carnivore, all he extended fam were really amazingly fit and healthy . One of the grown up daughters was breastfeeding not one child but 2 at once and still expressing milk and freezing it for others.

    1. I am breastfeeding too. I just started the Carnivore Diet 5 days ago as my Naturopath reccomended it for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. My son seems to be doing just fine and is actually way less colicky than he was before! I am eating alot of rib eye steaks for the fat content. Hope that helps along with what Doctor Stock is saying 🙂

  14. Hi Dr. Stock,

    I have been experiencing daily fatigue, lack of focus, and general lethargy for a few years now. I was reccomended to try the carnivore diet as an experimet to see if it would make a differance.

    I started the carnivore diet 25 days ago. The first few weaks I felt terrible, and was running to the bathroom all the time. Halfway through the 2nd week I normalized and wasn’t having nearly as many stomach issues, and my focus and my fatigue normalized as well. I still feel, oddly enough, exactly the same as I did on my high carb paleo diet which I’d stuck to for the past year and a half.

    I still have the same appetite, still have the same energy crashes about every 3 hours, which sounds opposite to how i’ve read it’s supposed to be with Carnivore.

    I’m wondering if I’m simply not eating enough fat, and that has slowed the adaptation process. My solution now is to get short-ribs and ribeyes and use lots of tallow, while beforehand I was trying to eat all the fat I could be honestly didn’t know how to maximize as much as I do now (though I think it’s still lacking). Should I not worry about the protien so much as just stick to as much fat as possible, (in that I assume I must already be getting more than enough protein as it is if I’m not adapted yet.)

    Thank you very much! Your website has been helpful to me.
    Danny Damian

    I started the Carnivore diet 25 days ago. I’m doing it to lessen my fatigue and improve my focus.

    1. Hi Danny you’re still very early and these adaptation symptoms are very common.

      I would read the 30-day guide (you can download it on the left) which goes into much more about macros and fat and how you should think about those.

  15. Hi, I’ve been doing keto with OMAD for 13-14 months, and am down 41.5 kg. I don’t get cravings, I can ignore the people around me eating and take my own food to gatherings, so I’m pretty committed. My health markers are all excellent, but over the last couple of months, the weight loss has slowed right down. .

    In 5 weeks time, I’m going on a cruise, and will spend a week before and after staying with family members in a different town. Because I won’t have full control over my food, my long term plan has been to try and fit in with my family as I can within reason (obviously still no to sugar and breads etc) and treat the cruise as a special occasion, where I will continue to eat low carb as much as I can, but to have a treat if there is something truly special, and recommence my keto lifestyle afterwards.

    I heard about the carnivore diet recently, and was thinking that maybe I could use it as a tool to overcome my weight loss plateau, and “experiment” with it for the month to ensure I lose a little more weight before I go on holidays, but after reading the guide I’m concerned I’m not sure I can use it as per my intentions.

    What would be the ramifications of doing 4 weeks on, 3 weeks off and then starting again? Would doing 4 weeks of carnivore followed by a diet including plant products result in dietary distress? rapid weight gain? Should I hold off until I get back when I can commit longer to exploring this option? Is the idea to become a permanent carnivore or is it able to be used to heal prior to recommencing a keto lifestyle, which has been my long term plan.


    1. Hi Kristin, congrats on your commitment to health!

      Lot of hard questions without easy answers (because they aren’t not black and white – but different for everyone).

      Regarding carnivore and fat loss, I’d read this: https://www.kevinstock.io/health/fat-loss-and-the-carnivore-diet/

      The “idea” of carnivore is different for everyone, but I think the overarching theme is to maximize health and keep it to live your best life. For some people this means staying carnivore long term, for others it may mean using the carnivore diet as an “elimination” diet and adding in other foods as tolerated/desired.

      You just have to decide what is your goal, and then use food as a tool to help you live the life you want 🙂

  16. I absolutely love meat but have been staying away from it for the past year or two and hated it but was following some bad diet advice obviously. I have always had huge metabolism and a bit of a natural freak physically in my youth but now at age 54 have all kinds of health issues going on. I should advise that I suffer from autoimmune and have had AS and sciatic and a whole host of other issues since my mid 20’s. But I have never let any of them stop me or hold me up. I simply delat with them and medicated etc. I did not pay much attention to my health because I was always so lean and ripped and hyperactive. And worked like a crazed animal always outworking my co-workers just because of my competitive nature.
    Now however I am paying for all the abuse to my body, physically speaking and am on high dose of painkillers along with all kinds of other meds over the years to address my arthritis. My joints are falling apart and and I am generally just putting in time these days trying not to be a burden on my family. I have had back surgery (fusion) that turned out horribly giving me permanent sciatic and life is generally pretty miserable. I am on long term disability and hate it but do not see that changing regardless of this diet helping or not sadly. But I sure would enjoy a boost in quality of life given what I have been through all of my life. I have never NOT been in chronic pain. And not just minor aches and pains. I am talking about pain that you would not wish upon anyone. It is just sad and remarkable all at the same time what the human body is willing and able to accept.
    I have always been about 170-180 at 5’10 and well muscled with minimal work outs…basically just from being a hardworking hyperactive person and blessed genetically from the outside at least. But now after surgery and growing inactivity from the chronic pain and sciatic as well as progressive disc disease my weight is steadily between 210-215 depending on the season. I carry lost of it in my mid section of course. Not so much flab but bloated.
    I saw the first news about this diet from renowned Professor Jordan Peterson and the benefits he and more so his daughter gained from it and thought…’This guy is some kinda brilliant!…if he and his child use it then I am definitely going to investigate’.

    I love eggs, all dairy and all meats…in fact I am pretty easy to please when it comes to food but have always loved meats most even though I have been avoiding them due to all the poor press they get for heart disease and arterial issues etc. So adapting this diet won’t be an issue for me at all and I relish the chance to try it with all the great news I have heard. Any relief from the inflammation would be very welcome. In fact I am thinking of trying it with some fasting mixed in there as well.
    My only big question is this…and it will sound a bit ridiculous but many I am sure will wonder the same, especially my fellow countrymen (Canadian and damn proud to be a Hoser)….BEER?? Is Beer going to be out of the question now? Given its carb values…even light beer? Hell I am not sure going without a cold beer in the hot summer time when its so enjoyed would be possible? Please tell me there is hope there?
    ICE Brood

    1. Haha – well obviously beer isn’t carnivore/meat-base/or from an animal 🙂

      So whether you choose to drink it or not is completely up to you – though I can tell you, alcohol is not a health food.

      But I also understand sometimes health takes a backseat to life and fun.

  17. I have been keto since Jan 1st 2018 I lost 30Ibs and stopped losing early summer so I have been at a stall… if I am carnivore will my body still need to heal? And how much meat should I woman be eating a day? I still have 35Ibs to lose to be at my goal. I could easily go all day without eating but I feel I need to force it

  18. after some days the translation is weird, strange feelings but fundamentally not sickness, you kind of a transforming, puked once with sparkling feel all around, about sht nothing really bad, i got worse just for drinking, lots of water and pss first days, now better, even in the “hole” can feel and see improvements, to the skin in particular. Let’s keep on.

  19. Hi Doctor…in Aajonus’ book he talks about eating small amount of vegetables is more preferable with cooked meat then cooked meat alone due to purification, and a further explanation I’ve read is that the plant material will ferment in the colon contributing to healthy gut flora. What is your opinion on this…and also would eating a small amount of veg with each cooked meal such as some lettuce with balsamic vinegar or some sauerkraut/kimchi/fermented veg really mitigate the healing effects of the meat that much? I’m doing full carnivore now but find it a bit much 24/7…would like to maintain the healing effects of all the quality grass fed meat and wild caught fish I’m eating (2-2.5 lbs per day) but have a little bit of variety, and on some level I still kinda believe low glycemic or fermented vegetables have their place in promoting health. Thanks

    1. Hi Rob – great question.

      I don’t agree with an idea of “purification” as a reason to eat plant material – nor do I agree that bacterial fermentation of plant material promotes a “healthy gut flora.”

      That said if you want to add in some plant-based foods for variety/social/other reasons, that’s totally up to you, and of course it won’t just mitigate the benefits of a meat-based diet.
      I would recommend testing in these foods through the 3 Level Protocol (as outlined in the 30 day guide which you can download on the left). Hope this helps!

  20. Hi there I’ve been level 1 for almost 6 months (meat, mostly beef no seafood, eggs, very limited dairy just home made yogurt made from high fat whipping cream, salt and pepper, beef tallow & butter for cooking fats.

    After about 2 weeks I experienced worsening calf cramps and strange muscle pains on right side of mid chest area. One morning they were so bad it felt like my leg was siezing up and brushing my arm against my own chest HURT.

    I googled around and saw posts indicating this was probably magnesium deficiency and wasn’t uncommon when changing to carnivore. They suggested mag supplement.

    I started taking mag supplements and the pains faded away.

    I’ve been afraid to go off them since then as my basic rule is “listen to your body” and cramping shouldn’t be happening.

    You speak very emphatically about not supplementing at all, for me mag supplements certainly addressed something,

    I’m considering going off the mag supplements but I don’t want to cause my body pain again… so I’m wondering about your thoughts on that?


    1. Hey Thor (awesome name by the way) – that’s a great question. I actually remember I had occasional foot cramping at night up until about 12 weeks.

      Yes magnesium supplementation can definitely help (smart move).

      To answer you question – supplementing with magnesium continuously is more than likely not a problem. I do think it’s smart to taper off supplements, let the body find its natural equilibrium, and then (if you want) try supplements back in (for example, some people with physique goals may want to try supplementing with creatine, or those in areas/lives with little sun may want to try a vitamin d supplement, etc.)

      So what I would do is I would tapper of the magnesium gradually (if you are taking it in pill form, you can buy it in powder form which is easier to control the dose), then once completely off supplements I’d stay there for awhile and only then would I consider testing in things (dependent on your life, goals, etc…)

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thank-you Kevin — hippie parents that’s how I got the name 😉 and thank-you for the response.

        I have been stepping down the mag supplement (from 500 to 250) and no cramps. I’ll see about winding it down over a month or two. The same posts that I found while cramping suggested the same as you: supplement then taper off, so that is good convergence of advice & experience there.

        Interesting you should mention vitamin d, I did start supplementing 5000 D3 recently because I live in long gray winter Vancouver, BC and trying to get 5000 per day from food even on carnivore is pretty difficult.

        One of the things I really like about your site was your different grades of carnivore one of which covered my diet. Until I read it I thought I was a phony carnivore for still eating dairy.

        I’m puzzled on dairy — I get some people have massive problems with it but I’ve never had a problem I’m aware of, and my body has loved milk & butter my whole life (I don’t drink milk now to reduce carbs but eat lots of 38% fat yogurt). But so many people say dairy is really bad & completely avoid, including level 3 carnivores like Mikhaila Peterson I have to wonder if I wouldn’t feel “better” without it.

        Great website and thank-you again for your helpful and informative response.

  21. 829/5000
    Hello Dr. Stock
    I would like your opinion, I am 60 years old and I have never been overweight. I am very active, (cross coutry skiing, snow shoes and especially road bike (6,000 miles / year) .I am interested in carnivorous diet but I am not sure that it will work during my long ride of more than three hours with sommes intense intervalls (hill, sprint…), I Know the lipids can certainly provide energy for long-term low or moderate intensity but certainly not for several intervalls of intense effort of 1 to 10 min.
    Do you believe that in these types of effort I should need to keep a carbohydrate intake (bar-gel, etc …).
    In general the first hour I drink only water, the 2nd hours: water with carbohydrates and some electrolytes and to past the 3rd hours, water with electrolytes and bars energy…
    Thank you

  22. How can they say eat all this red meat when others say it can give you colon cancer.i have colon cancer i dont eat beef nor pork.but Turkey, fish, chicken

  23. I have been on carnivore for 8 days now and I do have negative symptoms like low energy, chills, brain fog but my digestive system have been great so far. Should I start supplementing Lipase to prevent future digestive problems or just order Lipase when I face the problem (delivery time for me is 1-2 weeks, unfortunately)?

    1. If you are doing fine with digestion, then I would just keep on with what you are doing.

      Hopefully those other symptoms will start to pass shortly and you’ll be in the clear!

  24. These slides are very helpful, thank you. Just one question. Regarding “#3 – Hydrate” it says “Take your body weight”. Is that weight in kilograms or pounds? Thanks.

  25. Dear Dr Stock,

    I am thinking of doing the carnivore diet. In the past I did keto for 3-4 months and I never left better (though I skipped the salad quite regularly), but unfortunately I diverted from that path and it was extremely difficult to go back to it. I never managed to probably due to a low fat intake and the dressings in “healthy lunch salads”. I also have an extreme case of a sweet tooth which pretty much controlls my life.

    The reason I want to chose carnivore over keto is 1) 0 carbs = 0 cravings and 2) food preparation is simpler and it will deter me from ever eating out which is also my goal.

    But having done some research on keto, I know that overdosing on protein can have some serious consequences and beef is a big source of it. I am concerned even with the lvl 1 and 2 and not having the bulk of the veggies to “dilute” the amount of food consumed. But won’t eating only beef cause some serious concerns with the protein levels? I do not train and although I’m thinking of starting, it will be nothing serious that could possibly require a larger than average need for protein. What if I eat too much and it will turn into sugar and I will be back to square one?

    Kind regards

    1. Yes sugar cravings/addictions are very real and not easy to beat. Many people that have had success with keto find that one of the big benefits of carnivore is finally putting an end to these cravings.

      I believe that the fear of too much protein, for the most part, is unfounded.
      I will be going into far more depth on this because it’s a common question, but the short of it is, no need to worry about too much protein (neither for your bones or kidneys), don’t worry about ketones, don’t worry about GNG, just eat up meat until satisfied 🙂

  26. I am wanting to start this diet. I take medications for gout, high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression. I guess I am concerned about the gout the most as I have been told to stay away from red meat, and shell fish. I guess I would like to know how this diet would affect these things for me?

    1. Long term, most people I’m seeing do this diet with a history of gout see it resolve. But some people do see a flare up early on during the transition.

  27. 30 Day guide is not available. Signed up and got nothing, try to sign up again and your site freezes. Not really that necessary anyway. Eat meat, drink water, take salt until your body is used to the diet.

    1. I would check your junk folder – sometimes that initial email will get put in there.

      And yes, as simple as “eat meat, drink water” sounds – there arises many many questions and issues from that simple equation.

      I’ll email you a copy now 🙂

  28. Hey Kevin,
    Have had my eye on the carnivore diet for some time now and believe i’m ready to fully commit to it. My biggest concerns unfortunately come down to weekly spending. I am 255 pounds and started doing crossfit about a month ago. Was an athlete for many years before letting myself go these last couple years. I am wondering if you have a somewhat concrete number on how much a “budget” carnivore diet would cost per week or month, and also possibly a more high end number. I know you mentioned buying in bulk and grabbing those sales in your beginners guide I am just wondering how big of a difference this makes for you. I am *assuming* a 3 pound per day ish grocery goal is a good start for me.
    I know everyone is a different, just being a numbers guy myself I thought i’d toss a line out and see what info you have!
    Thank you

    1. Hey glad to hear your ready to commit!

      Really costs come down to the meats you buy, the particular cut, and where from – this can vary wildly.

      For example, ground beef, pork, chicken, organs, etc…are fairly low cost – while if you want to eat just grass fed and finished ribeyes, it can be quite expensive.

      Like you said stocking up on sales is the way to go.
      If you buy a quarter/half/full cow you can save considerably too.

  29. Hi Dr Stock,
    48yr male – teetered on & off for a few years now between Paleo, Keto, SAD cheats, & Alcoholism. History of Spinal issues – Cervical Stenosis w/fusions & some “permanent” nerve damage & chronic pain. If that’s not enough, I also have chronic lower lumbar pain. (Im still relatively active though – fishing, walking & doing ARX workouts) Oh Yeah & mix in some Depression & Anxiety

    Been Carnivore (level 1 it seems) for the past week. My main goals are:

    1. REDUCTION (understand elimination is not reasonable & some mechanical damage will never be undone) in pain & spinal symptomology

    2. Improvement in Mood

    Any thoughts you can offer – obviously I wan to hear “Everything is going to be fixed.” HA! But seriously, any hope for some relief at all through strict Carnivore adherance ?

    1. I’ve seen these two goals reached by many many people following this way of eating.

      Not going to say it’s easy to transition to though 🙂

  30. this page appears to be broken. There’s no download or guide information here. I’ve tried several browsers.

  31. Kevin,

    I was wondering if you thought it would be reasonable to transition to a Carnivore Diet from an AIP/Low FODMAP diet, by initially cutting out any high-fiber foods, and cutting down on plant sources in general, and making the focus of every meal about meat (80/20 ratio – meat to plants). Any reason that wouldn’t work as a first step?

    (An example would be something like 2 cups spaghetti squash with 12 oz brisket)

    1. There are numerous pros and cons to “easing in” – one of the pros is that some adaptation symptoms can be lessened; yet one of the cons is that adaptation can take far longer (i.e. getting fat adapted, etc..)

      If that seems like something that can work for you – then by all means – go for it! 🙂

  32. Is flavored carbonated water with sugar free flavoring ok?

    1. I wouldn’t recommend it.

      These things can really keep sugar/carb cravings alive and can also disrupt normal appetite (and some evidence gut microbiome as well)

  33. where is the guide all i get is this page with the questions or part of the page when i click on the link 30day carniguideÉ

    1. Hi Ronaldo, sorry for the issue!

      Some browsers, cache settings, ad-blockers cause the download form to disappear.

      I’d recommend trying a different browser, clearing cache, or turning of an ad-blocker. If this doesn’t do the trick just let me know and I’ll email you the downloads.

  34. 2headscratchers. Started Carnizero 5 wks (semi started about 2 wks earlier taking off various veggies but did not get to nightshades) (the worse as per Dr. Gundry)did not see ur Levels and pretty much for last 4weeks all beef h20 w odd Turkey thigh or duck breast and early on some lamband turkey liver. I think most of transition problems gone now altho some concern w potasium as have been using celtic sea salt grey regularly, the odd homemade beef bonebroth, and a week dose of multi minerals. I am reticent to use grass fin bec i was too thin coming in and now look kind of third worldish and cannot afford any further weight loss; cut down on rendered fat during gut gb problems and using more now as gut settled. Using hiest grade beef from best rated butcher in my city (no corn or soy told but some hormone/antibiotic). So Kevin where do i go – do i back tread on ur Levels and restart or do i just keep going as i want to recover energy from decades of fm and cfs (some Brain fresher signs now) . 2. now i read ur article regarding Elimination and left wondering as i do want first to challenge some other meats like pork (eat bacon etc)fish maybe chicken as per Level 2-3 but do not see me using GrFin because just cannot lose more weight to challenge ag GrFin leaner beef. But the big question as well a result of ur article on Elimination diet false positives and negatives mainly because some smaller toxins build up and r accumulative over many years – how can one possibly arrive at a proper challenge period whether for more meats or onto veggies ? Is there a good way to detox over and above the Carni diet that will give one even more pure system to challenge against ? Is the diet itself a detox system or just a metabolic paths reset? Do i stay the course with what im doing now until supercharged then challenge? Do i just let go of all plants for life? help/suggestions appreciated. thks.

    1. Lot of questions here 🙂

      I wouldn’t worry about the Levels, it’s a framework for easing into carnivore as well as testing sensitivities, but just keep doing as you are as it sounds like you are doing well.

      Regarding the false positives/negatives and the carnivore diet as an elimination diet – that article answers these questions.

  35. So much awesome information, thank you. I am coming from LeAnne Vogels Happy Keto Body program with some lingering issues that seem to have excellent results with Carnivore. I’m excited and while I’ve read the 30 day guide and the fat loss guide (currently on day 6). A huge incentive for me is how much exercise, weight training specifically, is encouraged, I love lifting heavy :D. Have you found a pre-workout to be unnecessary with this WOE? I saw your post about BCAA’s not being necessary could you expand on that a little?

    My primary question has more to do with the mental aspect of food. I have a history of emotional, habitual, social AND boredom eating. Do you have any additional tips on listening to the body ques. I have experienced the famine early in my keto walk but now i’m finding that while I “could” eat I’m not overly hungry and when I eat a big ol’ rib-eye I could eat more but I’m not necessarily FULL. Tryin to find that balance. 😀

    Thanks again!

    1. I don’t use a pre-workout, some people like coffee for a boost (though I would be hesitant if doing afternoon/evening workouts as it can an insidious disruptor of sleep).

      Yes, eating carnivore will provide you with plenty of BCAAs (in their natural meat form 🙂 no need to waste money on supplements.

      The mental aspect of food will come with time as your appetite regulates. My recommendation early on is to eat when hungry, don’t limit/restrain appetite, and this means don’t fret about gaining weight. Not everyone listens to this advice, but those who have had long term success tend to let the body heal first. On the flip side, if you’re not hungry, don’t eat – simple as that 🙂 No need to force it.

  36. Kevin, the lipase supplement you recommend in your guide has a rice based capsule. Do you recommend taking it whole or emptying out the capsule? Thanks!

  37. Im interested in starting this carnivore diet. I heard it has beneficial values for people with chrons disease. I have chrons and im taking humira for it. Do you have any suggestions on how to move forward? I also take levothyroxine due to thyroid cancer (had my whole thyroid removed). Will this diet affect any of these issues in a negative way or will i have any negative reactions?

  38. As a semi-professional runner how would you suggest I get into the full meat program ? I mean, as I need carbs to fuel my muscles etc… is there any aerobic full meat program option ? I do understand we still have to stay away from fruits and vegetables but what about white rice and bread ? Are they allowed lunges as post work out recovery energy food ? Best regards, F

  39. Hi Kevin,

    I have been on a low carb, low fodmap diet for several months to treat autoimmune disease, and severe brain fog and fatigue. I have noticed much improvement but it seems to have plateaud and I want to try the carnivore diet.

    After just a couple days on the carnivore diet, I have not passed any stools and I am getting some pain/numbness in my lower right abdomen. I am worried that my body is having trouble digesting all the meat and there is a blockage in my intestines. And I worry that eating more meat will only add to the blockage. What can I do?

    1. I would recommend reading the 30 day guide that you can download on this website.

      Meat is absorbed extremely efficiently and it’s common to have fewer less substantial bowel movements (especially while adapting).

  40. Hello,

    I’m on day 7 of carnivore. Feeling good. I’m curious about eating at friends homes. I don’t want to have to bring my own roast beef to these dinners. I’ve always been of the mindset that a guest should eat what the host offers. And I’m not ready yet to tell the host that they need to cook meat for me to come over.

    But I’m worried about consequences. If I get past the adaptation phase, and feel great, will I have to start from zero if I have a conventional meal?

    If I go out to a restaurant with friends, I don’t want to always push, demand that we go to a steakhouse. Is it ok to eat whatever once and awhile socially, if I’m full carnivore on my own time?

    1. Hi Frank, I’m working on an article on this topic at this moment – if you subscribe to my newsletter – I’ll send it out when it’s ready (within the next few weeks at the latest).

  41. How do you get your salt, potassium and magnesium on this diet?

      1. I eat meat, eggs and cheese with no carbs or sugar and i have had heart palpatations, dehydration and the like the last couple days which was fixed with a teaspoon of sea salt. That wasnt the case the last couple weeks.. any idea why this was?

        1. Have you read the 30 day guide? It’s not uncommon during transition. I’d also encourage you to join the Meat Health facebook group “Carnivore Corner” as others can tell you about their experience with this.

  42. Great 30 day guide, thanks!
    I have had no adaptation problems of any kind moving to keto and then to carnivore, however (there’s always a but) I am reluctant to let go of my garlic, onions, curcuma, chile peppers and herbs when preparing fish and meat. Your thoughts?

    1. Just like in the guide – if you want to keep them in (Level 1) – that’s fine. I think most people benefit from doing at least Level 2/3 for a period of time to see if they could potentially be causing some issues.

  43. Hi Doc, I am 5 weeks in, chronic IBS sufferer. Whilst I have lost 8kg, I am so disappointed that my tummy bloat still looks like I am 5 weeks pregnant and I still often experience cramping after eating and into the next day. I am following all the rules to a T. I am 58

    1. Hi Carrie, I would move towards Level 2 if you haven’t, could be a problem food (if you are having things like dairy).
      The other factor is just time.

  44. So, I have been a tinkering carnivore for 2 weeks and down 12 pounds.

    I female, 5’8″, 31, 246lbs. I drink 4 litres of water a day, I have just recently felt like weight training again.

    However, I’m noticing a week before my period, the cravings hit and hit hard. Mainly sugar…what to do?

    After reading your guidelines, I’m ready to dive in to tomorrow head first and cut out the tinkering!

    Thanks for any tips!

    1. These cravings are very common while transitioning.
      I think the best thing to do is to make sure you are eating enough and “splurge” on your favorite cuts of meat whether bacon or ribeyes or whatever whenever cravings hit.
      Where most people fail is that they are restricting their eating as well as carbs/sugars so these cravings hit very hard. Eating enough (especially early on) is super important.

  45. Hi there! Two questions about beef bone broth:

    1) Instead of making bone broth I’d rather purchase grass fed/finished online. It seems most online choices come with vegetables added–which I understand is a no-no. Are there choices out there without the vegetables or

    2) is the bone broth only a short term supplement to provide electrolytes during Level 1 adaptation only?

    1. Hi Greg, I personally only eat bone broth on an occasion, and just make it homemade from the bone remains of the meat I’ve eaten.

  46. Hi Dr. Kevin,

    I just started on Carnivore (Day 2). I started because I have been having health issues and could not figure out what really it was. But my biggest reason for trying Carnivore is the mental state I have gotten myself into. Issues with Anxiety and Depression. I felt really good Day 1, but have kind of slipped back into a little funk on Day 2. I would assume this is normal, just wanted to hear it too, put me at ease.

    1. Hi Dan, I’d highly recommend reading the 30 day guide that you can download from this website. Yes, early adaptation symptoms are extremely common and I think it’s important to understand these potential things when diving in.

  47. Hi,

    While in the carnivore diet can I still drink coffee with sweeteners (Splenda, Stevia, etc) or sugar?


    1. Hi Jos, the 30 day guide which you can download above, goes over this in quite some detail – if you have any questions after reading please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  48. I have been carnivore now for two months. I was Keto before that for a year and I lost 65 lbs. Since going carnivore, my weight loss has stopped, but I feel like I am still getting leaner and I am definitely getting stronger. I have not worked out since I was in my 30s. (I am 60 now) and I feel as good as when I was 30. It is crazy. I am trying to get my brother to do it but as you say, it is something one has to come to themselves….. anyway… My question is, do you hear this sort of story often? Weight loss stopped but the body still seems to be getting fitter and perhaps more muscular? I want to know if it is just my imagination but I don’t think it is. Thanks. This site is great and I appreciate the resources. Pete

  49. I have only been on the carnivore diet for 1.5 weeks. I have a painful back condition spinal lenthesis. For the first time I have been able to get out of bed without taking 8 iboprophen. I’m sold!!

  50. Dear Dr. Kent,
    Your thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated….
    2 questions 1st, Do you have a company or supplement line that you would recommend for those that you present it your research paper?
    And the 2nd question is, How do you feel about me picking up locally i.e.Philadelphia/Central-South Jersey “Grass-Finished” Beef suppliers in my area versus having the ones you recommend ship to me?

    1. In general I don’t recommend supplements except for perhaps when adapting or special cases, so there is no particular company I endorse.

      And I think local grass finished beef suppliers sound like a perfect option!

  51. Hi Kevin!

    Do you have any suggestions for carnivores who are generally pleased with the diet, but who develop hemorrhoids? One of my clients has this issue and didn’t used to when consuming a omnivorous, low-carb diet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    PS – I’m familiar with a number of natural, non-carnivore options. However, I’m unsure what carnivore options may be indicated.

    Thank you and kind regards,


  52. Hi,
    Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but all I get when I click on a document title is the title and all the comments. Maybe it’s a senior’s moment. :-/

  53. I’m in remission from Crohn’s Disease and eat until full but am still afraid that I’m not eating very much. Most days I’m satisfied with about 800 calories, but I’m afraid that is too little so I eat until I’m ready to throw up which is between 1000 – 1500 calories. I eat only Beef, Elk, Deer and when it’s too lean I add butter. I have been off and on carnivore since last February trying different diets and combinations to get relief, and have finally found that OMAD strict Carnivore helps and have been straight carni for 5 weeks. Should I just eat till satisfaction and let my body dictate or force feed myself till I adjust?

    1. I think listening to your body and eating when hungry is the way to go for most people.
      The meats you mentioned do tend to be quite lean, so if possible, I would try and find some fattier cuts (adding butter is an ok option)
      Glad to hear you are on the healing path!

  54. I am eating nothing but beef, pink h salt, beef fat and drinking only water, carbonated water and club soda. Is there a problem with having a black, organic, sugarless coffee now and then? I have read the 30 day guid and the one following, as well as most of the comments and replies, but didn’t get clarity on this.

    1. Hi Terry, not sure if you missed it in the 30 day guide, but it discusses “grey” area foods (like coffee / teas / etc).
      For level 1, for coffee drinkers, I recommend keeping it in actually (taking it out can further exacerbate transition symptoms).
      But I do recommend removing coffee for at least a time (it doesn’t have to be right away) – because for some people this makes all the difference while others seem to do just fine with some coffee.

  55. I have read everything on your site over the past 24 hours. I do have several autoimmune conditions and some are considered serious by the doctors, so hoping that when I jump into this full throttle I will find some wonderful relief to all my issues. I just told my neighbor what I’m planning to try and they are vegan and went nuts lol. I just laughed and told them I’m giving it a try. Looking forward to all the companies you provide a discount for on shipping meat to me as well.
    Thanks so much.

  56. Two questions.

    I have been extremely constipated on the beef only diet level 3 is there anything your recommend I have been eating and getting my fats in had beef short ribs last night.

    It’s the exact opposite what Joe Rogan said massive diheriaa for first two weeks.

    1. Hi Darren, sorry to hear about the issue, not uncommon early on though.

      First thing is that “constipation” and “not going as often / as much” are not the same thing (I talk about this more in the 30 day guide).
      Secondly, trying to increase your fat is a good approach. I would stick with this for the time being.
      Third, “Level 3” is really for those who have gone through Levels 1 and 2 (a minimum of 60 – 90 days I’d say) and yet are still having some issues.
      It’s designed as a way to help someone identify if their remaining issue(s) is due to a certain kind of meat (i.e. many people have issues with pork).
      Very few people stick with a “Level 3” type Carnivore Diet long term (myself included) except for those who have certain conditions (autoimmune, etc..) in which a Level 3 diet is their own way of keeping healthy.

  57. On day 10 horrible acid reflux and rash on my neck and back on level 2. What do you recommend I do?

  58. Hi

    Ive been on Carnivore since Jan 1st and the first month was ok except for the first 2-3 weeks of adaptation. BUT now im 2 months in and im feeling worse, headaches, cant sleep well, blurry vision and my body just feels very stressed out. i normally workout 4-5 times/week. But lately its been very hard.
    Im adding in 300 grams of magnesium glycinate since 2 days back and im going to cut back on salt because i dont feel i need it and symptoms get worse often when i use a lot of salt. the last month ive been eating daily between 250-400 grams of sausage/bacon and 1,5- 2lbs of red meat and 4-6 eggs. Im removing all bacon and sausage now and only getting in Beef/elk/wildboar/fish/chicken and eggs. Do you have any more tips of what i can do to improve my symptoms? I didnt have any issues before going Carnivore i just want to try it to se if i can optimize my health.

      1. Can it take 2.5 months to achive level 2? because im still in the same place and just dont seem to get better. 98 % of my meat is grass fed. Can my supplents be the issue? i take 100mcg Iodine, 420mg of ZMA ( 420mg in it )before bed now because it helps me sleep. Omega 3 fish oil, 3mg of boron and vitamain D3 with k2.

  59. This a great article, thank you!

    I have just started this at then beginning of March 2020, coming from a keto diet. I’m T2D and my goal is to lose fat and gain muscle so, I was eating more lean cuts.

    Since switching to carnivore, I have noticed that my sugars spike higher when eating leaner cuts. If I add more fat to my meal, they stay lower throughout the days.

    Is this something that you have seen with T2Ds and, will this slow/stall my fat loss goal?


  60. Hi. I’ve been on this diet for 2 months and 3 weeks. I have psoriasis that I’ve had for 10 years now. the first month it flared up really bad but on the second month its started to do a lot better. still had some flare ups so i decide to try phase 3. I have done phase 3 for 3 weeks. the first week i couldn’t get grass feed steaks and they didn’t really have fat on them but i was under a lot of stress so it made sense that my psoriasis flared up then, but it did calm down and was looking great. but this week it has really flared up again and i have no idea why. I did smoke cannabis a few times this week. could that be the problem. I’ve also haven’t been feeling so well, been bloated and dizziness when i’m laying down, a bit of a headache that comes and go, wake up in the night. Do you have any suggestions that can help me out?

    1. Hi Jessica, I am by no means an expert on cannabis, but it could potentially be problematic. My guess, from the info you provided, is that stress is a big culprit both of the psoriasis, and likely the sleep.
      My biggest suggestion is stress management, which can mean many different things for different people, but often some kind of exercise/workout and mindfulness practice seems to do people very good.

  61. Hello Dr. Stock. I have been trying to download the 30 day guide and it always brings me back to this page where there is no guide! Only the “related articles” links. Would you please help me find it and download it? Thank you!

    I have been doing the carnivore for 3 weeks with coffee, some eggs, cream, a little bit of yogurt, home-made mayonnaise and water. I am concerned because I easily get dizzy, have heart palpitations and haven’t pooped in 4 days, although don’t feel bloated, swollen or constipated. It is all a bit disconcerting. Also, at 5’10” and 76 kg, I am supposed to be eating around 1700 calories, and I cannot even get to 1200, even with all the added fats plus the meat fats. I am thinking part of the fatigue is also due to not enough food, but I feel I cannot eat more than this. That’s why I need the guide 🙂

    Much appreciated!!!!!

    1. Hi Marcela, sorry about the issues, if you use an adblocker, some times that can cause issues. Anyways, I just emailed you the guide as well as a couple other that you may find helpful.

      1. Hello Dr. Kevin,

        I Have been reading through and just want to begin by saying thank you for creating this platform and for all the help and guidance you give.

        I started my carnivore diet today and I really want to do it right.

        I am having the same challenges with the link, could you kindly send me the guide via email, this would be greatly appreciated.

        Best regards

        Thank you for your time and support.

  62. I’m having difficult Receiving also. Dr Kevin, please send to me also.

  63. Dr. Stock
    I am having the same problem as Marcela. Could you please also send me the 30 – Day guide.
    Thank you for attending to this.

    1. Sorry about the inconvenience, really not sure what the issue could be besides an adblocker (and using a different browser almost always solves that issue) – but yes, I will send it your way 🙂

  64. hi my husband is about 20days into this new eating regime and I’m seeing alot of changes. I’m wanting to know if it would be safe to put.my 14yr old son on this diet he already has issues with loading and is currently 6ft and weighs 264lbs(120kgs) is their any danger for.me starting him on this plan my husband has concerns as he is currently in the trough. Should I put him on vitamin supplements to start off with to help reduce the side affects.. He already suffers from some mental strains like ADHD and PTSD he is lactose intolerant soni think this would be a good options
    for him. Appreciate your advice

  65. I’m having problems downloading the guide. Please send it to me. Thanks

    1. I will send it your way. Can you tell me if you are using a certain browser / adblocker that may be causing the issue? (I think trying a different browser without such an adblocker almost always fixes the issue)

  66. Hello! I’ve been on the Carnivore diet for 2 months, after doing Keto for 1 month. Been eating two meals a day, intermittent fasting 16:8 and exercising 4 times/week. My meals include meat(head to tail), fish, egg yolks, butter and salt. Lots of water throughout the day, one or two black coffees a day. I’ve lost 3kg (7lbs)only and my belly fat hasn’t really changed. I try to monitor my fat to protein ratio but I think it’s ok. I am getting crazy as to why I am not loosing more weight and faster.. I am 38yrs old, 68kg now and I need some advise please!! Btw, I feel awesome, no toilet problems, no other weird symptoms. I want to lose weight though. Most importantly, the belly fat that has always been a nightmare for me and the reason I have always been struggling to lose weight!

  67. Okay so I am planning on starting this after I go shopping in a few days and I read alot of what is on the site but wondering if I’m reading it right. When first starting don’t worry about counting anything? I want to lose fat and then do muscle gaining. When I joined carnivore FB pages people are telling ng me to count and do 70/30 and some people are saying not to worry.

  68. Hi there,

    could you please send me the 30-day Guide? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi JJ, sorry for the issues, sometimes this happens with certain browsers/adblockers – if you try another browser that usually does the trick, but if not, I’d be more than happy to email it to you.

  69. I have been doing carnivore for about 2 weeks now, is it normal to notice some bloating and gas (lots of belching), or am i doing something wrong? Im about 195 lbs and eat about a pound of beef a day or sometime more sometimes less depending on appetite, if that information helps at all, Im coming from a keto diet, also im ketones have been low since starting, but i keep reading not to worry about that anymore. I just printed your carnivore guide but any advice would be appreciated.

  70. Hi Kevin,
    I’m skinny fat (between 15%-20% body fat) and I want to start the carnivore diet. How can I build muscle while losing fat?

    Also, other doctors like Paul Saladino recommend consuming liver, omega 3s, and collagen to balance out the muscle meat. Is this good?

  71. Hi Dr. Stock, I have just started eating carnivore (3 days in) and I notice I have very low energy and seem to get winded fairly quickly. I’m trying to combat/reverse type 2 diabetes, and lose weight. At present I am 6′ tall, 260lbs. I was diagnosed in early 2018, and have been trying to control it with diet. I’m trying to eat a good amount of fat. Up until this point I have been eating fairly low carb, but I have been eating vegetables, fruit and pumpernickle bread. Is this low energy normal as my body adapts?

    1. Hi John, I see this comment is under the “30 Day Guide” download – have you ready it? As all of these questions are answered there.

  72. Dr. Kevin
    I have been researching the carnivore diet for a while now and really want to take the full plunge, however with my history I need more information before I start.

    I am childhood cancer survivor (from the mid 80’s) of which I spent 2 1/2 in/out of the hospital, which during this time my protocol was changed 3 times. Ever since I have been very gassy and have been told that is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. The older I get the worse my stomach issues get. I was dianosed with C-PTSD when I was 28 years old and a year later was dianosed with IBS-D. A the age of 35, I had at the same exact time a partial hysterectomy and my gall bladder removed (I got a B1G1 surgery free kinda deal).

    I have the following concerns/questions answered before jumping into the proverbial deep in. 1) I am concerned if ever I would adapt without a gallbladder. 2) If so approximately how long should the adaptation period take? 3) Will the help with my depression/anxiety that is associated with PTSD?

    I have been living with these issues for so long and hope that once adapted I would feel better than ever. Any insight that you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Many people do just great without a gallbladder (some adaptation supplements can help potentially too).
      Many people have vastly improved depression/anxiety associated with PTSD too.

  73. Hi Dr.Stock,

    I am on a day 3rd of strict carnivore diet – the reason: suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety…
    I will keep you informed…

  74. Hi Dr. Stock. My husband and I have been on pretty strict Keto & IF for 103 days. He has lost 12 of the 15lbs he wanted to lose (but still wants to build muscle) & I have lost close to 40lbs (&40inches) with much more to lose.
    We are seriously considering converting over to the carnivore diet for a trial run of 30 days.(& will decide at that point whether to go to the next level or not). I read your guide, but have a couple of questions please. We are coffee drinkers & though from what we’ve read that butter (&HWC) is acceptable…is stevia & monk fruit ok in coffee or are they considered plants? Is it imperative to give up all dairy (with the exception of butter which we have heard it is not considered the same as dairy with milk sugar) for better results? And lastly…have you ever heard of ‘nodules’ on finger joints disappearing after adhering to a strict carnivore diet? Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Hi Gabri, there are a lot of questions here, but my biggest recommendation is to read the fat loss pdf: https://www.kevinstock.io/how-to-lose-fat-on-the-carnivore-diet/ (for your explanation it sounds like you should focus on “Phase 1”)

      Stevia and monk fruit can have some issues – perhaps the biggest is keeping carb/sugar cravings alive – but once these addictions are beat, small amounts usually aren’t a big problem for some people (while others they can be a “gateway drug”)

      As the guide recommends – giving up dairy for a time is a smart strategy but it’s not something that has to be done right off the bat.

  75. Hello,
    I am 3 months into the carnivore way of eating and initially lost 15 lbs. in 6 weeks. After cutting everything but beef and water a month ago I have lost an additional 8 lbs. For the last 2 weeks I’ve lost nothing. I am eating to fullness on ribeyes which right now is about 1 1/2 pounds a day and have improved my energy and inflammation. I am currently 100 lbs overweight and nowhere near a normal weight. Please help me understand what is happening.

    1. Sorry about the issues, sometimes happens with an adblocker – there should be a form to download the guide. Can you try another browser and see if it still doesn’t show up?

  76. Thanks for all of the phenomenal resources. I’m curious on your thoughts about bacon? I’ve come across some points in various comments and posts, but nothing definitive. I’ve been trying to keep my carnivore transition as clean/unprocessed as possible (just introduced hard, grass-fed cheeses for some flavour and variety) but I love bacon, who doesn’t?! Most has sugar in the ingredients and then the nitrites and other preservatives. I have found a local brand that is using high quality pork, is sugar free, but it still has cure #1/nitrites

    1. Sounds like your local brand is a good option.

      I personally wouldn’t make bacon a staple of my every day nutrition, but I think it’s just fine to include here and there.

  77. Hi Dr Stock,
    I have been on the carnivore diet for a good two months. Basically just muscle meat, eggs & bacon and organ meat supplements. I did my blood work and my cholesterol was 259 with HDL 53 & LDL 195. My testosterone was also high.
    Any suggestions?

  78. Hi Kevin,

    I could not find the comments about the kidney issues and I would like your opinion on that, please.

    I am 44 yo, a skinny guy, do not smoke or drink but have CKD stage 2 which was probably induced from Hep C that I had before but it was cured several years ago. I was always into the gym but not anymore since I have low energy and low testosterone levels. I try to do some physical activity in my home gym from time to time but very little as it puts pressure on my kidneys. My GFR is around 65-67, UREA and Creatinine borderline on a higher-end or slightly above. I tried the carnivore diet before and it was very good at the beginning but the long term seems not good for me, pounding heart, “thick” blood, high cholesterol and elevated UREA and Creatinine, cold palms and feet. However, the long-term diet which is recommended for CKD patients, i.e. more fruits, veggies, grain (gluten-free like millet, buckwheat, quinoa, and basmati rice), less meat (red replaced with chicken), eggs without yolks or a lesser amount of them, olive oil, is no better. I feel that it is better for my heart but kidneys probably feel the same, low on energy and testosterone.

    I am puzzled and do not know what to do. Go again full carnivore seems reckless because I still remember the side effects. Remain on a more CKD-friendly diet also seems like not a perfect option. I want to feel energized and vitalized and most importantly save my kidneys from further damage and it appears that either option is not perfect for achieving that.

    What would you recommend I do?

    Kind Regards

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