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The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I could not find the comments about the kidney issues and I would like your opinion on that, please.

    I am 44 yo, a skinny guy, do not smoke or drink but have CKD stage 2 which was probably induced from Hep C that I had before but it was cured several years ago. I was always into the gym but not anymore since I have low energy and low testosterone levels. I try to do some physical activity in my home gym from time to time but very little as it puts pressure on my kidneys. My GFR is around 65-67, UREA and Creatinine borderline on a higher-end or slightly above. I tried the carnivore diet before and it was very good at the beginning but the long term seems not good for me, pounding heart, “thick” blood, high cholesterol and elevated UREA and Creatinine, cold palms and feet. However, the long-term diet which is recommended for CKD patients, i.e. more fruits, veggies, grain (gluten-free like millet, buckwheat, quinoa, and basmati rice), less meat (red replaced with chicken), eggs without yolks or a lesser amount of them, olive oil, is no better. I feel that it is better for my heart but kidneys probably feel the same, low on energy and testosterone.

    I am puzzled and do not know what to do. Go again full carnivore seems reckless because I still remember the side effects. Remain on a more CKD-friendly diet also seems like not a perfect option. I want to feel energized and vitalized and most importantly save my kidneys from further damage and it appears that either option is not perfect for achieving that.

    What would you recommend I do?

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Dr Stock,
    I have been on the carnivore diet for a good two months. Basically just muscle meat, eggs & bacon and organ meat supplements. I did my blood work and my cholesterol was 259 with HDL 53 & LDL 195. My testosterone was also high.
    Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for all of the phenomenal resources. I’m curious on your thoughts about bacon? I’ve come across some points in various comments and posts, but nothing definitive. I’ve been trying to keep my carnivore transition as clean/unprocessed as possible (just introduced hard, grass-fed cheeses for some flavour and variety) but I love bacon, who doesn’t?! Most has sugar in the ingredients and then the nitrites and other preservatives. I have found a local brand that is using high quality pork, is sugar free, but it still has cure #1/nitrites

    1. Sounds like your local brand is a good option.

      I personally wouldn’t make bacon a staple of my every day nutrition, but I think it’s just fine to include here and there.

      1. I am very glad I found this answer concerning bacon ….I have a nitrate-free brand, but I won’t eat it every day.

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