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Tinkering with The Carnivore Diet

Tinkering with the Carnivore Diet
Tinkering with the Carnivore Diet:
Can I add in…x, y, z…

Should you be tinkering with the Carnivore Diet? 

Before going carnivore, most people have experimented with various diets. Going from Keto to Carnivore is one of the most common paths. You probably wouldn’t be considering a Carnivore Diet if you didn’t have that curious experimenter mentality. The one that searches for answers, bucks the status quo, and calls their own shots.

Good for you.

You may have experimented with adding fats to foods if you’ve done keto, things like adding butter and MCT in coffee, or tried intermittent fasting protocols (IF), and take numerous supplements.

Many people’s natural tendency is to instantly want to modify, measure, and manipulate a new diet to what they have learned and tested in the past.

You may want to experiment with The Carnivore Diet but we want to add in your own flare like:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • MCT Oil
  • Cheat meals
  • Supplements (vitamins, ect…)

When starting the Carnivore Diet, you don’t want to do this.

These tactics interrupt the body’s ability to interpret hunger and natural satiety signals, which often results in not eating as much as the body needs to properly deal with adaptation and healing.

There are many metabolic processes that need to be adequately supported in regaining proper homeostasis and surviving the adaptation period.

Many people feel very hungry when starting, yet are afraid to eat. Afraid of getting fat.

It is common for people to need to eat twice as much when starting as they eventually do once their systems have healed. This could take 30 days or 3 years.

The adaptation period is different for everyone. Adaptation is not like a light switch.

It’s not like you will either be fully adapted or not. Different systems take different amounts of time.

For example, it may take your gallbladder 2 weeks to onramp to a high fat diet where you finally can get off the toilet (unless you take the necessary precautions..) but your testosterone may be in the toilet for 6 months until it is roaring again like a 17 year old male. Females – this is equally relevant for hormonal rebalancing.

Once hormonal systems have re-balanced in proper homeostasis for thriving, you’ll be glad you hit the “reset” button.

If you are worried about fat gain, tell yourself you are doing an experiment.

  • The First 30 days = Adapt (Level 1)
  • The Next 30 days = Heal (Level 2)
  • The Final 30 days = Thrive (Level 3)

If you want to go back to diet restrictions after the experiment, do so.

Then you can figure out how to personalize your carnivore diet to you (see the Meat Health Masterclass at the end), but let’s get healthy first.

Hunger talks in many languages like feeling weak and tired, or irritable and depressed, or via poor concentration and brain fog.

Listen to the body.

Take the hint – Eat.

It’s the solution. It’s the cure.

The most successful, thriving carnivores threw out all worry and preconceived notions about diets, supplementing, caloric needs, macros, and dogma…and ate meat until satisfied.

They erred on the side of eating too much rather than not enough.

It is common to have some cravings early on, but these go away.

However, if you try and tinker – they likely won’t.

If you’ve done keto or LCHF or you name it, you are probably aware of the amount of mad cravings, hunger, and intervention tricks that go on.

Those who use forced protocols to reduce food intake, to try and curb cravings, ride an unsustainable rollercoaster that never ends.

They never come to realize what it actually feels like to overcome metabolic dysfunction.

It feels amazing.


Besides what is mentioned in this article on carnivore symptoms and cures, don’t interfere with your body’s natural rebalancing until you’re healed. Once healed, you can loosen up with “tinkering tests” because you will KNOW what it feels like to be healed. So you will KNOW if your tinkering has positive or negative impacts.

Not only are supplements not needed, but they can interfere with restoring your proper homeostasis including vitamin and mineral levels.

You are going to need to ignore common held beliefs around daily requirements of x,y, and z.

Daily requirements for a SAD diet can’t be strapped onto a carnivore diet. When you add sugar and plants to a diet the body has to compensate and external supplementation might make sense to balance and help the assault from these foods. This does not translate to someone on a carnivore diet. Proper nutrient blood levels in a carnivore necessarily must be different than non-carnivores.

You might be tempted to continue taking your MCT, BPC, whey protein, collagen, creatine, BCAAs, beta alanine, caffeine, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, fish oils, D3, C, and probiotic – but do an experiment – set them aside.

Don’t Start If…

If you aren’t willing to eat enough meat to stay satisfied without manipulation, you should not start a carnivore diet.

You will suffer and you won’t get results.

Do Start If…

If you are willing to set aside conventional wisdom to hunt for your superhuman…

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, the best place to start is here, with the Meat Health Masterclass:

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  1. Kevin,

    Bowel movements… I really don’t know any other way to say this, but the amount of meat I’ve been putting into my stomach the past 18 days (2 lbs a day) doesn’t match what I think should be coming out. My stools are loose as expected, but it’s barely anything. I mean surely it’s going to erupt at some point right?

    Thanks. 💩💩💩

    1. Hey Chase, I’d recommend checking out the 30 Day Guide which you can download on this website – it addresses this in some detail. It’s very common (expected) to go less often / less amount though.

  2. Kevin

    What a great morning read. You were pumping out this great info 2 years ago?! Niccce. The part of fasting ruining your hunger cues is so true. On keto i was forcing myself to IF daily for months. I can say that eating till your full on carnivore will for sure make you naturally IF. Im still full from my dinner 13 hours ago. Anyway great post. Will be for sure reading more of your articles.

      1. I’m a 3 days in, bought a month’s worth of meat, and I carry my 80oz bottle wherever I go ( I’m 230, 6’2″, and about 18% bodyfat). My family and I are having. reunion in 40 days at Chicago, and we’ve all been looking forward to try their famous pizza together. Are there any precautions I should take in order to enjoy a light meal with them without getting super sick and get back on my healing phase? Or should I just stop now and start it when I get back from Chicago?

  3. Hi Kevin,

    I have been digging into the research around carnivore due to feeling out of sync with my hunger cues, confused about carbs, and lack of menstrual cycle.

    Overall, I’m a healthy young female (22), but currently don’t have a cycle after over-exercising and under-eating. I have course corrected the exercise and nourishment piece, but was wondering if my lack of cycle prompts any special considerations for my approach to this method.

    I still have some groceries to use (i.e. avocados) and was wondering if eating avocados, olive and avocado oil, and supplementing Ca, Mg, Zn along with liquid chlorophyll will prevent me from seeing the normalized hunger cues carnivore touts as one of its many benefits?
    Are avocados off limits only for those with auto-immune conditions?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you have on this!
    Thank you in advance,


  4. Hi Dr. Stock,
    I am doing CD and was incredible disciplined the first 2 months with great success (outside of the diarrhea) which doesn’t bother me really. But then i had a cheat day. Surprisingly the cheat day was not a set back and i continued with Carnivore diet for another month with no problem. I noticed that my cheat day was filled with sugar and breads but not fruits and veggies or other plant based foods (and i realize bread and sugar is plant based).
    and then had another cheat day. Today im having my third cheat day but with only 10 days within my last cheat meal. I feel as if im adapted to the carnivore diet but i have 2 questions:

    1. Are the cheat days ok if i can control them and they aren’t causing any adverse effects (that im aware of)? Usually pizza and cookies or some other sweats.

    2. I add a good bit of extra sharp cheddar cheese to my carnivore meals which consist mainly of groud chuck, eggs, bacon, ribeye. I love cheese and it makes the carnivore diet much more satisfying for me. I’ve lost about 30 lbs. So far. Is it ok that im incorpoating so much cheese in my diet? I stopped drinking milk (which i love) altogether because of the cheese.

    Mike Dechert

    1. Appetite fluctuations are very common early on (I was ravenous for a couple weeks, and loss of appetite for a couple weeks) – just takes some time to regulate

  5. Hi Kevin, if you can send me that, that would be awesome.

  6. Thanks Kevin, i do get your newsletter so i look forward to reading that.

  7. Thanks so much Kevin for your answer! Just also wondered your thoughts on acidic versus alkaline environments and because meat is acidic and bacteria and viruses supposedly love acidity….how can i either not feel this is an issue or if it is an issue for killing lyme and mold etc… keep alkaline to mitigate the meat acidity? Is the baking soda and water totally fine, any other ideas….or in your opinion or the research you have seen, is there a reason this isn’t a concern?
    Thanks and Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Sean – I am currently writing on this in my “Protein and the Carnivore Diet” article that is going to be out soon. If you get my newsletter – I’ll send it your way when it’s complete.

  8. Hey Dr. Kevin,

    I’ve been reading up about and researching carnivore for several months and decided I’m going to give it a go come first payday in January when I’ll be able to stock up on organic level 1 groceries for the first month before moving to level 3.
    Even talked to my family doctor and got my first round of blood work done. All good!
    It was shocking seeing my family doc not think I’m crazy at all because I warned him before telling him about the plan he was going to! Even went into carbs, anti-nutrients, how I feel about gluten that it may not be having a positive effects on everyone, not just people with a sensitivity diagnosis. Had a nice talk about the nutrition data and how little we actually know. We saw eye to eye on everything, but couldnt actually give a recommendation or medical advice to do so due to lack of hard long term data, ethics, totally understable.
    He’s done plenty of keto on and off and it actually turns out his wife is reading Dr. Shawn Bakers book, and he’s never met someone or a patient whose actually done it so he’s excited to see how it goes.

    I do have a question though.

    I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a month or so, and I wont be able to eat solids. Definitely thinking of putting it off until 6 weeks for extra adaptation time to get through the roughest patch, but I’ll have to get them pulled and I cant find any information on a carnivore soft food or liquid diet while I heal. So I was wondering what foods you can think of?

    I really only can think of yogurt and butter as soft enough, but stick after stick of butter sounds unappetizing, and yogurt would definitely take me out of ketosis I’m assuming, plus I haven’t been able to locate any information online about this issue, and would really appreciate any advice you could give!

    1. I love when I hear about docs like that!

      That’s a good question about the wisdom teeth. In my experience, you might have a day or 2 of trouble, but I really don’t think eating meat is going to be a big issue.
      The 1st few days you can go with things like eggs, tender meats and seafood, and I don’t think you’ll have much of an issue.

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