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Meat Health Communicty

There is power in community. Please join our Private Group – a safe place to ask questions where I and a whole community are there to help and support each other.

Private “Meat Health” Facebook Group


Please feel free to personally connect with me as well:

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  1. Hi there – I’m trying to find the Carnivore Connection private group on Facebook, and a google search brought me here. When I click on the link you posted it just takes me to your Facebook page. Do you have a working link to Carnivore Connection?

    1. I don’t recommend it.

      Sweeteners (whether artificial or not) can not only keep sugar/carb cravings around they can also make it more difficult to regulate appetite.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    After about a month and a have of the carnavor diet I am developing symtoms of gerd. My stomach just does not feel as strong and healthy.

    I have read your protocals on gerd but live on a South American farm where I prefer to eat from nature instead of hunting down digestive enzymes.
    I do have apple cider vinager which I take and helps.
    Any ideas maybe a bone broth?
    I eat everything raw too by the way. I used to eat this diet years ago with mangos and felt great , what do you think about adding fruit in at the same time I eat meat.
    I also drink alot of raw milk which I have been for 10 years or so.


    1. Likely your stomach acid production is having to “re-acidify” to a healthy state and in the interim (when stomach is still too basic) can result in some gerd.

      Betaine HCl would likely help (but I know you said you aren’t interested in supplements) – so might just have to wait it out until the stomach can “get back in shape” so to speak.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Really appreciate your guide, great stuff.

    Is it possible or effective to incorporate intermittent fasting in the carnivore diet. The fact that protein and fat takes longer time to be digested, which means we could afford to eat a fewer times during the day, or perhaps once a day. You mentioned that “Eat When Hungry”, and in the long run, is it possible to develop a routine to just eat 1 meal in a particular time period? If so, this would make life so much easier.


    1. I.F. is often a natural consequence of this way of eating.

      From some surveys I’ve conducted eating 2x/day is the most common, though many do 1 and 3. No right or wrong answers.

      I don’t recommend forcing fasts on a regular basis however.

  4. Hey Kevin
    I just read through your webpage about the meat diet and I’m going to start TODAY! I’m on a 24hour fast (other then water)right now so I can start fresh! I’ve never really been into diets but I’ve put on a lot of weight in the last couple years so it’s time to get proactive. I plan to follow your guide to the letter. I’m thinking of adding some intermittent fasting into it as well and I’m curious to know what you think about that. I understand you probably have people email you all the time so it’s cool if you don’t have a chance to read this completely and respond. I just wanted to shoot you a message and thank you for taking the time to post your guide on the web. Look for me email in 30days telling you how I’m on my way to “Superhuman” lol
    Thanks again
    Matt Leeson

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hey Matt great to hear!

      I think it’s important (especially early on) to listen to appetite and not force fasting. If you haven’t checked out the fat loss guide I’d recommend reading that so you at least have a full 360 degree perspective about body composition goals.

  5. Hi Kevin

    Long story, sorry, just want to give you as much feedback as possible (and I’d be happy to pay for a private consultation, if possible).

    I did my first tour with lchf/keto already back in 2008-2010. Unfortunately I did not commit because of bad mental health and have now become prediabetic. First thing I did was to start with lchf/keto when I found out end of December. Since I had done it before it was easy for me do get started. I had some keto flu in the beginning and sime issues with my gallbladder (I suspect gall stones) so I had to slow down a bit with all the fat so that I hopefully would adapt. End of January I was down under 20g carbs per day and doing well, no more issue, and eating an energy ratio of about 70% fat/30% protein. I had a lot of energy and feeling really well. Even did a bit of 16-8 intermittent fasting to get my ketosis going properly.

    Though I kept still on having slightly elevated glucose levels and had read a bit about carnivore past year so I decided I would try it out, and started end of March. A lot of rib eye, ground beef, eggs, some chicken thigh, lamb, bacon, fat white fish, shrimp, mussles, hard cheese. Also extra Himalayan pink salt and a small amount of magnesium supplement. After just a week I noticed it made wonders for my glucose levels – the change came with going from <20g carbs to 0 carbs for me. My skin (I have psoriasis) also started to look a lot better. My mental well-being was getting better.

    Though, I had diarrhea every other day (proper stool the other days), and started sweating a lot during nights, and after a week into carnivore, sometimes even directly after meals. More heart burn during carnivore than lchf (when I started with lchf I've been able to lower my heartburn medication – Omeprazole – from once daily – for the past 15 years – to once a week now). So I was thinking that it's just me having difficulties adapting so I'll rough it out. (Maybe it's oxolate dumping too?)

    20 days into carnivore I started having issues with my gallbladder again after no issues since January. Okay, maybe I've just lost weight too fast (9 lbs since starting carnivore, 18 lbs total since Christmas, I am at 253 lbs now) and that's why my gallbladder has given me issues. It happens.

    30 days into carnivore (last week) and I started feeling some really bad pain in my intestines during the night (and getting the bad sweats). That day I had boiled eggs, rib eye, hard cheese, and a tiny amount of dried meat. Maybe diverculitis? Felt bloated and even had some gas, which I haven't had since I started in January. (Supposedly I had diverculitis back in 2012 but never got it properly examined and confirmed, and since I have had zero issues since then I haven't really thought about it.)

    So with both the gallbladder issues, the pain in the intestines and the sweating I thought maybe I just have to slow down a bit, so I decided a week ago to go back temporarly to more of a combined lchf/keto/carnivore light mix of a diet. *dissapointment* Focus on meat but with coconut oil, some small amounts of poison… sorry, vegetables, etc. But the pain just got worse.

    This last Monday I was in constant pain and just thought, okay, this must be some sort of digestive issue, something is wrong, I should not be in pain. I am never going back to fiber and carbs, especially if this is a flare of diverculitis, so I checked up some good lchf soups, meaty bone broth, and meals, like fat russian and greek yogurt, coconut cream smoothies, raw eggs, coconut oil, etc. that would be more easy digest. I also really focused on getting plenty of fat, so I wouldn't starve and hopefully prevent myself from losing weight too fast. (Unfortunately I would not be on zero carb for the time being but at least <20 g carbs/day.) I also dediced to do OMAD so my intestines would get plenty of rest.

    After four days I was actually doing better. It also made me notice that my sweats were correlated with my meals, about 6-10 hours after my meal I would start to sweat, though now with the soups and other meals, my sweating had been way less. Also, the pain subsided with maybe 70-80%, even totally pain free at times. My gall blader actually just gave me some pain once I was 14-16 hours into my fasting, so it did not seem related to me actually eating, but to me not eating.

    So since I was doing better, and I was invited to dinner, I decided today to try out some slowly cooked rib eye (about 0.5 lbs). Later on, I ate more and had the same type of meals I've had the past week. So what happened… Once again I am sweating a lot more and having some more pain in my intestines. *frustration…* Where do I go from here?

    I want to do carnivore because I've felt so good on it otherwise. My mental well being hasn't been this good since forever. I can't give this up. Add to that that I am putting my prediabetes in remission and that my blood work has improved.

    I am thinking of buying the lipase and ox bile supplement. Maybe that will make things easier for me.

    Also, maybe this has something to do with my heart burn/acid reflux. Maybe I am not digesting the meat properly before it reaches my intestines? Just speculating.

    Anyway, any advise you can give me would be highly appreciated. Would it not be for the pain I would still be full carnivore – especially since I've been doing less well mentally again when adding more than just meat to my diet.

    Best regards

    1. Sounds like you’ve read the 30 day guide (if not, I would definitely check that out).

      I would recommend working with your doctor with this (as he/she knows your situation better than I do).

      Perhaps weaning in a bit more slowly than most people could really help with the symptoms.

  6. Hi,

    I’m just about to start this journey. I have been researching this for a while now and will let you know how it goes. One question…can I have egg salad…just eggs and high quality mayo….no celery or anything else in it?


  7. Is diatomaceous earth okay to do on this diet?

    Also, I take turmeric, boron, ginger, probiotic, and krill oil. Are they fine as well?

    1. If you read the 30 day guide, I’d treat these as Level 1 things (meaning perhaps test without them for a period of time and bring back in if you so desire).

  8. Hi Kevin, thank you so much for your time and effort to help all of us find a healthier version of ourselves.
    My question is about working out and whether we should refrain from extra exercise during our first month? I’m 3 weeks in and loving it, but I’m actually wanting to get back to the gym, especially weight training, after taking 2years off, my desire has suddenly amped for that. I normally just go for daily walks and have found I want to walk faster, even do some sporadic jogging, would love to sign up for a half marathon even(used to run for years but gave that up too because of how I was feeling). I just find with all this new energy, a renewed energy, nothing crazy jittery, just I feel like my brain is beginning to finally awaken after all these years and I used to love anything physical, but as the years passed I was just feeling more and more miserable. But with this extra boost, I’m almost antsy to get back in there and regain all the lost muscle, take back my stamina and enjoy a good sweat at the gym. Do you think it’s too soon to push the limit and at least wait the full 30days or do you have any signs to watch for that will allow me the green light to jump back in.?
    I feel like the fog is lifted and now the realization of my health and fitness has set in and i’m not happy with what I’ve allowed myself to get too when I used to care so much, and now suddenly this renewed passion has come about and I don’t know what to do about it, any suggestions? Thank you again 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t refrain from exercise – in fact – I think it can help the adaptation process during the 1st month.

      That said, training intensity may take awhile to catch up back to normal (and then beyond…:)

      So yes, I’d just jump in with the resistance training!

      1. Thank you so much again for your kind and quick replies. I hope you truly know how much many of us are appreciative of the time and effort you put in to help struggling and hurting people like us. Much thanks xo

  9. Hi Kevin. Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to help those of us who are reaching out with questions. You’re truly appreciated. I just had another question with regards to water consumption and I know you mention that in the beginning we may be more thirsty and then it’ll taper into just drink to thirst, but is there a specific amount of water that we should aim for or not go over?

    I’ve come from the gym mentality of drink at least 4L a day and then drink more, if you want to “flush the fat”. But over the years I found that left me feeling bloated, weak and I could drink 4L-6L even and still feel thirsty believe it or not. I then found Professor Tim Noakes youtube videos and he talks about hyponatremia and has published studies and even wrote a book about hydration and for someone like me he recommends not drinking any more then 2L per day. And basically just drink to thirst whether we reach 2L or not. I had cute my water consumption way down which was hard, almost like I was an addict always reaching for the cup or bottle of water not even out of shear thirst but habit. Once I dropped it down and actually started to track how much I was drinking and not carrying water all the time I actually felt less bloated etc.

    I’m just curious if we can over drink with carnivore. I found the first few weeks especially with extreme dry mouth , not grabbing the water and chugging it, I did it once and felt completely awful, bloated and almost nauseous. This started me questioning drinking water with this diet. I don’t salt my food, I find huge fluid fluctuations when adding additional salt and honestly feel better without adding it to my meat. I just enjoy the taste of the meat. It helps to appreciate it I guess.

    Sorry this is so long, but I would greatly appreciate your intake on water consumption and how much or how much is too much in this case.

    Thanks again !

    1. Yes it is possible to over drink water, and I do think drinking to thirst is a good, simple guideline.

      Perhaps as important early on in the transition is getting enough sodium, which I generally recommend using generously, which will then influence thirst.
      Salt to taste (and error on the generous side early on). Drink to thirst 🙂

  10. Wonderful! Thank you again for taking the time to reply.


  11. Hey Kevin in 6 days into the Carnivore diet. Been definitely having some adjustment symptoms like frequent bathroom trips. I also started noticing after I eat I end up with a pain in my middle right side of my back closer to my spine. I’ve had this in the past and had numerous tests done but all they could say was acid reversing in my biliary ducts. It’s quite uncomfortable. I do take a digestive enzyme that seems to help but not always. Just wondering if this will go away because I dont want to stop the diet. Ibe seem drastic improvements in other symptoms related to autoimmune.

    1. Inadequate stomach acid can cause some real indigestion pain.
      Betaine HCL can help as the stomach adapts, and for most people it’s just takes some time for the stomach to re-adapt to its healthy acidic state.

  12. Hi Kevin I love your site and the FB group! I have been carnivore for 3mos. I started due to digestive disorders (gerd and ibs ileoostomy). It worked! I eat fatty meats and dairy making sure to stay at a 2:1 ratio. Problem is severe weight loss absent other underlying medical issues (I am under a doctor’s care because I have an I tend to lose a lot of liquid from my bag so I get regular labs for electrolytes and all is good there).
    I started out at 95 lbs I am 5 ft. This last week I went from 87lb to 82. I am guessing I don’t eat enough? A typical breakfast is about 5 oz of liver 2 eggs w cheese and sour cream and 3 split marrow bones. I aim for 3 meals a day. Physically I not sure I can eat more I do eat to satiety.
    Any guidance would be helpful.

    1. Thanks Maria, and of course I’d recommend working with your doctor, but people often lose weight early (partially water weight and partially because meat does tend to be quite filling and they have a hard time eating enough).

      If I were you, I’d probably focus on upping the fat as it is more calorically dense and you should be able to consume a greater quantity of total calories per day.

  13. Good Morning!

    I hate to even ask this question because you have answered it many times BUT, it isn’t easy when a woman is dealing with weight loss resistance.

    I am 35, and I have been trying to lose weight my entire life. YO-YO dieting queen. I start something, I lose a few pounds THEN I either stop losing OR the plan is leaving me insanely hungry and I snap and binge my face off, sound familiar?

    I am currently seeing a Functional Med Doctor that has placed me on Armour Thyroid, after finding my T3 levels off. 1 grain to start and I have been on it 1 month.

    I started Carnivore for a 2nd attempt Dec 26th after abusing myself with food on Christmas. The first attempt was last spring. I did great was losing but not until I started manipulating ( 3-2 meals, Trying to intermittent fast-which I hate) I ended up cheating due to a social event and could not stop eating carbs to the point that I gained all my weight back in a second)

    I feel great eating this way- my mood is so much better, my energy needs some work but my mood is better! I started at 163, I lost great the first week ( I get it-glycogen stores) got down to 157, now I am slowly gaining again at 160) This makes me want to quit. I can not go another summer being overweight, it ruins life being uncomfortable in your own skin, I am sure you understand what I am saying… END RANT.

    Am I just weak? Why can’t I get this right… Please help.
    Lisa, NJ 35 years old- 5’6- 160 pounds- goal weight 130

  14. Hey Dr. Kevin, love the site.

    I’ve recently started my transition to carnivore, but am having a lot of problems in the bathroom despite taking your recommended digestive enzyme supplements. I’ve been a long time sufferer of postprandial diarrhea (IBS related) where pretty much any food sends me to the bathroom roughly 10-15 minutes after eating.

    Would you recommend I stick with the carnivore plan?

  15. Hey! I live in Toronto, Canada and am about to start the carnivore diet. Any tips / knowledge / resources on how and where to best get my meat in this area of Canada?
    I’m open to meat delivery companies, but they all seem to be really expensive. is that just because the quality of meat is better? or is there somewhere else you suggest i could get a LOT of good quality meats for the same price.

    thanks a lot!

    1. Yes delivery does tend to be more expensive (often because of the shipping logistics).
      For the a lot of the best quality, I think the best solution is finding a local farmer – this is a good place to look: http://eatwild.com/

  16. Hi everybody,

    I am Angelo from the Netherlands.

    After 2 months of reading and preparing (especially the 30 day guide of this site), I started this diet on 1 April.

    due to a hernia and a shoulder dislocation that followed in quick succession, my weight has increased enormously and I have always had problems with the back and shoulder.

    Today is day 6. So far I have fully complied with the guidelines of only animal products.

    I am very surprised that I have no back or shoulder complaints since 3 days. perhaps that is a placebo effect, but it is very coincidental. also an eczema spot on my stomach has disappeared like snow in the sun.

    And now the difficult part of this diet. my need for sugar is enormous. I was really down a few days during the day.
    I have great difficulty with soft drinks. Until last week I drank an average of 1.5 liters of soft drinks per day (coca cola).
    I can control myself so far, but I still get a voice in the back of my head, well take a small glass, that’s not a problem.
    last night i had to take a big cup of tea (without sugar, honey or sweetener), to be able to drink something other than water.

    Does this urge for soda go away? I have no problem with the bad sugar / carbohydrate food. but the soda pfffff.

    oh almost forgot. had fully prepared me for many visits to the toilet, but has not had any problems so far. take extra supplements as recommended.
    – vitamin / mineral complex
    – Fish oil
    – enzymes for the abdomen.

    Tips and recommendations are very welcome.

    1. Sugar cravings like this are very typical, especially coming off a diet with so much sugar. I would anticipate this being a challenge for a least another couple weeks.
      My best piece of advice is to keep eating until satisfied, and when the cravings come, treat yourself to your favorite meats instead.
      The cravings can and will go away, but it does tend to take some willpower. Good luck!

  17. Hi,

    In the meat eating guide you’re stating that athletic performance is 1-6 month to reach the same or higher level as before the diet.

    I would like to know what is the basis of this statement.

    Good day!

  18. Hi,
    I have been doing the carnivore experiment for 18 days today. I wanted to know, what your thoughts are on eating fatty cuts of meat and fewling nauseous/vomiting ? Just recently I have has pork belly and beef ribs and both times I started feeling nauseous then vomited. I felt 100% after it but I think ita something my body can’t handle or dp I keep persistent.

    1. It’s not uncommon early on, but it’s also why I outlined the 30 day guide (you can download it on this website) with 3 Levels to determine if there are specific foods that are giving you trouble.

  19. Hi Dr. Kevin,

    I have been on Keto for almost 3 years and I love the lifestyle. I have been doing IF/OMAD and fasting for about 7-8 months now. I work out regularly about 4-5 times a week. Mostly weights and some HIIT.

    However, recently I’ve hit a plateau and want to lose my last 15 pounds. Due to some reading and research about proper macros….I discovered the Carnivore lifestyle. This was about 2 days ago. Because of everything I’ve read and listened to, I am prepared to go Carnivore all the way up to the 3rd level for the rest of my life….I just turned 60.

    Of course, I’m still learning, so I still have sooo many questions!

    I hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of what may be very basic questions.

    I want to get in as much protein as I can with out overdoing the fat. Can I eat canned tuna and canned Salmon with home made mayo?

    Can I eat canned sardines(in tomato sauce)if I only eat the sardines and not the sauce?

    Thanks in advance for your time and answers.


    Oh yeah…..I’ve already joined your FB group!👍

    1. When you say “can I…” it’s very unclear what you are asking – of course you “can” – but “is it the best option for you” = that’s a completely different question – one in which if you read all the guides on this website – I think you’ll have a better answer.

  20. Hello Dr. Kevin,

    I am curious to know if you have ever competed in men’s physique as a carnivore?
    If so, how did you do your peak week? Do you just lower calories/Fat during that week?
    The reason I ask is that I will be doing a show at the end of the year and I have completely gone carnivore for a few weeks now. I did carnivore a couple years back for a couple months while deep into the keto diet. It was amazing! Loved every aspect of carnivore. But I went back to keto because I ignorantly thought that I needed veggies in my diet due to what I had learned in college (I have a Exercise & Nutritional Science degree). It wasn’t until I went off keto last year and got back into the typical low fat, high protein/carb cycling bodybuilding diet that I found myself not sleeping at all, hungry all the time, and a sudden increase in anxiety. I knew it was something in my diet, or I should say “missing” in my diet, that I decided to go carnivore for good this time. I can tell you that I feel like superman at the gym! Strength never really went to the wayside at all. My body is responding very well. My sleep is deep and consistent – something that I coveted in other carnivore dieters for some time now. I am 43 years old and regret that I didn’t start this journey much sooner.
    Thank you for all the information that you provided in your 30-day carnivore guide. I really enjoyed it!

  21. Hey Dr.Stock! I’ve been on carnivore for 6 weeks, needed to lose 30 pounds when I started and now have 35. I’m definitely a “Sally” from your guide about weight loss. I would be fine for my healing to take as long as necessary IF I was closer to my goal. One thing I know about my body is this: if I had started at a lower weight, I would be camped out right there where I started. I can’t fit into any of my clothes, I’m hotter all the time than at a lower weight and the extra weight makes me uncomfortable. I have to work outside in south Texas and the heat is MISERABLE!! I eat 13-17 oz of ribeye and 2eggs, ~4 tbs of bacon grease every day. I was also eating bacon instead of the eggs until last week until I saw that eggs worked better in my fat/carb ratio. I also went to one meal a day 5 days ago in an effort to become at least a little smaller and more comfortable while I wait for complete restoration of my health but because of hormones I guess I’m hungry a lot of the day. I’m on thyroid and take a pre/pro/post biotic blend (Dr Steven Gundry) and a Mg supplement because it seems to help migraine headaches which starving myself created In my teens. What would you say is the best thing to do? I walk/jog 10,000+ steps 3-5 days a week but nothing more than that. Thank you SO MUCH!!

    1. Hi Rachel, glad to hear you read the fat loss guide – so I’m guessing you know what I’m going to say… 🙂

      But I would quit worrying about your macro ratio, I would ditch the added bacon grease, and just eat meat until you’re satisfied – whether it’s 1 meal or 4 meals. Your appetite needs to re-normalize, and forcing fasting isn’t going to help. I would also replace the walk / jog with weight training.
      And then lastly I would give this healing process time. You need to fix your metabolism, and sometimes it can feel like one step backwards.

      1. You’re so wonderful! Do salmon/fish and bacon count as meat I truthfully don’t like eggs that much🤣🤣

        Thank you again sir so much I will keep reading and sent a request to join your FB group. Have a great day!!

  22. 25 Yr M, I am wondering about cardiovascular disease? I’ve been on for two weeks about a level 1 and I just want to make sure my heart is healthy and working for a long time.

  23. Hey wouuld you be fine .. iam a beginner in carnivoire the first 3 days i gain 2.5 kg .. i can’t imagine that and confused i need to loss weight not to gain .. and iam ketogenic adapted for previously two months

  24. Hi experience the ned to peeing 3-4 times at night. Have ben on the carnivore diet for the last 3 years.

    Any idea why this is? Any idea for Solutions

    1. Yes a few things:

      1. How late are you eating, perhaps consider moving your latest meal earlier (if that is possible)
      2. How much salt are you using (especially later – see point #1), might want to try cutting back on it a bit
      3. How much water are you drinking later in the day (also might want to try cutting back on this a bit)
      4. How late are you working out exercising, this often leads to eating later and also drinking more water later

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