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How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet

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  1. Maybe a strange question, however if we are eating chicken thighs or wings…do we need to remove the skin?

      1. I am on level one, however I’m not including any eggs, butter or any ok’d /supplemtal foods…I’m eating strictly meat and water (including the trace minerals and betain , plus lipase concentrate)…then planning on going to level 2 after 30 days.

        My goal however is to lose weight/fat. Hopefully this bit of skin won’t cause too much of an issue! I don’t plan on continuing to eat chicken however I had so much in my freezer before I started carnivore that I wanted to consume it!

        Thanks Kevin

  2. You say hard cheese is ok. Does this mean any cheese that is not cooked or melted?

  3. Wouldn’t take my email to sign up for free guides

  4. What fat can I use/not use to cook my meat in level 3? I’m actually using lard (porc)

  5. Hi Kevin, I really appreciate all your hard work and I learnt a great deal from you website and podcast.
    Can you recommend a carnivore diet “textbook”? I’m looking for something that includes the Paleolithic history, micronutrients, dangers of plants (I have your guide thank you), misconceptions about environmental effect and how to respond to dogmatic vegans with evidence based information.
    I am convinced of the health benefits through my own experience and reading of the literature but the biggest barrier I find is addressing the well organized vegan propaganda machine.
    Kind regards

    1. Well I am in the middle of writing just this textbook 🙂

      Many of these answers I’ve already written about at https://kevinstock.io – I will be writing about all of them in the coming year if they are not already addressed on my website.
      If you get my newsletter – you’ll get all these articles when they are published.

  6. Hi Kevin
    I’m giving your carnivore diet a chance. I’m a 61 year young female. I’m extremely fit and health consciences. Like you have been eating plants base diet thinking I was going to have a long healthly life. I’m now suffering from arthritis pain in my joints. Aches, pains and muscle stiffness. I have tried other diets, cutting out grains after reading the book the Grain Brain, and eliminating foods with high levels of lectin..after reading the book with that information. My question to you is I’m very lean and muscular and I don’t want to loose any weight. I’m 5’8″ and 119lbs. What do you suggest I do if I start to loose more body weight.
    Thanks for all your research on plants. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Leanne, sounds like you’ve done a lot of things already in the right direction!
      To maintain weight I would:
      1. Make sure you are eating enough
      2. Resistance training

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