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The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore

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The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore
30-Day Carnivore Guide


  1. I’d like to Know more. Having severe HB since starting. 211/101.

    1. Hi Laura, I can’t give you medical advice. But most people see improvements in blood pressure quite rapidly eating this way. Obviously, you should work with your doctor.
      My guess is that you are quite new to this way of eating…

  2. Hello I’m the sally all I have been doing different diets, I did a lot of damage to my thyroid for a long time especially that one that I did with 500 calories to eat all day, I did Keto for 1 year and i had no results, I recently started working out with 30 min cardio and 30 min on weight lifting, but its very discouraging when you see no weight loose. I’m very short and I weight 158 for my height 4.9. I started Carnivore in January 1st 2019 and when i get discourage i go and cheat here and there I have been doing very good, My sleep its better and my energy is good too, any suggestions.

  3. Recently I read that some people with a genetic tendency (familial history) of heart disease do not do as well on a keto or diet with high saturated fats. I realize there is science showing that beart disease is more about inflamation caused by a SAD diet, but again, read that for some it may be a genetic thing. A friend got a CAC test which was high, and has bad lipid ratios and has a large calcification or anuerism in one artery. I realize you cannot give medical advise. I just wonder if carnivore (or clean keto) would be a cure or a killer for him? Can you direct me to futher information?

    1. I couldn’t say, but it seems like the dietary approach your friend has used in the past looks like a dangerous one to continue with.

  4. I’m turning 40 in a few months. I’m morbidly obese 400lbs+. I tried WE and other diets (plant based).
    I never tried keto because I’m addicted to sugar and carbs… My health has been deteriorating very rapidly in the last year. Doctor keeps telling me to eat vegetables, fish and fresh fruit… I’m always hungry and I aim for the fruit more than anything else…
    I want to completely switch to meat and animal products but I need some advice on what to get in my friedge and pantry to start the first 2 weeks.
    Help please?

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