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Meat Health Communicty

There is power in community. Please join our Private Group – a safe place to ask questions where I and a whole community are there to help and support each other.

Private “Meat Health” Facebook Group


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  1. Hi experience the ned to peeing 3-4 times at night. Have ben on the carnivore diet for the last 3 years.

    Any idea why this is? Any idea for Solutions

    1. Yes a few things:

      1. How late are you eating, perhaps consider moving your latest meal earlier (if that is possible)
      2. How much salt are you using (especially later – see point #1), might want to try cutting back on it a bit
      3. How much water are you drinking later in the day (also might want to try cutting back on this a bit)
      4. How late are you working out exercising, this often leads to eating later and also drinking more water later

  2. Hey wouuld you be fine .. iam a beginner in carnivoire the first 3 days i gain 2.5 kg .. i can’t imagine that and confused i need to loss weight not to gain .. and iam ketogenic adapted for previously two months

  3. 25 Yr M, I am wondering about cardiovascular disease? I’ve been on for two weeks about a level 1 and I just want to make sure my heart is healthy and working for a long time.

  4. Hey Dr.Stock! I’ve been on carnivore for 6 weeks, needed to lose 30 pounds when I started and now have 35. I’m definitely a “Sally” from your guide about weight loss. I would be fine for my healing to take as long as necessary IF I was closer to my goal. One thing I know about my body is this: if I had started at a lower weight, I would be camped out right there where I started. I can’t fit into any of my clothes, I’m hotter all the time than at a lower weight and the extra weight makes me uncomfortable. I have to work outside in south Texas and the heat is MISERABLE!! I eat 13-17 oz of ribeye and 2eggs, ~4 tbs of bacon grease every day. I was also eating bacon instead of the eggs until last week until I saw that eggs worked better in my fat/carb ratio. I also went to one meal a day 5 days ago in an effort to become at least a little smaller and more comfortable while I wait for complete restoration of my health but because of hormones I guess I’m hungry a lot of the day. I’m on thyroid and take a pre/pro/post biotic blend (Dr Steven Gundry) and a Mg supplement because it seems to help migraine headaches which starving myself created In my teens. What would you say is the best thing to do? I walk/jog 10,000+ steps 3-5 days a week but nothing more than that. Thank you SO MUCH!!

    1. Hi Rachel, glad to hear you read the fat loss guide – so I’m guessing you know what I’m going to say… 🙂

      But I would quit worrying about your macro ratio, I would ditch the added bacon grease, and just eat meat until you’re satisfied – whether it’s 1 meal or 4 meals. Your appetite needs to re-normalize, and forcing fasting isn’t going to help. I would also replace the walk / jog with weight training.
      And then lastly I would give this healing process time. You need to fix your metabolism, and sometimes it can feel like one step backwards.

      1. You’re so wonderful! Do salmon/fish and bacon count as meat I truthfully don’t like eggs that much🤣🤣

        Thank you again sir so much I will keep reading and sent a request to join your FB group. Have a great day!!

  5. Hello Dr. Kevin,

    I am curious to know if you have ever competed in men’s physique as a carnivore?
    If so, how did you do your peak week? Do you just lower calories/Fat during that week?
    The reason I ask is that I will be doing a show at the end of the year and I have completely gone carnivore for a few weeks now. I did carnivore a couple years back for a couple months while deep into the keto diet. It was amazing! Loved every aspect of carnivore. But I went back to keto because I ignorantly thought that I needed veggies in my diet due to what I had learned in college (I have a Exercise & Nutritional Science degree). It wasn’t until I went off keto last year and got back into the typical low fat, high protein/carb cycling bodybuilding diet that I found myself not sleeping at all, hungry all the time, and a sudden increase in anxiety. I knew it was something in my diet, or I should say “missing” in my diet, that I decided to go carnivore for good this time. I can tell you that I feel like superman at the gym! Strength never really went to the wayside at all. My body is responding very well. My sleep is deep and consistent – something that I coveted in other carnivore dieters for some time now. I am 43 years old and regret that I didn’t start this journey much sooner.
    Thank you for all the information that you provided in your 30-day carnivore guide. I really enjoyed it!

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