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This Week’s Meat Deals

Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Meat Deals

Nothing excites a Carnivore like grass-fed, grass-finished meat deals.

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Grass Fed Meat

Because I like to support my body with the highest quality nutrition possible and I like to support environmental health, ethical and sustainable farming, and the farmers who make it happen, I’m working with farms across the US for the best weekly meat deals and discounts.

Due to its superior quality, grass-fed and -finished meat tends to be more expensive. But everyone should have the opportunity to get access to the nutrition we are designed to eat.  The farmers know this and want to offer us deals to get this access within our budget. They send these deals to me, and I sending them to you.



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  1. Thanks for all this incredible information. I am almost 2 weeks carnivore and have never before felt so much freedom from food cravings. Getting used to letting go of counting macros and it is not easy to do. Looking forward to a very looooong experiment and finding my superhuman!

  2. Currently trying intermittent fasting. It’s working pretty well for me but I do love a good experiment when it comes to nutritional options, Going to commit to the 90 day plan, document my progress and report my results.

  3. I had my gallbladder removed last year – can I do the carnivore diet without it?

    1. Yes many people do. The transition period may be a bit longer / tougher. Ox bile and lipase supplements can help while you get adapted to the increase in fat content.

  4. Thanks for sharing your insights and finding meat deals going to try this out. I’ve always preferred meat at breakfast over pancakes 🙂

  5. On Day 7 and I have had the worst headache and dizziness, heading to buy supplements because I feel awful. I’m worried about salt in-take family history of high blood pressure. Don’t want to give up!

    1. Sorry to hear about the early struggle!

      Headaches are common as the body is having a big fluid rebalancing. Electrolytes will likely help.

      I don’t think there is reason for salt concern, but if you are then just don’t overdue it (I think 2g sodium/day is on the low end, but if you’re concerned I also don’t think there is tremendous risk in it being “too low” at 2g either)

  6. Just started the experiment on Aug 12th. Feeling pretty good so far. I’m 5’8″ , soon to be 55 and my starting weight was 266.4 lbs. Not good. Most joints are swollen and painful. As you said, “the norm”. I can’t wait for it all to change. I am totally committed to this. Will post the results at the 30 day point. Thank you for all the great info. It helped solidify my determination.

  7. Didn’t get the filet link to work. Did I wait too long?

  8. I am on day 5, level 1. I use fat coffee with my eggs and bacon – a carry over from my partial keto days. I have had a headache for 2 days, but that’s ok because I use to have migraines. I want so much for this lifestyle of eating to work to get rid of my plethora of autoimmune issues. It has actually been easy for me to just eat meat, which is weird because I love (use to love) sweets and baked goods a lot. I found grass fed and finished meats online at Strauss meats. Trying to get high quality from the market was becoming a crap shoot. This way I know what I am getting. The grain fed beef did not make me feel like I was eating well and next to grass fed has that “funny” taste and smell.

  9. I find the best way to buy grass fed/finished beef is to order whole side or quarter cow direct from a farmer (who will then put you in contact with their butcher to chose types of cuts). I’m fortunate to live in ranch country near Calgary, Alberta Canada so we have numerous options. You can get up to 400lbs for roughly $1600 CDN (this includes all cuts of the cow). Most of them vacuum seal and freeze for easy delivery…just make sure you have plenty of room in your freezer!

  10. Been keto since end Feb and it has been fantastic. I have decided to experiment with carnivore for a few weeks. Interested to see how it goes. I’m curious to hear how other people are doing a couple of months in.

  11. What information do you have about using plants to feed a persons microbiome? Don’t the bacteria use the fiber to keep them healthy?

  12. I’m on day 6 (but who’s counting?) of carnivore and pretty hopeful. I’m LOVING nice fatty ribeye steaks. My experience with grass-fed meat in the past (through both Wellness Meats and Butcher Box) is that their ribeyes were not nearly as fatty and tender as what I can get at Aldi’s. Do you have one of the places you recommend for meat that you KNOW will have really fatty, tender ribeyes? That’s my go-to meat and I just can’t face lean or not tender versions of it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Francie – grass fed meat is going to be leaner. Cattle are fed grains for the exact reason – to fatten the cattle up.
      Now the quality of those fats are a bit different – you’ll get a higher ratio of omega 3’s to 6’s with grass fed, as well as higher concentrations of CLA.

  13. Love you site. Feeling much better. Please sign me up for your meat deals.

  14. You are very wonderful to offer to walk with us new carnis! I am new to this although I did atkins many years ago. Is it okay to eat eggs….a lot of eggs while I get my meat stock in place? I started this pretty spontaneously.

  15. Love your site. Lots of great information. Please include me in your weekly meat deals.
    Thank you.

  16. Hi there! I can’t find the link here to sign up for your weekly email. Could you please post it or help me find it? Thanks so much!

  17. Thank you SO much for the quick start guide! I was on a weight loss stall for almost 6 months on keto. I’m on day 8 of carnivore and lost 1.5 lbs. And my bloating is SO much better without dairy! 🙂

  18. Thank you for breaking it down. What do you think of Butcher Box?

  19. Hi!
    Am I missing something? I can’t find a link to sign up for the deals newsletter!

    1. Sorry about the issue Cliff – should be a sign up form right on this page. Sometimes certain ad blockers mess with the form. I’d try a different browser and see if that does the trick.
      If not, just let me know, and I’ll get you signed up.

  20. Please sign me up for the meat deals. Thanks so much for all this great, clear and concise info!

  21. Hi Kevin
    Just switched over from keto to carnivore a week ago. Pretty much just eating beef (mostly ribeye). I eat twice a day and start my morning with one cup of coffee. I currently add unsweetened almond milk because I’m cleansing off dairy as well as eggs.
    I’m finding it hard to eat as much as I think I should. I’m consuming roughly 16-20 ounces of beef. I am female, 42 yrs and 5’5″. Weigh 133 at the moment and have little muscle mass as I am trying to recover from chronic inflammation that’s made it too painful to do more than just walk.
    I want to heal as I’ve tried everything in the last 3.5 years.
    I dont want to lose anymore muscle but leaning out to 125 would be nice too. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  22. Please sign me up for the meat deals.
    Thanks Kevin you rock!

  23. Hi! I’m from Dominican Republic. It’s impossible for me find grass fed meat in my country. Can I eat grain fed meat? I need supplements?

    1. I’m sure it is – however – grain-finished meat is just fine.

      Regarding supplements, I’d recommend downloading the 30 day guide on this website where I discuss this in some depth.

  24. Hi Kevin,

    Please sign me up for the meat deals. Thanks for all of the great info, Happy New Year!

  25. please sign me up for your deals…starting carnivore tomorrow morning…excited…

    Thank you!!!

  26. Appreciate all the info and inspiration to get started, looking forward to a better quality of life. Please sign me up for the deals, thank you brother!

  27. Hi Dr. Kevin, Thanks for the good info. Ive been on a level 2 & 3 carney diet for over 6 months now and still experiencing hiatal hernia and liquid BM’s and cycles of very low energy. Ive read and counseled with different nutrition professionals yet still the problem continues. I would appreciate your take on this issue.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Daniel sorry to hear about the struggle, it could be for a myriad of reasons (many not diet related at all) so it’s hard for me to give any recommendations without knowing a whole lot more. I would work with a doctor who knows you and your history in much more depth.

  28. Really appreciate all the inspirational content! Please sign me up for the deals. Thanks!

  29. Appreciate all the information. Please sign me up for meat deals.

  30. I wanted to sign up for your news letter.

  31. I’d like to see some of those meat deals, sign me up!

  32. Please sign me up for meat deals! Thanks for the guidance.

  33. Thank you for great guide to carnivore. I am starting the experiment today but I am wondering if there is any thyroid concern for female on carnivore diet? Also, can you please sign me up for the meat deals! Thank you so much!


  34. I have ulcerative colitis , I eat normal standard diet !!
    Do you recommend carnivore for me , also I have sluggish gallbladder !
    Thank you in advance

    1. It may be a good option for you, there’s one way to find out 🙂
      But sticking with your current diet does not seem like a good strategy with the results you’ve described.

  35. How can we find docs who understand this way of eating? I’m sure my doc will try to throw a statin at me! 😀

  36. My husband and I would like to be added to your email list. Thank you for providing all of this information to us! We are beginners on the carnivore diet and looking forward to seeing and feeling results!

  37. Two years ago I was told by my doctor that my cholesterol was high and I needed to immediately switch to a vegan diet. I was 43, 220lbs, and felt great when I started the vegan diet. Two years in to that diet, I had no energy, no focus, no desire for life, blurry vision, sexual dysfunction, I found it hard to make it past 11am without needing a nap, and generally I felt horrible everyday. I topped out at 287 pounds as a vegan and I was hopeless. Then my wife heard about this diet and down the rabbit hole I went.

    I am a week into this new carnivore diet and most of what I describe above is gone or waning. I now have energy like I did in my 20s. I am a programmer and at times I find it hard to sit here at my desk because of all my excess energy (not a bad problem to have).

    I have always drank coffee and alcohol pretty much daily and I don’t even want that anymore, because the high I feel just being healthier beats both of those substances.

    Thanks for opening my eyes, I look forward to feeling great the rest of my life.

  38. Dr. Stock,

    I’ve been reading and listening to Dr. Saladino and Dr. Baker and i’m conflicted on whether or not to eat organ meats. I’d be hard pressed to have the fortitude to eat something like liver or kidneys. Do you feel that this is necessary, or is there a way around this? I’ve been reading horror stories on diarrhea with this diet as well and hoping its just a temporary effect if any. I’m going carnivore on Friday and just wanted a little feedback if you don’t mind. Thanks!

    1. Necessary? No, I don’t (and I worry that sentiment spreads just like “fruits and vegetables are necessary”) – personally, I know several people who have eaten nothing but muscle meat for 2 decades and are among the healthiest middle aged people I know. I did 6 months of nothing but beef muscle meat and water and felt amazing (yes, that’s one person’s short term experience, but that’s my personal experience). That said, organs like beef liver are among the most nutrient dense foods you can eat, and so including them (especially for someone who is new to this way of eating and perhaps malnourished), it can definitely be beneficial.

      The GI distress is common, in the guide that you can download on this website there are some remedies for making this transition easier.

  39. Dr. Stock,

    I’m all caught up now. Thanks! I’ll let you know what happens after a month or so.

  40. I did not see where I could put my email for meat deals emailed to me.

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