Meat Health

The Carnivore Diet

The Hunt to Become Superhuman

Start Here:

From Hemorrhaging Health to Becoming Superhuman

  • How a 20 Year Pursuit of Fitness Failed

Part I: Hunting for the Holy Grail of Health

  • Dying from Trying – Broken Brain Broken Body
  • Hunting while being Hunted
  • Plant Poison – History’s Biggest Fraud

Part 2: Rediscovering Our Superhuman Roots

  • Meat Miracles – The New Rules without the Old Rulers: Going Against the Grain, A Crazy Approach, By Crazy People Yields Crazy Results
  • You’re 2 Million Years Old. Quit Acting Like a 2 Month Old
  • The Fruit Fallacy – An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Paid
  • Healthy Fats aren’t Healthy

PART 3: Meat Mortality

  • Steak is Satan
  • The Vegans were Right

Part 4: Meat a Whole New Life

  • Your Blubber and Biceps on Meat
    • Real fat, for the really fast fat loss.
    • 34-24-34: Making the tape measure your friend
    • Meathead Muscle gains – Discovering your primal strength
  • Your Brain and Bowels on Meat
    • Your Superhuman Brain: Clarity to the point of Clairvoyance
    • The Highway to Heaven: Your Brain – Body Connection
    • No Fiber. No Farting. No Problem.
  • Your Balls, Bedroom, and Babies on Meat
    • Testosterone and Triplets – Rediscovering Sex and Fertility

Part 5: Meat Medicine

  • Science and Studies: Cramping Carnivores Style
  • Making Cholesterol, Cancer, and Health Care Obsolete
    • Fixing Your Blood Pressure in 1 Week
    • Markers that actually Matter
  • Expensive Pee: The Value of Vitamins
  • The Villain of the Story
    • Killing Kryptonite for Transcendent Healing

Part 6: The Carnivore Code: Real world eating for an unreal life.

  • No Pain. No Gain. Why you’ll never become Superhuman.
  • Carnivore Bootcamp: “The Carnivore Cleanse”
  • Detoxifying the Damage – Accidental Fasting for Fast Fat Loss
  • Eat this. Not this: The most toxic food, liquid Satan, and how not to mess it all up
  • Getting Tested – Dogma, Deficiencies, and your new Diet
  • Get on the Grass
  • A Day as a Carnivore
  • Meat Machine: A 30-Day Experiment to Transform Your Life
  • Eat meat. Make money.
  • Carnivore Cooking
  • Carnivore Conclusion: The animal that became superhuman.

Appendix I:

Cows, Crap, and Climate : Ethics, Environment, and Evolution

Appendix II:

Meat Health Resources


  1. Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore
  2. HIIT Play and Watch Fat Disappear
  3. Meat Your Best Physique – Bodybuilding for Carnivores
  4. Carnivore Cookbook
  5. Carnivore Cut – Getting Ripped with Ribeyes.
  6. FAQs – answers to the endless stream of questions from the easiest diet on earth – Eat meat. Drink water.
    1. Can I eat…?
    2. Can I drink…?

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If you’re crazy enough to experiment yourself, here is “The Ultimate 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore” and if you are already Carnivore give your friends a hand and point them to this Getting Started Guide.

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  1. Hello. I am so inspired by your words on Carnivore. I’ve been attempting it for 2 months & crash every time I lift heavy & my coach tells me I can’t do this If I want to gain. I say I want to prove him wrong. I’ve severe inflammation & I know it will help me at 54. I refuse to give up or give in

    1. Thanks Raphael – if you sign up / download the “30 Day Guide” (on the left) you will automatically be first in line for preorder 🙂

    1. Hi Charles – publishing actually got delayed – but if you have downloaded the 30 day guide (or are on my email list) you will be the first to know and get access. Thanks for the interest Charles, and sorry for the delay!

    1. Likely towards the end of 2020 (if you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll probably get an early release 🙂

  2. I see you have what looks like a stable of Contents….Do you actually have this book available?
    Meat Health
    The Carnivore Diet
    The Hunt to Become Superhuman

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