Meat Health and The Carnivore Diet FAQ

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Here are some common questions:

What’s the evidence for a meat-based diet?

What’s wrong with eating plant-based foods anyways?

How do I get started? (What to eat, avoid, etc…)

Will this help me lose fat?

Don’t I need to eat fruits and vegetables for their vitamins and minerals?

Don’t I need carbohydrates?

Won’t all this fat and cholesterol give me a heart attack?

Is a high fat diet a good idea?

Isn’t fruit healthy?

Should I do intermittent fasting?

Are humans designed to eat meat or plants? AND What did humans evolve to eat?

If I’m on a ketogenic diet won’t I get ketoacidosis

What does Dr. Kevin Stock eat?

Is it ok to eat dairy?

Aren’t the antioxidants from plants good for you though?

Don’t I need fiber?

What about studies that show that plant-based diets are good?

Will I get scurvy (what about Vitamin C)?

What do I do if I’m gaining weight on The Carnivore Diet?

I’ve been Keto, anything I need to know to switch to Carnivore?

How do I build muscle on the Carnivore Diet?

Isn’t meat acidic? And won’t too much protein damage your kidneys, liver, and give you gout? And won’t too much protein just turn to sugar anyway (GNG)? And what about mTOR, IGF-1, and decreasing life expectancy. All this and more, right here.

Still have questions? This 30 day guide has your answers:

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  1. I know that during the first 30 days you said it would be OK to continue drinking (a small amount) of coffee or tea if you are used to drinking it, what about if we drink soda pop instead? that is what we drink to get caffeine in our house

    1. I don’t recommend it, but if it helps get through the first 30 days, in which you can then slowly remove it after, then I’d go ahead and leave it in (I just wouldn’t leave it in long term).

  2. On day 3 and lost a pound. digestive stress is decreasing,too! questions. I vape at a relativly high nic level, is that ok? I use it to montior my bipolar disorder. When do you somewhat recommend i can do without my meds?


    1. While I don’t recommend vaping or high nicotine intake, it may be best to see if you can slowly decrease/eliminate over time (if that makes sense with regard to the bipolar disorder). Often just being on a carnivore diet helps reduce addictions. For example, many people can’t imagine giving up coffee, however, after a couple months of carnivore diet they lose the attachment to it, and find it easier to quit the caffeine. Trying to quit an addiction like caffeine or nicotine while also making a dramatic dietary change (that often has unpleasant symptoms until adapted) can be too much. Often it’s easier to focus on one at a time.

      Regarding your meds, I would work with your doctor (obviously I can’t give medical advice here). See if it makes sense to slowly reduce as your health improves.

  3. Is it ok to drink Crystal light tea? shows 5 calories per serving. I have completely cut out soda but i started drinking crystal light more often the lemon tea flavor.

    if its not ok, do you recommend any type of water flavor that is ok for this diet? just curious.

    Serving Size: 0.03 oz(s) – 1 g
    Amount per ServingMy Daily Value
    Calories 5Kcal0%
    Total Fat 0g0%
    Saturated Fat 0g0%
    Sodium 0mg0%
    Total Carbohydrate 0g0%
    Dietary Fiber 0g0%
    Sugars 0g0%
    Added Sugars 0g0%
    Protein 0g0%


    Citric Acid (Provides Tartness), Instant Tea, Corn Syrup Solids (Adds Trivial Amount of Sugar), Aspartame (Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine) (Sweetener), Maltodextrin, Contains Less than 2% of Natural and Artificial Flavor, Magnesium Oxide (Prevents Caking), Acesulfame Potassium (Sweetener), Red 40 Lake, Red 40, Yellow 6 Lake, Yellow 5, Blue 1 Lake, Blue 1, Sodium Benzoate (Preserves Freshness).

    1. Hi Alex, I don’t recommend it or any artificial sugars/flavorings. One of the amazing benefits of this way of eating is the killing of carbohydrate/sugar addictions. And often these sweeteners can keep them alive. From a fat loss perspective they are fine, but from a long term success point of view they are something I think most people do better without.

  4. Been doing keto for 7 weeks. Just starting carnivore. My goals are:
    Anti inflammatory (oh the pain)
    Brain fog
    Weight loss
    I’m off all sodas, I’ve substituted, stevia sweetened drinks or sugar. My understanding doesn’t spike insulin

  5. Hello! What to do, I was on the CARNIVOR for 2 months and yesterday and today my blood pressure rose from 125/85 to 162/122 I was not hypertensive and I didn’t have that at keto nutrition (7 months) and today I allowed myself to eat persimmon and pie. I do not want to throw Carnivore and what should I do to start the carnivore first?

    1. Your blood pressure could be “high” at any one time for a variety of reasons.

      I would consistently monitor over time to get a more accurate gauge.

  6. Hi Kevin,

    Is this something that will starve/cure cancer Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and anaemia?

    I have been on just fruit and vegetables the last couple of months but deciding to potentially give this a go as it sounds healthier.



  7. Hello,

    I read that meat is acid-forming.
    Does a meat only diet not have a negative effect on the bodys pH-balance?

    Many thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Vital, this is a common concern.

      With a high protein diet we often see increased calcium excretion in the urine. And there is a false believe that high protein (meat-based diet) increases acidity in the blood.
      The thought is: the body needs to keep the pH balanced so it releases alkaline compounds along with calcium and other minerals from the bones into the blood to achieve this.

      But dietary protein improves gut absorption of calcium (by up to 300-400%). So with higher protein intake, the level of calcium in the blood is increased because it is better absorbed.

      Research shows positive effect of dietary protein on bone mineral density. Further, evidence suggests that low, not high protein is detrimental for bone health. And more research shows dietary protein works synergistically with calcium to improve calcium retention and bone metabolism.

      Intentionally restricting dietary protein to improve bone health is not a good idea in my opinion.

  8. Hi Kevin,

    To absorb the most nutrients of the meat, is it good to eat it raw, or is there a preferable way to prepare it?

    Many thanks in advance!


      1. Just posted this question — but now seeing you have already answered. Thank you! … Do you have a link to the pros and cons?

        1. I’m actually publishing an article in the next couple weeks that discusses this (along with pros and cons of raw vs cooked, and concerns around denaturing proteins and vitamins) – if you are subscribed to my newsletter, it will be sent out there.

  9. I need help with GI issues. Have done sonogram, colonoscopy, MRI, Testosterone tests, food tracking, 3 doctors and 4 nutritionists guides, stress tests, and ALL are perfect except they can’t figure out why I bloat. I have been dealing with this issue fro 2 1/2 years now. I have done extensive research and Shaun Baker seems to be the guru until I met your site. I hope you and Baker can help solve the problem. I am VERY DEDICATED to protocols from pros.

    1. Have you tried the carnivore diet?

      If I were you, I’d probably go through the 3 levels just as outlined in the 30 day guide on this website.

  10. In the past year I have developed several new autoimmune diseases/disorders that I would give anything to reverse and be rid of. I have Thyroid issues (Hashimotos), Sleep Apnea (life threatening), Asthma, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Digestive Issues (IBS), Skin Issues (dry, eczema, acne), Anxiety Disorder (Panic Attacks). I want to get healthy and thought eating fruits and vegetables was the way to go, but am seeing my disorders worsening over time, so I am totally willing to try the Carnivore Diet because I love meat and if I can have meat over vegetables, I’m in. I ordered beef and used the coupon code from the email you sent me today so I am going to jump into this as soon as possible. I would love to thank you for putting all this information together. Very interesting and it makes total sense to me.

  11. Hi Kevin, would our zero fiber diets leave us predisposed to diverticulitis?

    Thanks for your help

  12. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for all the great info! I have not been one to diet. Never trusted diets, but have peculiar tastes. Ironically, meat, salt, butter, cream and water are the main things I enjoy. Yay! Carnivore can work for me! –And then there is crusty sourdough bread, red wine….sigh. 😉

    Questions: Thinking about hypothalamus memory…
    Any data on people who try the Carnivore Diet and then decide it isn’t for them? Is it ok to use the diet to create the first major round of weight loss and then manage with Paleo or Keto? Would the body be able to sustain and maintain the weight loss or is there a risk to skyrocket above the previous weight levels were?

    What about people who occasionally “cheat” and enjoy a glass of wine, or birthday cake only to return to the diet? I’m not one to create limits for myself and do enjoy being a gourmet… I’m looking to use this diet 85-90% of the time.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Thanks, Kevin! That was exactly the info I wanted. Reading between the lines, wrt the hypothalamus, it seems that after one’s body has established a new baseline, which creates the new “true” body weight status renders the rare/occasional diet interruption to barely a blip on the new map, so to speak. Appreciate your experiments! Warm regards!

  13. As a former athlete(nationally qualified NPC Figure for my height in first competition, pro-wrestler, pro dancer, firefighter, among other things) and always a self professed carnivore(but never strictly, only wished I could in the past) when I was still healthy and in control of the food supply in my house (now there are 6 of us and 4 are food-buying adults-most of which are horribly unhealthy shoppers and consumers and all are contradictory in tastes except nasty pizza) I was very selective in what was in my home and it was always of very narrow options which was fine, and I was healthy active etc etc. Since my current living arrangement began 6-7yrs ago, along with aging to 40+ and no longer working, I have developed a lot of ailments and/or discovered lifelong disorder(Ehlers Danlos, a genetic malfunction in collagen production that leads to dysautonomia(my biggest problem) about 2/3 of the time) but I just do not feel like myself because who I am is a constantly thinking (dysautonomia comes with a lot of brain fog and memory issues) always active overachiever who always was naturally(until the last5years) a size 0-3 but never what I consider cut due to the collagen disorder causing severe skin sagging/looseness that appears like jiggly fat so I was never completely satisfied with my body, but now I’m at the point where exercising is so difficult due to the dysautonomia- heat and cold intolerance, POTS, extreme fatigue, loose joints, etc- as well as COPD and asthma(lifelong but overcomable with conditioning) and the horrible food choices in my house no matter what I buy since I am the main food prepper and everyone complains about one thing or another and/brings in foods I dont want around me because I WILL eat them but wouldn’t buy them for my own home to avoid being in their presence. I am very wellread on nutrition etc and my own disorders and prefer the more healthy foods in the first place(meat, green veg etc though happy to go meat and lactose/carb free dairy only) but I have a few prescriptions I take, and am hopelessly attached to the 2 things I drink exclusively: steawberry-apple venom (15 calories in 16oz energy drink) and water packets similar to Crystal light to-go. I absolutely can’t and won’t give these up, in the past I’ve only ever drank similar things except in my old house where it was the one place I would drink plain water-out of the well I grew up with very high iron and only from the bathtub faucet, any other water I can’t stand so plain water is out of the question. Since what I’m drinking is zero or nearly zero calorie(carb) and I’m consuming no more than 2 cans(30cal total) of the Venom a day, with at least half a gallon up to nearly 1 full gallon of the flavored water(I feel so much better with high water intake) with just these as drinks, my prescriptions, and meat/zerocarbdairy can I still experience the full rewards of this diet? Are sugar substitutes THAT bad in the diet?(not sourced from plants, I use strictly sucralose powder(pure) and whatever is in my drinks(sugar alcohols and sucralose most likely.) Having gotten up to 189lbs last year from a lifelong typical 125-135, and now at a plateau of 147-152 for the last several months after an almost all fruit/veg diet and lean meat(only natural carbs, no white carbs etc) which seemed counterintuitive to me, but it worked, for a while. I am in such need of anti-inflammatory effect, fat loss, bowel cleansing(chronic constipation without Senna and a prescription I have I will quickly gain 10-15lbs just in intestinal…storage…) and am finally after many years willing to try ketosis though not aiming at it, I want a clean slate no FODMAP, no leptin, etc etc so this diet seems perfect, but I just don’t know how much my holdouts will hold me back: will my beverages, prescriptions, and smoking(tobacco, and no I’m not quitting) add too many factors to really benefit? Should I just try ketosis first?

  14. Also, what are your recommendations for households where you can buy groceries you want, but not guarantee they don’t get eaten by others and can’t in any way control the horrible foods they bring into the home? I can control temptation in the grocery store just fine and have always used that method to avoid temptation at home until 6-7yrs ago when most of my health issues began, but there’s no way to avoid that temptation at home in my current household due to the other people and they’re desperately unhealthy tastes in food for this or any diet(pizza, candy, chips, etc).
    This is one diet I can probably talk the hubby into joining me on since he’s stoicly anti-vegetable anyway and doesn’t have a sweet tooth except in his drinks. But, he’s hugely apt to grab a bag of chips or similar immediately after dinner-thiugh his portion size is most healthy of everyone at meals, just not with the chips. He drinks homemade iced coffee(cold brew coffee, sugarfree mocha syrup, milk, and pure sucralose powder) off brand diet sodas, and the Venom drink (15cal per 16oz) and I’m sure I couldn’t get him to cut down or eliminate all of them, only some, though he is willing to drink plain water unlike me.
    What would your recommendation be for controlling the at-home food environment (it’s his siblings, neice, and my daughter) and what are the worst offenders in his drink selection so that I can prioritize which ones to get him to eliminate and/ or cutdown on? He currently drinks 3 venoms, about 3 diet sodas, and probably 3 homemade 16oz iced coffees a day(on weekends venom replaced with more soda or coffee).
    We both have major dental issues the last few years as well. As a dentist, have you found any benefits of this diet for oral health, aside from the obvious lack of simple sugars applied directly to the teeth which isn’t an issue for us anyway?

  15. Surprised! I’ve just finished my 9th day on Carnivor and I’m down 10lbs! The one thing that has shocked me is that I’m not having any real stomach issues. I did have diarrhea on day 3 and a constipated feeling on a few other days, but other than that I feel great. It’s been 3 days since I’ve had a headache or a constipated feeling. My question is, does this mean I’m over the huddle or can I expect stomach issues later in the process?

    1. I would say it’s a good start! 🙂

      I would guess you are still adapting however, but whether you have any adverse side effects, maybe / maybe not

  16. Excuse me if you have already mentioned this — but trying to dig through all the good material and I haven’t come across if there is a specific temperature that is best to cook beef? I usually eat well done because I have struggled with parasites… Is that ok ? Most youtubers and bloggers seem to be eating medium rare to medium well? Thank you so much!

  17. I can not download the guide.

    I don’t know if the guide touches on this, but what if I really enjoy plants, and fruits. I spend time on The Carnivore diet lose 100 lbs but want to enjoy plants, is there a way I can go back afterward to having plants, even in moderation?

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