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  1. Hi there – I’m trying to find the Carnivore Connection private group on Facebook, and a google search brought me here. When I click on the link you posted it just takes me to your Facebook page. Do you have a working link to Carnivore Connection?

    1. I don’t recommend it.

      Sweeteners (whether artificial or not) can not only keep sugar/carb cravings around they can also make it more difficult to regulate appetite.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    After about a month and a have of the carnavor diet I am developing symtoms of gerd. My stomach just does not feel as strong and healthy.

    I have read your protocals on gerd but live on a South American farm where I prefer to eat from nature instead of hunting down digestive enzymes.
    I do have apple cider vinager which I take and helps.
    Any ideas maybe a bone broth?
    I eat everything raw too by the way. I used to eat this diet years ago with mangos and felt great , what do you think about adding fruit in at the same time I eat meat.
    I also drink alot of raw milk which I have been for 10 years or so.


    1. Likely your stomach acid production is having to “re-acidify” to a healthy state and in the interim (when stomach is still too basic) can result in some gerd.

      Betaine HCl would likely help (but I know you said you aren’t interested in supplements) – so might just have to wait it out until the stomach can “get back in shape” so to speak.

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