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  1. Hi there – I’m trying to find the Carnivore Connection private group on Facebook, and a google search brought me here. When I click on the link you posted it just takes me to your Facebook page. Do you have a working link to Carnivore Connection?

    1. I don’t recommend it.

      Sweeteners (whether artificial or not) can not only keep sugar/carb cravings around they can also make it more difficult to regulate appetite.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    After about a month and a have of the carnavor diet I am developing symtoms of gerd. My stomach just does not feel as strong and healthy.

    I have read your protocals on gerd but live on a South American farm where I prefer to eat from nature instead of hunting down digestive enzymes.
    I do have apple cider vinager which I take and helps.
    Any ideas maybe a bone broth?
    I eat everything raw too by the way. I used to eat this diet years ago with mangos and felt great , what do you think about adding fruit in at the same time I eat meat.
    I also drink alot of raw milk which I have been for 10 years or so.


    1. Likely your stomach acid production is having to “re-acidify” to a healthy state and in the interim (when stomach is still too basic) can result in some gerd.

      Betaine HCl would likely help (but I know you said you aren’t interested in supplements) – so might just have to wait it out until the stomach can “get back in shape” so to speak.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Really appreciate your guide, great stuff.

    Is it possible or effective to incorporate intermittent fasting in the carnivore diet. The fact that protein and fat takes longer time to be digested, which means we could afford to eat a fewer times during the day, or perhaps once a day. You mentioned that “Eat When Hungry”, and in the long run, is it possible to develop a routine to just eat 1 meal in a particular time period? If so, this would make life so much easier.


    1. I.F. is often a natural consequence of this way of eating.

      From some surveys I’ve conducted eating 2x/day is the most common, though many do 1 and 3. No right or wrong answers.

      I don’t recommend forcing fasts on a regular basis however.

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