Kevin Stock, author, entrepreneur, and self-experimental dentist, is putting together the ultimate manual for the carnivore diet – a combination of hilarious pitfalls, life-saving strategies, and fascinating findings about a diet that is as complex as it is simple. Dr. Stock sums it up in what he calls “The Carnivore Equation”:

Meat + Water = Carnivore Diet

From world record holders to 90 year old fit grandmas to “meat miracle” recoveries, Dr. Stock shows through story as much as science a compelling argument why meat could be the new “medicine” that could transform your life and unleash your “Superhuman.”

From the author:

2017 was an unusual year. Maybe it was the quarter life crisis I had turning 30 in April or maybe it was a business venture failing. I’ve always liked to have many things going on, growing, changing, learning. But one thing that had been a reliable constant in my life for 20 years is health and fitness. I could depend on the gym every day and choosing health foods was second nature. That’s why 2017 really felt strange. It was the first year where I felt my health wasn’t where it should be. Physically, I think I looked as good as ever. That was part of the problem. Appearances can be deceiving. I felt things were off. That’s when I began the hunt. The hunt that resulted in 20lbs of muscle loss in an incredibly short time. The hunt that led to new research, new self-experiments, and shocking new findings.

This book, Meat Health – The Carnivore Diet: The Hunt to Become Superhuman – tells of the hunt I went on trying to discover the energy, clarity, focus, and Superhuman feeling that I knew I had inside, but was long lost.

This book contains stories and science but ultimately practical and tactical advice for anyone who wants to see if they have a “Superhuman” hiding within.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • What “health foods” might actually be “harming foods”
  • Who is secretly hunting us down
  • What your body on meat looks like
  • Could meat be the next medicine
  • What the Carnivore Code secrets entail

This book contains not only life stories but information that changed my life.

I wish you luck on your hunt,



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  1. Hey Dr Kevin ,

    I definitely would love Just to eat meat because I most definitely a carnivore which I always believe I have that Lion spirit lol and I once tried to cut out meat when my stomach Heath has been a major chronic problem most of my life , well up to my mid to late 30s . I am now fifty year old adolescent with worse disgestive issues still on nexium for heart burn ,had hpylori, a bunch of ulcers that seem to come and go and my pooping is unpredictable as well with unpredictable constipation but thank God not really runny ever Just feeling when I eliminate , sometimes I feel like I can still go after I felt I was done etc

    I am told by doctors though I have a strong heart a lions heart and my blood flow is awesome with little high blood pressure but mostly normal so no heart problems praise God .

    I didn’t read about heart problems on this diet and yet that power of suggestions all these years you best that if you just ate meat with fat it causes heart problems if you don’t eat the other gratified or you know best I mean .

    I though want to do this because man when you said we could eat only meat especially cow etc lol I roared with joy and if you say Is true and not other make money fad , please please tell me more the pros and cons I already been research and dr Jordan Peterson has b en in this diet for I think 2 years now and he supports it for his own life and man he is around my age so help lol

    1. Hey Richard – sounds like you should do an experiement with it 🙂

      There is a 30-day Guide on this site that has all the info you need!

  2. Hi Dr. Kevin, I just finished week 1 on the Carnivore Diet. I’m down 9 pounds and I feel great. Question: You mention a book of yours, “Meat Health – The Carnivore Diet”. Is this book published? Can I get a copy?


    1. Hey Rick, so glad to hear!

      Not yet – but I’ll keep you up-to-date if you download the “30 day guide” which automatically will put you on the update/newsletter list

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