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How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet

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  1. Maybe a strange question, however if we are eating chicken thighs or wings…do we need to remove the skin?

      1. I am on level one, however I’m not including any eggs, butter or any ok’d /supplemtal foods…I’m eating strictly meat and water (including the trace minerals and betain , plus lipase concentrate)…then planning on going to level 2 after 30 days.

        My goal however is to lose weight/fat. Hopefully this bit of skin won’t cause too much of an issue! I don’t plan on continuing to eat chicken however I had so much in my freezer before I started carnivore that I wanted to consume it!

        Thanks Kevin

  2. You say hard cheese is ok. Does this mean any cheese that is not cooked or melted?

  3. Wouldn’t take my email to sign up for free guides

  4. What fat can I use/not use to cook my meat in level 3? I’m actually using lard (porc)

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