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The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore

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  1. I’m new to my journey and loving this site. I am curious what your thoughts are on wild game. I love deer, elk and moose and my body responds really well to them. Any reason you don’t mention these? I live in Canada and my friends and family hunt. I feel game would be a great and inexpensive way to consume grass fed and finished animals, of course adding extra fat from beef, pork or duck.

    1. Wild game is just great!

      I think the only reason I don’t mention them a bit more is:
      1. A lot people don’t have great access to them
      2. Some, like deer, tend to be really lean – and people tend to do better with a bit fattier cuts

      Fresh, grass fed, finished animals for a good price – can’t beat that! (I’m more than happy to take left overs off your hands πŸ™‚

  2. Are there any concerns for a Blood type A eating a carnivore diet?

  3. I joined Tribe & started carnivore WOE May 4th. I’m 6’2 & was 200 now down to as low as 176lbs but usually 180. I eat 2 steaks (1.5 to 2lbs total) & 2-6 eggs for breakfast plus cup of home made bone broth. Do same at night only no broth & 2 eggs. Only use pink Himalayan salt & drink 2-3 litres of salted water daily. Lately I have been waking with muscle cramps & cold feeling in lower legs/hands. I work out thrice weekly & very active with farm work. I drink 8oz glass water upon waking before getting up & using liquid potassium & magnesium supplement which seemed to Help at start. My MD wants to see me after getting blood results for 90+ days carnivore but won’t know those results till I get in 2 weeks from now. Any suggestions Dr. Stock on how to gain healthy weight back & rid myself of cramps/cold feeling?

    1. Something that’s interesting – I remember when I first started and I didn’t have any issues with cramps until maybe 12 weeks in. Then they just passed. I’d just give them time (sounds like you’re doing everything right!)

      And by your last question – you make it seem like you want to gain weight?
      Gaining 20lbs of fat back with a carnivore diet is not going to be easy πŸ™‚ but I’m assuming you want muscle weight. In that case, as you probably know, muscle building is a marathon. Gaining a few pounds of muscle a YEAR is considered great growth, so using a scale on a weekly/monthly basis for this is really pointless (I wouldn’t worry about weight too much – sounds like you’re healthy)

      Blood work after 90 days can be very misleading (especially with the fat loss) – hopefully your doc can understand lab numbers in context of diet/lifestyle changes

  4. I just start this life style I been eating becon and hamburger meat and steaks eggs and only water I am I on the right track , I was 389 started keto 6 months ago,now I am down to 265 but stick there for a month or so any advice , thanks so much

  5. I just start this life style I been eating becon and hamburger meat and steaks eggs and only water I am I on the right track , I was 389 started keto 6 months ago,now I am down to 265 but stick there for a month or so any advice , thanks so much really want to lean down to about 215-220

  6. I am new for Carnivore but I have been on ketogenic for 3 month and I am willing to developed to carnivore….but my problem is I don’t eat beef ( people say its the best for carnivore) can I have only pork, fish chicken and seafood?….is it much bad if I drink black coffee daily? Thank you. ( sorry for my poor English I am Thai)

    1. There are some advantages that ruminant meat provides but pork, fish, chicken are just find.

      And in the “30 Day Guide” (you can download it on the left) see “Level 2” as far as your coffee concern goes πŸ™‚

  7. I believe Bison is a ruminant animal. Is eating Bison as good as Beef? The bison I had in the past was quite lean. Are there fatty cuts as well that would be appropriate for those on the Carnivore Diet?

  8. Hi Dr Kevin. I have been on a mostly beef diet (with other meats) for nearly two months now and I found I am craving chocolate around the same time each month. I didn’t have any sugar for six weeks but caved this week and have had a few pieces. What does a few pieces of chocolate do to what is going on in the body on a carnivore diet?
    I didn’t suffer at all from digestion problems when I stopped eating plants despite having a non-functioning LES, chronic reflux and no gall bladder. I have been off reflux medication for a few years now and kept the acid under control with a keto-ish diet (processed carbs are a killer for reflux!) Of course, the reflux is gone on a meat diet, except for poor quality bacon, and I intend to continue with what my family thinks is a crazy diet. I am asked regularly what it is doing to my kidneys. I have researched this question but I don’t have a succinct answer, even though I know my kidneys are fine.
    What can I tell the people who love me that I am doing the right thing to my body?
    Also, here in Oz we can eat kangaroo (though it is not popular) but it is very lean. I would assume this is not a good meat for a carnivore diet due to the low fat content, what are your thoughts?

    1. Well by caving in to the chocolate craving, it will keep cravings alive longer (the cravings die eventually but that’s one of the big problems with a “flexible” diet approach to carnivore, is that cravings stick around).

      The people that love you will support your decision to eat how you want. It really is as simple as that πŸ™‚

      You can always send them here or to https://kevinstock.io if they want to understand the science (but often trying to convince people of anything is useless unless they are sincerely interested in learning/being open-minded – most of the time people just want to reaffirm their held beliefs).

      Kangaroo is just fine (as is other lean meats) you just don’t want to eat only lean meats.

  9. I was wondering on effects of carnivore diet on sleep. Effectively I want to reduce my sleep time to 6-7 hours (about 8.5h currently). However, I know that carnivorous animals tend sleep a lot more (i.e. cats) so they can process all that protein. Can you please share what effect had it on you, and other people?

    1. While I think sleep is as important (if not more so) than nutrition, and therefore don’t recommend trying to manipulate getting less than one needs, most people experience no difference or a reduction in sleep time.

  10. Could or should I add exercise to the carnivore diet. I was doing Keto and starting carnivore today, but unsure if exercising is ok and if it will help get best results. If ok to exercise what type of exercise is best on this diet? Thank you for all of this wonderful information and your guide.

    1. Yes I always recommend exercise πŸ™‚

      The best kind is the kind you enjoy (or can learn to enjoy…) and will stick with.

      I think weight training is one of the best things you can do personally.

  11. Hi, what do you recommend I do as a 15yr old male and I have been vegetarian for the past 7yrs. I need to gain weight and I need to treat my auto-immune diseases(mostly skin related) Right now I am about 20lbs under weight. How much should I eat per day and how should I transition from vegetarian to carnivore. I honestly don’t even know what meat tastes like and I am going to have my first steak this week, anyways thanks for the help and I hope this diet can give me results because I’ll tell you vegetarian is a horrible diet even if you do everything right it is detrimental to your health. I have been trying countless products, routines, foods, everything to see what is wrong with me and I would never think it’s the one thing I wasn’t eating lol. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Brendon, I would start by reading the “Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore” – that’s the place to start. You can download it on this page.

      It goes over what to eat, how much, and what to expect.

      All the best!

  12. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and now have to be on a low sodium diet. Any suggestions? No more bacon, and beef doesn’t taste as good without salt. I was on the Carnivore Diet and lost 25 pounds. I’m trying to go back on it, but running out of ideas on what I can have (because of the salt thing).

    1. Obviously I can’t give medical advice here. But personally, I’d explore the whole salt/high blood pressure thing. I’ve don’t quite a bit of research in this area and the evidence of removing all salt to treat high blood pressure isn’t all that convincing to me.

      That said, the carnivore diet is often accompanied with great improvements in blood pressure, so perhaps monitor it closely and add salt gradually if you must have it for taste reasons.

      You can also add in other meats, seafood, eggs.

      1. Hello, I’m 54 yrs old, day 11 of carnivore after doing Keto for 1.5 month. The first few days I felt funky but now I feel great! I work out 3x a week and dropped a few lbs (about 4) – I’m doing this to see if it will help my focus, energy, as well as my unexplained neuropathy in my feet. Otherwise, I am healthy. My issue is with going to the bathroom and experiencing constipation. just 2x in 10 days and the last time was painfully difficult. Is fat the culprit? I do add butter and eat fatty cuts of meat and bacon. I’m drinking about 60-70 OZ of water a day. I eat eggs and meats, bacon, butter, a little HWC in my coffee and some cheese. How do you know how much fat to eat? or water to drink?
        Thank you – happy to have found your site πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Helen sounds like you are doing everything right!

          Bowel changes are very common (really even expected) early on.
          Meat is absorbed extremely efficiently (not a lot goes to waste) so going less and less often is common.

          Increasing fat can help – but it sounds like you are already doing fine here.

          I’d just give it a bit of time to regulate.

  13. I recently had a baby, he is about 11.5 weeks now and I am exclusively breastfeeding him. Can I go on the carnivore diet while doing that, or will it have negative effects on him? My husband just heard about this diet and wants to try it but is concerned about me doing it for that reason.
    Thanks in advance; I’ll check out the 30 day guide for my husbands sake in the meantime.

  14. Hi Dr. Stock,

    I have been experiencing daily fatigue, lack of focus, and general lethargy for a few years now. I was reccomended to try the carnivore diet as an experimet to see if it would make a differance.

    I started the carnivore diet 25 days ago. The first few weaks I felt terrible, and was running to the bathroom all the time. Halfway through the 2nd week I normalized and wasn’t having nearly as many stomach issues, and my focus and my fatigue normalized as well. I still feel, oddly enough, exactly the same as I did on my high carb paleo diet which I’d stuck to for the past year and a half.

    I still have the same appetite, still have the same energy crashes about every 3 hours, which sounds opposite to how i’ve read it’s supposed to be with Carnivore.

    I’m wondering if I’m simply not eating enough fat, and that has slowed the adaptation process. My solution now is to get short-ribs and ribeyes and use lots of tallow, while beforehand I was trying to eat all the fat I could be honestly didn’t know how to maximize as much as I do now (though I think it’s still lacking). Should I not worry about the protien so much as just stick to as much fat as possible, (in that I assume I must already be getting more than enough protein as it is if I’m not adapted yet.)

    Thank you very much! Your website has been helpful to me.
    Danny Damian

    I started the Carnivore diet 25 days ago. I’m doing it to lessen my fatigue and improve my focus.

    1. Hi Danny you’re still very early and these adaptation symptoms are very common.

      I would read the 30-day guide (you can download it on the left) which goes into much more about macros and fat and how you should think about those.

  15. Hi, I’ve been doing keto with OMAD for 13-14 months, and am down 41.5 kg. I don’t get cravings, I can ignore the people around me eating and take my own food to gatherings, so I’m pretty committed. My health markers are all excellent, but over the last couple of months, the weight loss has slowed right down. .

    In 5 weeks time, I’m going on a cruise, and will spend a week before and after staying with family members in a different town. Because I won’t have full control over my food, my long term plan has been to try and fit in with my family as I can within reason (obviously still no to sugar and breads etc) and treat the cruise as a special occasion, where I will continue to eat low carb as much as I can, but to have a treat if there is something truly special, and recommence my keto lifestyle afterwards.

    I heard about the carnivore diet recently, and was thinking that maybe I could use it as a tool to overcome my weight loss plateau, and “experiment” with it for the month to ensure I lose a little more weight before I go on holidays, but after reading the guide I’m concerned I’m not sure I can use it as per my intentions.

    What would be the ramifications of doing 4 weeks on, 3 weeks off and then starting again? Would doing 4 weeks of carnivore followed by a diet including plant products result in dietary distress? rapid weight gain? Should I hold off until I get back when I can commit longer to exploring this option? Is the idea to become a permanent carnivore or is it able to be used to heal prior to recommencing a keto lifestyle, which has been my long term plan.


    1. Hi Kristin, congrats on your commitment to health!

      Lot of hard questions without easy answers (because they aren’t not black and white – but different for everyone).

      Regarding carnivore and fat loss, I’d read this: https://www.kevinstock.io/health/fat-loss-and-the-carnivore-diet/

      The “idea” of carnivore is different for everyone, but I think the overarching theme is to maximize health and keep it to live your best life. For some people this means staying carnivore long term, for others it may mean using the carnivore diet as an “elimination” diet and adding in other foods as tolerated/desired.

      You just have to decide what is your goal, and then use food as a tool to help you live the life you want πŸ™‚

  16. I absolutely love meat but have been staying away from it for the past year or two and hated it but was following some bad diet advice obviously. I have always had huge metabolism and a bit of a natural freak physically in my youth but now at age 54 have all kinds of health issues going on. I should advise that I suffer from autoimmune and have had AS and sciatic and a whole host of other issues since my mid 20’s. But I have never let any of them stop me or hold me up. I simply delat with them and medicated etc. I did not pay much attention to my health because I was always so lean and ripped and hyperactive. And worked like a crazed animal always outworking my co-workers just because of my competitive nature.
    Now however I am paying for all the abuse to my body, physically speaking and am on high dose of painkillers along with all kinds of other meds over the years to address my arthritis. My joints are falling apart and and I am generally just putting in time these days trying not to be a burden on my family. I have had back surgery (fusion) that turned out horribly giving me permanent sciatic and life is generally pretty miserable. I am on long term disability and hate it but do not see that changing regardless of this diet helping or not sadly. But I sure would enjoy a boost in quality of life given what I have been through all of my life. I have never NOT been in chronic pain. And not just minor aches and pains. I am talking about pain that you would not wish upon anyone. It is just sad and remarkable all at the same time what the human body is willing and able to accept.
    I have always been about 170-180 at 5’10 and well muscled with minimal work outs…basically just from being a hardworking hyperactive person and blessed genetically from the outside at least. But now after surgery and growing inactivity from the chronic pain and sciatic as well as progressive disc disease my weight is steadily between 210-215 depending on the season. I carry lost of it in my mid section of course. Not so much flab but bloated.
    I saw the first news about this diet from renowned Professor Jordan Peterson and the benefits he and more so his daughter gained from it and thought…’This guy is some kinda brilliant!…if he and his child use it then I am definitely going to investigate’.

    I love eggs, all dairy and all meats…in fact I am pretty easy to please when it comes to food but have always loved meats most even though I have been avoiding them due to all the poor press they get for heart disease and arterial issues etc. So adapting this diet won’t be an issue for me at all and I relish the chance to try it with all the great news I have heard. Any relief from the inflammation would be very welcome. In fact I am thinking of trying it with some fasting mixed in there as well.
    My only big question is this…and it will sound a bit ridiculous but many I am sure will wonder the same, especially my fellow countrymen (Canadian and damn proud to be a Hoser)….BEER?? Is Beer going to be out of the question now? Given its carb values…even light beer? Hell I am not sure going without a cold beer in the hot summer time when its so enjoyed would be possible? Please tell me there is hope there?
    ICE Brood

    1. Haha – well obviously beer isn’t carnivore/meat-base/or from an animal πŸ™‚

      So whether you choose to drink it or not is completely up to you – though I can tell you, alcohol is not a health food.

      But I also understand sometimes health takes a backseat to life and fun.

  17. I have been keto since Jan 1st 2018 I lost 30Ibs and stopped losing early summer so I have been at a stall… if I am carnivore will my body still need to heal? And how much meat should I woman be eating a day? I still have 35Ibs to lose to be at my goal. I could easily go all day without eating but I feel I need to force it

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