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The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to the Carnivore Diet

The Ultimate Guide on how to start the Carnivore Diet and transform your body and health. In just 30 days.

 • Avoid nutrient deficiencies (supplements?)

• Avoid diarrhea and constipation (GI problems)

• Avoid low energy, low mood, low libido (how to get adapted) 

A step-by-step guide used by 100,000+ people to get started with the Carnivore Diet and find their ultimate body and health

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  1. Hi there. I would like to get the 30 day guide but can’t seem to download from here. Can you please tell me how to get it? Thanks.

    1. Perhaps you are using some adblocker? I’d recommend trying this page from a different browser, there should be a form to enter you email so that I can email you the PDF guide.

  2. Hi: I can’t eat beef as I’m Hindu…..what does that mean for me at level 3?

  3. Hi Kevin! I would love to download and read your guides, but the downloads don’t seem to start even when changing browsers. Would there be another way to get them?
    Thank you!

  4. I’m having the same problem Sheila had 2 months ago. Everytime I try to access your page (30 day guide) it sends you to another page.
    I’ve enclosed my email. aah111655@gmail.com Ann Thompson

    1. Hi Ann, sorry about the issue (not sure what it is – maybe an adblock or browser issue – but I’ll send it your way!)

  5. I can’t get to your guide. Every time I try to access it it come up with another page and the links just go to a different page. Is there actually a guide and if so i am interested in viewing it and I do appreciate the articles that I have seen you write but this 30 Day Carnivore Guide is elusive.

  6. Hello,

    Would it be good to eat just pure ground meat? (as I don’t like any other sort)
    And how much percent fat should it contain?

    Many thanks in advance!


  7. Hi Kevin,

    as a matter of fact, I did read through your guides, it is just the fact that I immediately lost weight, and than gained it back later that I do not completely understand. It just puzzles me as to why this quick weight shift, down and up…that is all I wanted to understand a little bit better…

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