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The Carnivore Diet – Symptoms and Cures

Symptoms and Cures when Starting the Carnivore Diet

You may experience significant symptoms when getting adapted to The Carnivore Diet.

In this article, I’ll review common symptoms and some tips and tricks to overcoming these.

Getting Started on The Carnivore Diet

Often, nearly always, when you start a Carnivore Diet, you will experience adverse symptoms and side effects. It is what I affectionately call the “Trough of Despair” or the “Trough” for short.

This is the adaptation period.

The symptoms you experience is your body’s natural response to carbohydrate restriction and the elimination of addictive agents and chemicals.

Carnivore Diet Symptoms

Common Symptoms Include:

Brain fog, headache, chills, sore throat, digestive issues, dizziness, irritability, bad breath/smells, bad taste in mouth (metallic), dry mouth, cravings (sugar!), muscle soreness, jaw soreness, nausea, diarrhea, poor focus, and decreased performance, energy, and drive, cramping, rapid heart rate, insomnia, night sweats, and nocturia (peeing a lot at night), hot or cold,

I sat on a toilet for a week AND I had been on a low carb diet for 20 years.

If you are coming from a ketogenic (keto) or high fat/low carb diet (HFLC), the transition is generally easier (but there are still symptoms you need to be aware of!) than someone coming from a Standard American Diet (SAD – yes it’s sad for a reason) that is high in carbohydrates.

These symptoms are a result of your body undergoing major metabolic and hormonal changes.

What’s Going On?

The 3 Major Adaptations

If you decide to venture into experimenting with The Carnivore Diet there are 3 major adaptations that your body is going to undergo.

1. Fluid Rebalancing

Since you are eating fewer carbs, your insulin levels drop, which sends a signal to the kidneys to release sodium from the body.

Losing 10 lbs of water in a couple days is not uncommon as water follows sodium out of the body.

Glycogen is then converted to glucose as the last energy usage before switching to mainly fatty acids.

2. Transitioning from Sugar to Fat for Energy

As your body switches from burning mainly sugar to fat for energy, your body needs to make many modifications on the way.

Your amount of suffering (or lack thereof) depends on your metabolic flexibility. This is your body’s ability to adapt to different fuel sources, which depends on a number of factors including genetics, and especially how you ate prior.

If you have been accustomed to eating a lot of high carbohydrate foods, it can feel a lot like giving up other addictions (nicotine, cocaine, etc.)

3. Hormone Response and Rebalancing

As a couple example of hormones responding and rebalancing, let’s look at thyroid hormone and cortisol.

T3 thyroid hormone levels may decrease. T3 is a hormone produced by the thyroid that is closely connected with dietary carbohydrates. It plays a major role in regulation of body temperature, metabolism, and heart rate.

Cortisol plays many crucial functions in the body, including regulating blood sugar and controlling inflammation. During this transition, your body thinks, “I’m starving for sugar,” causing a release of cortisol to increase blood glucose. This is a natural sympathetic stress response, also known as “flight or fight” to go hunt for food.

Adaptation: Carnivore Diet Symptoms and Cures

You can dramatically lessen and perhaps even eliminate most of the suffering in the “Trough” by using some tricks to help bridge your body to the adapted state of bliss.

6 Tricks and Tips to Limit Or AVOID the “Trough”

1. Eat more meat.

Under-eating is the #1 Reason people unnecessarily suffer.

Carnivore Diet Symptoms and Cures

Early on, it’s common to feel extremely hungry. Eat.

Don’t try and restrict calories or track macros. Don’t worry about gaining fat in the beginning. If it happens let it (we can remove it later – see Masterclass at the end)

2. Hydrate

Carnivore Diet Symptoms and Cures

Make sure you are drinking water. No need to overdo it (that can exacerbate the situation) but you need to stay hydrated.

After adaptation, you drink to thirst (no need to measure/monitor) but if you are not feeling good – make sure you are hydrating.

3. Electrolytes

As you lose a lot of excess water, you also lose a lot of electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride.

Supplemental electrolytes can help immensely.

Salt your meat generously during this adaptation period.

This is adequate for some people.

Other people need some help by adding in the other electrolytes (like potassium and magnesium).

You have a couple options:

  1. Drink Meaty Bone Broth – In addition to water and sodium, this will give you some potassium which will offset some of the discomfort caused at a cellular level.
    • It’s important that the bones have some meat on them because that’s where the potassium is.
  1. Supplement – I recommend LMNT, best electrolyte supplement on the market.

Supplemental Electrolytes Daily Ranges:

  • Potassium K+: 500 – 3500 mg/day (start with 1g – K+ chloride)
  • Magnesium Mg: 250-500 mg/day (magnesium citrate) – If you need help getting the bowels moving along, this will also help (more about GI issues next).
  • Sodium Na: 2-7g/day (5g is a good starting point – I stick with a high quality salt like Redmond’s Real Salt)

4. Solving GI Problems

Gastrointestinal (GI) issues are extremely common, especially if you are coming from a low fat diet.

Even though you are ready to dive all in, your gallbladder and pancreas might not be ready to handle the increased fat intake. When first starting you may have inadequate bile and lipase to digest the increased fat intake. This leads to diarrhea and all kinds of GI distress.

One solution: You can reduce how much fat you’re eating by choosing leaner cuts of meat. I don’t recommend this approach. This will simply prolong the adaptation period. Translation = you will suffer far longer than you need to.

Much Better Solution: Supplementing for 2-4 weeks

Supplement Solution:

Start with a simple lipase supplement taken a few minutes BEFORE meals.

It freed me from the toilet after spending two weeks married to it.

  • Start with 1 tablet and if you still have some discomfort go to 2.
    • 6,000 lipase activity unites LU

For most people, lipase alone does the trick. However, some people need to exogenous bile.

Ox bile + lipase, taken with meals, is your next step.

Your final step, if still having GI issues, especially, if they are GERD/acid reflux related is to help the stomach. Many people produce inadequate stomach acid to facilitate digestion and proper metabolic signaling. Yes. It’s low stomach acid that results in GERD, Heartburn, Acid Reflux.

A Betaine HCl supplement is the answer. Don’t take this with anti-inflammatories which could result in ulcers. It should automatically include pepsin in it, but worth checking just to make sure. Common dosage range between 3-5g/meal.

Supplements are a BRIDGING STRATEGY – NOT A LONG TERM NEED. The goal is to be off all of these after the first month. They let your body catch up.

Rendered Fat

For some people, the type of fat is what causes the GI distress.

If the previously mentioned supplements don’t help, then you may need to remove rendered fats.

Rendered fat is fat that is cooked out of meats and becomes liquid.

For example, if you don’t handle rendered fats well, drinking the liquid fat in the skillet after cooking is a recipe for disaster (pants).

One Last Note On Poop Problems

You will likely notice that your bowel movement schedule changes. It’s very common to go less frequently. Much less frequently. Don’t worry you’re not constipated, and it’s normal. Volume also tends to decrease. Your body absorbs and uses meat very efficiently. Not a lot goes to waste.

Lastly, since it is very common to go less often, with less volume (meat is absorbed extremely efficiently!) some people mistaken this as constipation. However, some people do need help getting things moving along early on and Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Hydroxide can aid in bowel movements.

5. Sleep

As someone who has treated many patients with sleep disorders, I can tell you one thing for certain, if you get good shut eye, everything else in your life will be better.

Insomnia is common during adaptation, and since you are purging water, nocturia is also an interrupter. A few hacks that help:

Sleep hacks:

  • Keep your room pitch black (blackout curtains, cover LEDs) and COOL
  • Start winding down 2 hours before bed (no screens or at the least put them in night mode)
  • Don’t eat within a few (3-4) hours of sleep if you can help it
  • Be conscious how much you are drinking later in the day
  • Be asleep before 11 (a cortisol spike happens if you are not asleep around this time)

6. Sweat

Exercise helps.

Sweating is a natural detox mechanism.

Since you are finally giving your body the nutrition it has been craving, you give it the opportunity to expel toxins. Give your body a hand and help it detox by getting some exercise and sweating.

Athletic and Training Performance

Athletic and training performance almost always decreases for anywhere between 1 and 6 months, before you find a whole new level.


Besides the metabolic and hormonal changes mentioned, you may also experience alterations in what I call “Brain Changes” that occur along the “brain-body highway” a  signaling control system between the gut and the brain.

This communication highway influences everything from hormones to neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA that play huge roles in mood, cravings, and addiction.

Not unlike many drug addictions, you may go through withdrawal symptoms from foods or other substances (especially sugar) which you have become physically and neurologically addicting.

Cravings are common and the best solution is to make sure you are eating enough fatty meat. Not eating enough meat and eating meat that is too lean are the top mistakes.

In the gut (a hub in the brain-body highway) the microbiome is undergoing a battle and large shift where the “good bacteria” are growing and populating and the “bad bacteria” are starting to die off. These bad bacteria that thrive on sugar are being starved, and they are going to do everything they can to try and get you to eat sugar, especially via sending you strong cravings. If you stay strong, starve the bad guys, the cravings will die with them.

Carnivore Diet Symptoms and Cures: COMMIT

This is an experiment you have to commit to.

If the commitment is loose, I’d recommend waiting until you find a burning desire or some urgency.

Most people experience adaptation symptoms which can range from annoying to a certainty that you are going to die.

There are also psychological and social pressures you have to overcome.

Commit by knowing why you want to experiment and always keep in mind the pot of gold that just might be on the other side of the rainbow.

To learn more about how to transition to a meat-based / Carnivore diet and avoiding the biggest pitfalls, I highly recommend watching the Meat Health Masterclass:

Was this article helpful?

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  1. Will not have a gallbladder cause any issues with the carnivore diet?

    1. Hi Randy, great question. Many people who have had their gallbladder removed eat a carnivore diet without any issue. It may take a bit longer for the body to get adapted depending on the previous diet, however.

  2. I think at week six, I am experiencing these symptoms. Is that normal? Isn’t usually earlier?

    1. Usually they do appear earlier. Depending on your symptoms may not be diet related. Also, straying from the diet can cause symptoms to be drawn out longer.

    2. Third day. Last night i eat chicken liver. Today i have headache, rapid heart beat and feeling vomiting.

        1. I still have jaw pain and headaches 4 months later. So much so that I’m considering Botox for tmj symptoms. What could be causing this?

          1. Often a result of grinding, clenching (poor sleep, especially associated with obstructive sleep apnea) – I’d recommend talking with a specialty dentist in TMD / sleep apnea. Stress is also a major cause.

      1. Yes. I couldn’t eat beef so i tried chicken liver. I ate a lot of it.
        I took a coffee with honey not sugar and the vomiting faded but still heart rapid beat.

        1. Ditch the coffee. So obvious that this a plant toxin.

          1. Thank you for this information. My husband and I have been on the carnivore diet for 9 days. We are doing great, with not many side effects so far. However, I suddenly have swollen lymph nodes and a mildly sore throat. Should I be concerned?

        2. Honey IS sugar. Your withdrawal symptoms went away and you felt better because you fed your body a big dose of carbs to get through carb withdrawal.

          Just like an alcoholic having a shot of vodka to get through detox. Lol

  3. I was ultra low carb keto then started to move towards only carnivore before going on an extended fast. When I break the fast I want to refeed with bone broth and then only eat carnivore, I’m hoping this will make the transition to carnivore easier. Many have said you really can’t eat meat too soon after a fast as it’s too hard on the stomach. Any thoughts on this?

    1. I can’t speak too much on extended fasts; however, meat is extremely efficiently digested via the small intestines. My guess would be meat would be the best thing to eat after an extended fast. Maybe keep that first meal a bit light, but I think after that you should be good to go!

      1. Thanks so much. I stopped my fast due to exacerbated hypothyroid symptoms (body temp was 34.8c). I take thyroxine. I saw that many said keto could be a bad idea for t3, what about carnivore though? Which, I guess is not technically keto? I am seeing my gp, but the knowledge on this is tricky. (Btw sushimi went down very well as first main meal after bone broth!)

        1. I don’t know if I would say keto is bad for hypothyroid, but I have seen that several people improved the condition on a carnivore diet. It often is a result of an autoimmune response that can be a result of eating inflammatory foods/leaky gut/plant-based protective mechanisms. I’d say worth a 90 day experiment 🙂

  4. I started on the ZeroCarb diet late Feb and loved it right away. It calmed all my IBS symptoms within a day. Then about week 3 i started getting acid reflux/GERD related symptoms like this article talks about. I have never experienced this and now it is full blown into a feeling in my throat that something is stuck. Super annoying. Can you elaborate a little bit about what happened in my body and exactly what i should do now? Thank you!

    1. I find it is often a result of the type or quantity of fat. For example, too much pork bacon is troublesome for many or too much rendered fat grease from a burger. Generally, just draining off the rendered fat solves the problem. If you had issues with GERD in the past or had low stomach acid, an HCl + pepsin supplement can be helpful for awhile.

      1. What ratio of HCI to pepsin would you recommend? Thank you!

        1. If needed (most people don’t need to take this but helps some adapt) I’d just follow the one mentioned in the 30 day guide (you can download it on the left)

      2. What are the best sources of fat for beginners… i have 15% minced beef and minced lamb but drain the fat off, would that make it too lean… ive tried having butter and raw suet on weel 3 my stools just turned to water that i had to take immodium i need to gain weight on this woe and not loose more. Any advise as water and food seem to both be stimulating the bathroom runs

        1. It would only be “too lean” if you eat in consistently and aren’t feeling like you have the energy you need.
          I generally recommend sticking with the fat from the meat and not adding a bunch of fats unless it is needed for some reason.
          If you continue to have issues, I’d recommend checking out Meat Health Academy where we go in depth about all this, including what you might need to do to keep the weight on you want. (https://academy.meat.health)
          And I’d definitely recommend watching the Masterclass: https://meat.health/masterclass/

    2. “Audrey
      4 months ago

      I started on the ZeroCarb diet late Feb and loved it right away. It calmed all my IBS symptoms within a day. Then about week 3 i started getting acid reflux/GERD related symptoms like this article talks about. I have never experienced this and now it is full blown into a feeling in my throat that something is stuck. Super annoying. Can you elaborate a little bit about what happened in my body and exactly what i should do now? Thank you!”

      Audrey, try to stay off too much water. What I do is not have water for 30mins before my meal and 2-3hrs after. Someone else had this issue and that’s what worked for them.

    3. If you are consuming cream it could be from 407/carrageenan. Turned out for me was a reaction to that. Although you posted a year ago I put this out there because it took me years to figure it out. All it felt like was that something was stuck in my throat as well, became worse after eating. Took a week staying away from 407 for the feeling to completely disappear.

    4. I am on week 2 of carnivore. Thinking about giving up because my IBS-D which was once a week is now every day. So frustrating because I can’t go anywhere. Afraid to have an accident

      1. Don’t give up!!! It took me about 14 or 15 days to get over the “bathroom” symptoms, but you wil be amazed at how great you feel aftet you have adapted to this diet. I have only been on this diet for a little over 2 months, and I feel awesome! I’ve lost 27 pounds, anxiety gone…it is a “natural high” for me. I am never going back to the way I ate before…….you can do this girlie!!!

  5. Great reading! I’m experiencing a really bad diarrhoea which is making me considering going back to my keto diet of 2 % carbs, 18% protein and 80% fat. My macros on carnivore are approximately 27% protein and the rest is fat. Is the fat percentage still too high? Strange if it is considering the previous fat intake on keto. I’ve been trying carnivore for nearly a week and I don’t want to quit, but my gut issues are affecting everything at this point. No gym, no social activities, no grocery shopping even.

    1. My guess would be that it is the rendered fat that is giving you issues. I would be sure to drain off the cooked fat, and I wouldn’t add fat to anything, just stick with the meat. If you are still having any issues than I’d recommend checking out the 30-day guide to going full carnivore. There are some supplements that can help with the digestion in the early going. The other thing it could be is that you are coming from a high fiber diet which absorbed all the water – that is typically the job of the colon which gets “lazy” after awhile of non-use, so it may just take a bit for it to get onboarded to doing its job again.

  6. I’ve lived by the principle of eating protein in a timely manner after workouts. Does carnivore affect this? Would it be optimal for me to eat immediately after my workout, or is it okay to wait a few hours?

    1. The “anabolic window” has been shown to be a much bigger window than most thought. It’s perfectly fine to wait a few hours after workouts before eating (there is evidence that waiting at least 30 minutes after a workout is optimal from a digestive stand point).

  7. What digestive enzymes did you take when starting? It looked like there should be a link or picture above? But didn’t see one. Thanks for the great resource!

    1. You are right – I need to fix that!

      Have you downloaded the 30-Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore (you can grab it at the bottom of this page)? There are links to it in there. In the meantime, I’ll get these links working on the page 🙂

    2. Hi, my husband and I both decided to start the carnivore diet together because we are both morbidly obese with diabetes. The diet is going great for my husband, but 6 days in I can barely stomach any food. Tuna is about all I can stomach and that isn’t going well. I’ve begun experiencing horrible dizzy spells, nausea and severe diarrhea. I’ve lost 18 pounds in that 16 days and as grateful as I could be for losing weight that fast I know it’s because I can’t eat. I’m at my wits end and desperate. I don’t want to let my husband down when he is doing so well.

      1. Sounds like you haven’t read the 30 day guide which you can download on this website – that’s where I think you’ll find most/all your answers 🙂

  8. Ive been doing this for 4 days now.

    High fat ground beef and bacon has given me epic non stop diahrea.

    Aside from the above i have been surviving on an assortment of steaks and tuna.

    Im not sure about eating organ meat because ive never eaten it before.

    If i cut out the rendered fats and continue without organ meat, would you say id be ok?

  9. A couple years ago I had a stool sample test show I have ascaris; roundworms. My understanding is these parasites live in the small intestine. Since I learned of this problem I’ve tried numerous remedies, both herbal and pharmaceutical, but nothing has worked to kill the worms. Is there a chance the carnivore diet might be able to help force this parasite out of my intestinal tract?

    1. Unfortunately I’m just not that familiar with ascaris, and so don’t feel qualified to answer. But if nothing has worked, I feel it may be worth a try.

  10. I’ve been taking only meat/ghee//butter/eggs/cheese for ten days now and although i’ve adapted fairly well otherwise, my hemorrhoids flared up today. Its not too serious but should I be worried? Ive pooped only thrice in the last ten days.

    1. It’s not uncommon for previous issues to flare up before resolving. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 3 bowel movements in 10 days is completely normal (your body absorbs meat very efficiently). It may be worth going without dairy for a bit to see if that improves things.

  11. I’m on day 13 of carnivore. The last two days I have transitioned to OMAD not because I wanted to per se but because I was only hungry once during the day. I have been trying keto for two years and just couldn’t make it stick but carnivore is a breeze! BUT the loose stool is beyond. Good news it’s only once or twice a day. I don’t really feel like it horrible diarrhea if that makes sense cause it isn’t often but it’s unpleaseant!! I’m guessing it is the fat from what I’ve read and researched (though I was mostly HFLC before). I ordered lipase today from your above recommendations. Other than this I feel better than I have ever felt. How long should I give the lipase? Will the adaptation be complete at that point? Thanks!!!

    1. The lipase should help significantly. I’d gradually reduce the amount you take over a month or so (by then you should be fat-adapted). Other adaptations can take more/less time, but the fat digestion generally takes just a few weeks.

  12. I have had excessive diarrhea on Keto & im struggling to get into Ketosis/lose weight consistently. Will the lipase help with more consistent weight loss?

    1. Hi Heather sorry to hear about the struggle.

      The bowel issues are likely from getting “fat-adapted” and lipase will help you digest the fat better. Lipase isn’t going to help you lose weight though (and either is being in ketosis necessarily). Without getting to technical here, ketosis means you are burning fat for energy, but if you are eating more energy than you are using then you won’t lose fat.

      I think this article can help explain a bit better: https://www.kevinstock.io/health/fat-loss-and-the-carnivore-diet/

      1. Hello Dr. Stock. I had a biliopancreatic Diversion with duodenal switch in 2004. I was 125kg before the surgery and now I weight 65kg., But I still have a lot of fat that i Carry around especially in hips, thighs, legs and arms. I also have big issues with DVT and I was wondering If a carnivore diet will help me lose my remaining body fat and imprioove my pheripheral circulation? Thanks a lot!

        1. Hi Cristiana, I’d recommend reading all the guides on this website (you can download them all for free) which will give you all the context and information you need regarding these questions.

  13. Great article! Thank you 🙂
    I have been having issues with fast heartbeat and a higher rate of hair loss on carnivore. Would that be due to the hormone responses and rebalancing? Only started about 6 weeks though, maybe coz of the occasional “vege decorations” i was eating.
    Have been carnivore 90% of the time past 2 months. Yesterday i ate some salad with my omelette at a restaurant and paid for it “MAJOR” in the toilet!! Has never happened to me before prior to going carnivore 🙁 Could it be my gut not being used to that amount of fiber?

    1. Yes the heart rate increase during adaptation is a common symptom, though I’ve not heard / seen cases of hair loss (actually the opposite, and color returning to hair…)

      And yes at a restaurant it’s hard to know what all is in the food / what they are cooking with.

  14. Hi Doc

    Great information, thank you.

    I started the diet a week ago. I work on oil rigs all over the world and as such I don’t have total control of meat preparation. For example, last night all that was on offer was glazed ham. I tried to get as much of the sugar off as possible but ultimately not all of it. I figured that eating the fat was more important than eating the little bit of sugar. Is this correct?

    Furthermore, the staple diet of the country I am in now is pork. Lots of pork. Will this slow the rate at which ketosis kicks in? I think I have dropped about 500 grammes in body fat – so far so good.

    Thanks in advance for you response all your replies above.

    1. Hey Mike, doing the best you can with what you got is all you can do. I wouldn’t worry about fat (macros) or calories or ketosis. You will likely be in varying levels of ketosis naturally, without going out of your way to add fats. That said, if you feel low energy, maybe try and eat a fattier cut your next meal.

      Pork is fine as long as you tolerate it fine (some people don’t do well on pork).

      Hope this makes sense / helps!

  15. I’m on day ten. Experiencing all these symptoms! It is so bad that sometimes I really feel like I want to die. Today I cannot even get out of bed. My body is I excruciating pain, making every other symptom feel so much worse. Q: will drinking chronic medication for Thyroid and depression make adaptation take longer? And will pain and nausea meds also do that? – It has been 10 days of hell. But I haven’t buckled, yet.

    1. Hi Karen, sorry to hear about the struggle. I would make sure you are getting your electrolytes and if it’s digestive problems I would try some digestive supplements (like lipase) and maybe go to leaner cuts for a couple meals. Medications can influence adaptation but you need to talk to your doc before going to adjust anything. I have a feeling there is light at the end of the tunnel (which is near!) Let me know if I can help further.

      1. Thank you. Yes, digestive definately. I’ve had many years experience with digestive issues, so I can sort of handle it. Nausea and vomiting not so pleasant though. But the aches in my joints and myscles are really the worst. And it feels like every lymph node in my body is inflamed somehow. I’m holding on for dear life and don’t want to give in to other foods. I’m desperate for health to return and weight-loss is now more important than ever as doctors are pressing me for bariatric surgery. I’m not interested to go that route at all.
        Seeing that I am particularly nauseated today, would it be ok to not eat, even though I feel hungry as well?

        1. Yes I know some people will fast early on to help get through symptoms. You can also go towards a smaller meals if that helps.

  16. Hi Kevin,

    I’m 8 weeks ZC.
    Physically I feel fine and haven’t really had any adaption issues so far.
    But mentally, I’m really have been experiencing this sad feeling. Like I can’t find any joy in anything. Nothing else except my dieet has really changed and I haven’t really felt this way before…
    I’m sure I eat enough (have been tracking).

    Any ideas?

    1. While most people experience the opposite (finding mental health that had been elusive for so long), I have heard some people mention this. Almost always it’s just a short phase that passes as they get more adapted. My best guess is that microbiome and hormonal changes that accompany the adaptation period are responsible. Sorry I don’t have any better advice and perhaps being patient and letting the changes run their course.

      1. Hi Dr. Kevin and John (from the above comment about feeling sad),

        I can offer a different perspective on the sad feelings you, John, and others are experiencing along with other unexplained emotions that may arise as you change/heal your gut and body. My boyfriend/partner and I have just shifted this week from 3 months of Keto to Carnivore – strict for me for health reasons although some dairy this week as I transition. My partner is struggling and sad is one of his symptoms. I have extensive training and many years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, psychic medium, healer and therapeutic massage therapist (LMT). Your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and your chakras shift and heal as your physical body changes and heals. Childhood memories may surface, past trauma, patterns, and attachments will be released and old energies shifted. You are changing your core physical body and all the energy bodies change too! 🙂 Old stored fat may release emotion as it becomes fuel for the body or is simply burned off. The belly is the seat of our emotions and you are changing everything about your gut and digestive system so it is natural for emotion to arise. Your emotions serve as a guidance system and may signal you to make a change energetically. Some suggestions I can offer from our personal experience on this journey and from my experience working with clients:
        1. Get regular therapeutic massage! And/or chiropractic work or acupuncture. Massage moves lymph and eliminates toxins from the body, boosts immune system and reduces stress. Lots of health benefits to bodywork!!
        2. Energy work such as Reiki, chakra balancing, shamanic illumination, soul retrieval, crystal healing and other energy therapies will help shift the physical and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
        3. Walking, yoga, tai chi, dance, stretching, meditation are all very beneficial and gentle ways of dealing with sadness and other emotions.
        4. Go barefoot on the earth – on your lawn or patio! Sit next to or lean against or hug a tree. The electromagnetic energy of the earth is very healing and centering/grounding. Trees are very calming!
        5. Breathwork – so many paths here – and can elicit rapid change so start slow here.
        6. Talk with a trusted friend or partner or clergy (if applicable) – in a safe space of nonjudgement.
        I hope this perspective helps. We are all very focused on what food with which to fuel our body and brain and heal our gut. We forget that as we toss the healing stone (changing our diet) into the lake (our entire physical body and energy systems), the stone sends waves and ripples through the lake to all the shoreline (all our bodies are affected in some way)! Kudos to all who are exploring Carnivore and abundant gratitude to people like you Kevin, who guide us and share their wisdom gained from their own journey with Carnivore.

        1. Carol thank you so much for taking the time to share this with everyone!

          Grateful to have people like you fill this community 🙂

        2. First week of diet. Experiencing cravings and body weakness. But all makes sense to me. Even warned my gf before I started that I may seem grumpy for a few weeks while going through sugar withdrawal. But Carol! Your perspective was so enlightening I almost teared up reading it. Thank you so much for that little bit of extra knowledge. I’m usually against “chakra energy work“ and dismiss it. I’ve had my fair share of shamanic experiences, and metaphysical thoughts. But your input was extremely helpful for my mind. Thank you!

        3. Thank you Carol. This was very beautiful, helpful and comforting to read. I am experiencing some strange emotional and energy symptoms while I heal and release through this new way of eating and your explanation makes a lot of sense to me.

    2. I had this at 8 wks too! And I was really surprised, because I thought this diet was going to cure my mood problems. But I felt a cloud of sadness, depression follow me everywhere. Like a piece of me, the part that enjoys life, was missing. This may sound weird, but I found something that gave me IMMEDIATE relief. Like the black cloud was lifted. I took a coffee enema. I know. Crazy! But it worked. For a while, I would take coffee enemas every other day or so, whenever I felt the sadness coming on. My mood has gradually become more stable and I don’t feel nearly as sad. And I even take a coffee enema once or twice a week just because I like the way I feel after. But I’m not depressed anymore.

      1. Yes. Coffee enema’s make my mood just feel light. I just began the Carnivore diet and enemas help with the headaches for some reason. I do two clear water enemas with a little sea salt first to clear out fecal matter. Then I do two very large volume/liquid coffee enemas as much as I can get in my system. By time I am done, whew……I feel great. I do them before bedtime and I get great sleep as I feel so cleansed. The coffee does not make you stay awake. Don’t drink any, just use it for the enema.
        Super easy once you get a few of them done. After you have a few under your belt, it is not time consuming at all. Enemas and preparation is a breeze once you figure out how to do them and how and where you will be administering. I do them in my bed on a made bed, with towels on top of my bedding…..close to a bathroom of course. I actually am doing them tonight. I just made the coffee and it is cooling on my oven as I type.

      2. I’ve had my depression worsened every time I stopped putting a toxin in my body. I “feel” like it’s toxins purging and they always passed. Drinking/smoking/weed/sugar/carb etc. My joints would also ache, head would pound. I also had these symptoms if I would go on an extended fast. I “feel” it is simply your body shoving these toxins out of your body paired with withdrawal.

  17. I get Dizzy, and at some point my right arm get numb a bit, is that normal? Some chest disconfort too.

    1. Hi Jean, during adaptation there is a large fluid re-balancing where these symptoms are common. I would recommend an electrolyte supplement as keeping these up tends to help.

      1. Thank You, would it be enought if i consume more salt ?

        1. That will probably help. And I would probably include some magnesium and maybe some potassium. There are numerous products where you can get a good mixture.

  18. I only have one perfectly functioning kidney. I’d like to give the Carnivore diet a shot, what are your thoughts?

  19. I have just started the carnivore diet (about 2-3 weeks) and I still like to have one cup of coffee a day, the thing is I have to have sugar in it or it tastes awful (and I use oatmilk). Is this ok? or should I try to cut out the coffee completely.

    1. Hey Dean, I would really recommend getting rid of the sugar and oatmilk.

      I do recommend people cut coffee at some point (for some period of time) as sometimes this makes all the difference (not necessarily right at the beginning as that can be a tall ask – killing coffee addiction and adaptation symptoms as the same time).

      Many people add coffee back in and do just fine, but many people do better without.

    2. Hello Dean,

      I know you were asking Dr. Stock, but im a bit of a coffee geek and couldnt resist.

      Also, I apologize for the very late response, but if you still want to enjoy coffee, you should do some research on higher quality coffee.

      If you buy really good coffee beans (Dean’s Beans, Intelligentsia, Black Rifle, Broadsheet, etc.), get a decent burr grinder, grind the amount of beans you need for one cup at a time, and make your coffee as a pour over, a cold brew or in a French press, it will taste delicious with nothing added.

      When it comes to coffee, we should focus on quality over quantity. If your coffee tastes bad black and unsweetened, it’s low quality coffee.

      I realize some of these coffees are expensive. But, by following this advice, and drinking just one cup every few days, you’ll actually improve your health, reset caffeine sensitivity, and enjoy the taste of black coffee.

      Plus, the pricier coffees will be more affordable, since you’ll save money by not drinking it every day, plus not buying sweeteners and milk/cream/milk substitutes.

      I spend an average of 12 to 18 bucks for a bag of Intelligentsia coffee beans, and lasts me about a month, because I drink one cup every 2-4 days.

      Its definitely worth a shot, if you still wanna enjoy coffee and get sugar out of your diet.

  20. Thank you so much for these tips. I’ve attempted the carnivore diet a handful of times in the past 8 months, but have never lasted because I struggled to make it through the adjustment phase. The lipase supplement has been a god send so far! And I’ve got the ox bile ready just in case!

  21. Any thoughts on a sore lower back right side after three weeks of carnivore. Eating mostly scotch fillet, lamb, eggs, drinking tea and coconut butter several times a week.

    Toileting is normal. No discomfort.

    1. Perhaps it’s diet related / adaptation symptom; perhaps from sitting/working out/sleeping/or any other of myriad potential causes.

      I’d give it a couple weeks and see if it doesn’t resolve.

  22. Hey Kevin

    Definitely struggling in this second week.

    Feel like I have the flu and am kind of depressed. Feel like my anxiety is up and my ability to tolerate work-related stress etc is really diminished. I am sleeping loads as well and managing to get some exercise in to sweat out the bad stuff.

    I come from several years of Paleo and intermittent fasting. Lower carb than normal folks I would imagine but not low carb by any means.

    Toughing it out but damn…. I don’t feel great.

    On the sunny side – no GI issues and I am losing weight daily which was one of my key goals here. I am literally just having to crawl into bed at 8pm and punch my way through the day. I am telling everyone I am ill (not self inflicted).

    My wife thinks I am idiot. 😉


    1. Hey Mac, sorry to hear about the struggle – but this is not uncommon. Some people adapt easier/faster than others.

      Undereating is one of the biggest issues. You mentioned no GI issues which is great, but I’d equally make sure you are eating enough fatty cuts. Eating too lean early on is a recipe to feel terrible.

      Your wife will change her mind in time 🙂

  23. Hi Kevin,

    I’m also curious about the insulinogenic effects of all the meat/beef. There are some sources that say that beef raises insulin. Should we be concerned about the insulin? What’s your take on this?

    1. Yes beef raises insulin (just thinking of food can cause a release of insulin). But there is no reason to be concerned about this. Insulin isn’t bad, per se. In fact, it’s necessary. It’s hyperinsulinemia that is bad. I don’t think there is any reason to worry that an all meat diet could ever lead to hyperinsulinemia, in fact, quite the opposite – it is likely protective of such a disease.

  24. Hi, thanks for this site. I’ve been keto since mid January 2018, and very low carb for the past month or so. I started zero carb 3 days ago and am alarmed that I’m not hungry despite low caloric input. I’m eating beef, water and coffee with butter and mct oil. I’m having to force myself to get a decent amount of calories. I’ve lost all the weight I need to through keto and am trying zero carb for health. I can normally eat more than enough calories in a day. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    1. This is very common. Appetite tends to go up and down while getting adapted.

      I remember I was initially ravenously hungry, and then I had a few weeks of little appetite. I wouldn’t worry about it. If you feel your energy is low – use that as a signal to try and eat a bit more, but no need to force yourself to discomfort.

      Dropping the coffee and butter/mct could also help. This can overly suppress appetite for some people.

  25. Hi Kevin, I’m on day 28 and up again at night with insomnia. I’ve searched the internet far and wide but no one seems to mention reporting any ultra violent dreams? I constantly have super vivid nightmares of killing people, fighting off weird ghoulish beings that seem to be attacking me. Blood spills all over the place. My eyes are even blood shot red during the day and I feel high and spaced out lately. I have severe inflammation on the upper left side of my stomach area that is acting up more now than earlier. I’m coming from being 10 years ex-vegan/fruitarian and heavy psychedelic user. Perhaps these are all detox symptoms surfacing to be released from the blood? The dreams are really troubling I feel like I’m taking on a vampiric energy, it’s kind of scary. Any thoughts?

    1. So it sounds like you are coming from a pretty extreme background with long term veganism/fruitarian and drug use. And you are still fairly early in the adaptation period. This makes it very difficult/impossible to try and determine what is going on / what might help other than your body is going through massive changes/stimulus and symptoms should be expected. People often experience renewed dreaming as a function of better sleep (REM sleep) but the content of those dreams is more of a psychological nature (not so much food dependent) from my understanding of dreams. I would perhaps consult a psychologist about the dreams, and try and give the body a bit more time to adapt.

    2. I have found that often when I eat commercially processed beef (as opposed to grass fed, responsibly cared for beef) I can just about count on strange, scary dreams. Drink a lot of electrolyte water, take Epsom salts baths to relax and help with detox. And when I have those crazy, scary dreams, I say a prayer to boot 😊

  26. Hi,

    I’m 10 weeks ZC now.
    First 2 months I didn’t experience any problems nor any serious adaption symptoms.

    Previous week I started getting some diarreah and turned out to be sick.
    Heavy diarreah for 3 days , really tired, headaches and lots of muscle pains.

    It got better by the weekend but i have had small diarreah attacks every time I eat and since yesterday I feel really tired again and the diarreah is back full force.

    I eat beef, eggs, bacon and drink bone broth.
    Occasional coffee and dairy (eggs, cheese, milk since month 2).

    I should add I keep losing weight, while I’m following up on caloric intake and making sure I’m getting enough in…

    Any ideas?


    1. It could be a number of things. What I would do is:

      1. Limit water (and especially coffee!) around meals
      2. Limit/Watch out for rendered fats
      3. I would go without the cheese/milk

      I don’t think it’s fat adaptation (unless you significantly increases fats recently…) as you were good for 2 months – but you could try lipase and perhaps ox bile if it continues to see if that helps (you could also just try a bit leaner cuts of meat).

      This is why “Level 3” is in the 30 day guide – it can help you get to the bottom of it 🙂

      1. Thanks, I started beef/bacon and water only the first 30 days…

        I just really don’t like the weight loss.

  27. Background: I’ve been keto since 1/1/18; carnivore the wrong way, i.e. all vit/min supplements you mentioned, since 7/24/18, I’m F 63yo, 5’10” 155 lbs.

    I’m on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Will carnivore diet balance these hormones too? If so, when should I stop taking them?

    Had gallbladder removed 2000 (not addressed in download) and have been taking probiotics and enzymes for years. Should stop taking? Unclear as to which supplement should I use for digestion and diarrhea (lipase, betaine hcl, ox-bile)? I’ve been married to the bathroom for at least a month.

    Very excited about doing this write. Thank you!

    1. Great questions.

      1. I would work with your doctor on the hormones (perhaps monitor over time and adjust accordingly)

      2. Many people do carnivore just great without a gallbladder. Lipase and ox bile as digestive supplements are my recommendations to help as you get adapted. I’m not a big proponent of probiotics.

      All the best!

  28. Whew, good to know that voracious hunger is normal when starting carnivore! I was 100% satiated on keto and often couldn’t eat all my calories for the day, but today (Day 1 of full carnivore) I could have eaten a whole cow! I’m 69 years old, female, sedentary, hypothyroid and I weigh 135.5 lbs (lost 15 lbs on keto). Today I ate 121.4 gms of protein, 123.2 gms of fat and 7.4 gms of carbs (dairy). That’s 1620 calories… yikes! Well, let’s see what Day 2 brings tomorrow! 🙂

    1. A good sign your body was craving some nutrients 🙂

      Appetite can take a while to regulate, so it’s something to be patient with.

  29. I just started taking antibiotics for a sinus problem. Immediately i feel fatigued and low on drive/motivation.

    Does this sound normal for someone on a limited diet?

    1. Antibiotics have a major impact on gut microbiome. Lots of potential impacts of this (one of which may be a decrease in drive/motivation), which is why I would only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary.

      1. Its a pain. Ive had sinus problems since last year but have only been to the doctor about it in the last couple of weeks. I guess ill just have to wait it out.

        What are your thoughts on probiotics while on this diet?

        1. Another animal product to use is bee pollen. Lots of people see great help with their sinus issues

  30. Hello,
    can I ask you – how about joint pain, swollen hands and neck – lymh or thyroid (not sure). I had kidney failure month ago and Im 10 days in this woe. (I was one year on keto) I experienced pain in kidneys when I was eating keto, but when Im on carnivore, its OK, but I feel pain in every single joint in my body. I thought its gout. Even if not, and it would pass, can it be something that will stay in my joints forever?

    Also the swollen hand is on the right side as my kidney failure was. Isnt possible that its connected?

    Thank you for an answer, Caroline 🙂

    1. Hi Caroline, of course I can’t give you medical advice here and recommend you work with your nephrologist. But 10 days in is very early and you are likely going through adaptation symptoms that will resolve in time.

  31. on day 38. some days i feel like the worst days of adaptation are over and then other days it seems to come back(weak energy, elevated heart rate, sleep issues, dizziness). at what time frame would you personally say “this diet should be making me feel better not worse” and stop? this is like toward the end of week 5 for me. i was thinking 90 days. but now i am questioning that decision.

    1. Hey Andrew, sorry about the struggle. So different systems take different time periods to adapt. For example, people tend to get “fat-adapted” in maybe a few weeks but hormonal balancing can take a few months. It’s different for everyone. I remember it felt like I was going to have a foot cramp every night before I went to sleep for probably 8+ weeks. Of course, it got better. I think if you decide to stick it out 90 days, you’ll be glad you did.

  32. Hi. 78 days carnivore. I have been tired in the afternoons for the last three weeks. Also, during this time, I have been taking berberine, neem +, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil for a nasty case of SIBO. I have IBS-C. When I take too much Mg and herbal supplements to go, I can get the SIBO. I am doing better with the supplements. These could be making me tired, or just the SIBO itself.

    I also take the bile (no gallbladder), Betaine HCL, and digestive enzymes. I have been going through waves of candida die off. I was LCHF for a year and a half before, though not strict.

  33. HI there. I’ve been carnivore for about a month now and have experienced lightheadedness for about a week. I’ve made sure that i’m well hydrated to no effect. I have had brain fog. I have looked and felt physically better with the exception of this lightheadedness. Is this a common side effect? An electrolyte imbalance of sort?

    Thanks for the time

    1. It is common. It can be from a number of adaptation symptoms (perhaps lower blood pressure) – I would make sure you are getting adequate salt. Likely will just take a bit of time for hormonal systems to adjust.

  34. Hi Dr. Kevin,

    Thanks for all of this great info. About the second week of carnivore for me after 7+ years of being a vegetarian. Yes, I am experiencing some ups and downs, but nothing I can’t handle.

    My question is, you mentioned a couple of times in the comments about not being a fan of probiotics. I recently had a lot of oral surgery and had two rounds of major antibiotics, so I’m thinking my gut microbiome is wiped out. Not great in general and particularly not when I’m suddenly asking my gut to digest something it hasn’t in over 7 years. Would you say probiotics are okay to replenish or still no?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. That’s a good question. From the research I’ve done, I’m not convinced they will help. Will they hurt? Probably not (but perhaps they may interfere with a natural re-population). Wish I could give better advice on this, but I’m just not sure.

  35. Can you drink preworkouts and proteins shakes still after work outs.

  36. Hi I’m Day 31. Done well so far. Cut out coffee eggs and cheese today. Feeling quite sluggish and wondering how to get proper electrolytes into my system. Use pink salt, take vitamins, how much bone broth, how much magnesium citrate should I take daily.

    1. Cutting coffee can take a bit to overcome. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure here.
      You may not need supplemental electrolytes but if you want to try some, I have some recommended dosages in the 30 day guide (you can download that over on the left).

  37. I’ve been on Keto for most of the past 5 months and before that low carb, gluten and grain free mostly for 2 yrs. I think I’ve been meat only for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I’ve noticed that my heart is kinda racy, I’m really tired, kinda feeling anxious and a little bit depressed. Yesterday all I could think of was having some Mexican food, chips salsa & a Mexican Martini. CARB~FESTORAMA! Yes I made that up. Truly my go to crack food and something I allow myself to indulge in on a rare occasion. I just want to stay on track for as long as I can to see actual results. My motivation is to use this as an elimination diet to discover what it is that causes me stomach issue and joint pain. I know gluten and grains are not my friend but certain vegi’s may not be either and it’s super hard to know what it is when every night I am eating a fabulous healthy vegi filled salad. Could be celery, cucumber, red bell pepper, onion or my beloved romaine lettuce. Just not at all sure.
    ANYWAY looking to discover if it’s common to experience anxiety, depression, fatigue.

  38. Day 3 – Blood sugars are at 4.8, will this change and is there way of getting them up in he iterim?

    1. Well I’m not sure why you are measuring blood sugar (diabetic or just curious?) and is there a reason you want to raise it (not feeling good…) lot of variables here but in general I wouldn’t get caught up in measuring/monitoring things so early on. Lots of changes going on in the body and trying to tinker with things to hit certain numbers (whether it be blood sugar or what the scale says) is really not a useful exercise.

  39. Hi, I’ve been eating mostly carnivore for the past month and a half (I have occasionally eaten some salad greens or a little bit of sweet potato or a little salsa in my eggs). I eat bacon and eggs with coffee and half-n-half for lunch. Then for supper, I’ll either have about a pound of steak (ribeye, chuck-eye or t-bone) or 2/3 of a pound of 73/27 ground beef with a 1/4 pound of oscar mayer wieners (2), with mustard.

    Last week, I started having heartburn/acid reflux in the evening, so I stopped eating the rendered fat. I had some sour cream on my eggs one day and had heartburn after that, as well.

    I’ve been tracking my macros in myfitnesspal for the past week and I was actually surprised at how much I’m eating. I average around 2000 calories, (+/- 300). I eat around 100 grams of protein and around 150 grams of fat.

    Before trying carnivore, I was keto since June of this year. When I went keto, I lost about 5 pounds, then slowly over the next two months I dropped 5 more pounds. That’s it! My start weight was 198 and I got down to 188, but I keep going back up to around 190. Since switching to a more carnivore diet I haven’t lost any weight. I’m just hovering between 190-188. I’m 5’9″, 52 y.o. man.

    When I first went keto, I felt great. My achy joints felt better. I had more energy. I felt lighter, springy-er in my step. I was even doing a little sprinting around in my yard, barefoot. But then, later in the summer, I started feeling like my old self again. Joint pain, fatigue, blah. Since going more carnivore I feel even more blah. Aches and pains are still here. Low energy.

    Yesterday, while at the supermarket, I checked my blood pressure for the first time since before going keto. I was shocked to see that it was up! It was 135/86, with a pulse rate of 80! I thought surely since losing some weight and limiting carbs my bp would be low, not high!

    Any ideas what could be going on? Anything I should change? Do some people just not do well on carnivore? Thanks and sorry about the long comment.

    1. It’s hard to comment on “mostly” carnivore as “mostly” can be a vast difference from person to person.

      I’d recommend this as far as fat loss: https://www.kevinstock.io/health/fat-loss-and-the-carnivore-diet/

      And you are still so early (and not really started pure carnivore) so it’s hard to put blood pressure into context.

      If you haven’t read the 30 day guide, that’s where I’d recommend starting to help make sense of all this (you can grab it over there on the left).

  40. Hello

    I AM on this diet for one week now. 2 days ago started to feeling like ill, catch a flu. My eyes Hurts when turning them around. Is that a part of transistion ??

    1. I have had this before. Your adrenals are struggling. Make sure you are getting enough electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium). I make a pitcher of lemon salt water to drink and take magnesium at night.

  41. If I have Candida, and am going to start carnivore, would it be ok to take a Candida supplement (black walnut, Berberberine, grapefruit extract, olive leaf extract, burdock, goldenseal)

    Would manuka honey be ok on carnivore?

    Would colostrum be ok to take on carnivore? “Colostrum is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals immediately following delivery of the newborn.”. This is a supplement to heal leaky gut and improve athletic performance


      1. Thank you for the reply. I’m day 3 of carnivore. I AM FEELING SOO MUCH BETTER and satisfied than eating all sugar and carb diet. I’ve been keeping electrolytes in check fearing of the withdrawal but so far so good!

        I have more energy and bloating has reduced greatly! I’m going to hold off on supplements because I’ve been feeling great!

        The only thing is my bowel momenents, (they float from all the fat I’ve been having) which I read means lack of bile and my body isn’t absorbing the fat? I have been taking a digestive enzyme which has some lipase, ox bile and HCL. I will be tryng the ones you suggest since they’re stronger dosage. Waiting for them to arrive. Again, thank you!

  42. Water seems really important on this diet, now I’m not 100% meat only but it is pretty close… I’m in week 2-3 and water is the big issue for me. I thought I would go swimming and did a little over an hour swimming last night – and I forgot about water afterwards and got a headache. Which was really my fault – as I should have known better.

    So after coming home after a little over 4 hours afterwards I really had to get some water down. Then going to bed.
    Waking up today iv been drinking one bottle after another of water – overall I feel I have to drink a lot of water with the Meat. More meat eating = more water need to be downed.

    1. This is common early on, and I’d recommend making sure you are getting enough electrolytes.

      In time, many people find they need much less water. But listening to your thirst is the way to go.

  43. If I have a large meat meal in the evening I always wake up with burning eyes. What could be the cause of this? Poor digestion? Poor hydration?

  44. Hi Dr. Kevin,

    I have been on the carnivore diet for four weeks now. Dor the last 2 week I’ve only eaten steaks and salt.
    I have had most of the symptoms mentioned, specially insomnia, night sweats amd diarreah. Also I have put on about 6 pounds during the same period of time, which is weird because usually I have no problem losing weight while eating few or no csrbs.
    I wasn’t a meat eater since I read that red meat is not good for my blood type, which is A. What’s you opinion on this????

    Thanks Dr.

  45. Hey Doc Kevin,

    So ive been on the carnivore diet going into week 9 now. For the most part i have felt nothing short of amazing well particularly after about week 3.
    1 week ago my gf parted ways unexpectedly and well this week i have binged a few nights on chocolate. Like nearly every night. It has left me feeling the saddest i have ever felt in my life his week to the point i feel like i want to disappear.
    So my question is would it be the fact ive binged again on sugar which i havent done in 8 weeks really which has caused an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

    1. My impulse is that the combination of parting ways and feeling guilty for binging is compounding sadness.

      I think it’s important to know “life happens” and you are doing the best you can.

      Today’s a new day.

  46. Hi
    I’m on day 5 or carnivore and my hot flushes have intensified and seem to last for hours. I’ve never sweated so much (at rest) in my life!! I can’t stand it. Will this go?

    I eat meat (grass fed, live in UK) fish (wild no farmed) eggs (organic free range) cheese and sometimes add a splash of whole milk to my coffee. I do drink quite a bit of coffee but I have been doing that for 40 years. I’m 52 and desperately trying to lose weight. I feel hungrier than I thought I would as I’ve been peeing ketones since day 2. I seem to need quite a big meal to feel satiated. For example, I had 460g of ribeye steak for lunch and some cheese and ham for dinner. I cooked my steak in olive oil in the air fryer and then put a bit of butter on it. Is this normal?

    1. Hi Lis this is all very common.

      I remember I went from ravenously hungry to a period of time with little appetite. I recommend just listening to your appetite and not restricting food.
      I’d skip the olive oil.

      The sweating will pass 🙂

      If you haven’t read the 30-day guide though, i recommend checking that out as it will help your transition quite a bit

  47. Hey Dr. Kevin! Thank you for all the information and timely replies to these posts. I’m almost finished with week four (grassfed Ribeyes and 80/20 ground meat with lots of sea/pink salt, grassfed lamb, some eggs and wild fish every so often, no dairy), coming from keto. My sinuses are generally very swollen now, intermittent wheezing/chest tightness, and a cough/chest mucus that has varied in intensity since I started carnivore. It feels like allergies but nothing ever lingers this long for me, some days better than others. I find in the middle of the night I wake up with more wheezing and chest tightness/coughing (no longer with night sweats though!). I always drink lots of water and the sea/pink salt mix has been a staple for electrolyte balance. Any thoughts on this? Is it possible I have some sort of allergy to this way of eating?

    1. Hey Anthony likely just part of adapting – what I would do is move on to Level 2 and then Level 3 in the next couple months and I think that will help answer the question 🙂

      FYI – those level are described in the “30 Day Guide” that you can download over there on the left.

    2. Hi Anthony, I have the same thing with the mucus and coughing (except no wheezing). I also come from Keto and eat only steak and eggs for some weeks now. I have had issues with histamine intolerance since a year now, on and off. I suspect this causes the mucus/cough for me. Especially because it starts right after eating. How is this for you?

  48. Am almost 4 weeks in, the only symptom I’ve been getting is a headache from time to time. Depending on how active I have been throughout the day. I do have problems getting fatty meat though(I also have a strick budget). The steak I’ve been getting is rather lean but I compensate by using lard and ghee to cook. Also by eating a ton of bacon.

    What I am getting recently (again) is stomach burns. I’ve had issues with those before when I ate tomato and lettuce in the past. Now they started appearing after I had smoked bacon (although that could still be unrelated). I can’t seem to find why I’m getting them.

    1. Hey Cody, it could be from the rendered fat, could just be part of getting adapted. What I would do is continue on to Level 2 next month (as described in the “30 Day Guide” that you can download over there on the left). That should help you get to the bottom of it.

      1. And I meant to mention, that in your case, if still having issues after Level 2, then I’d go to Level 3.

        After Level 3, if you’re still having issues, let me know 🙂

  49. Does carnivore diet inhibit High Intensity Interval Training, something like (Shaun T Insanity Workouts or CrossFit etc)

  50. Hello, thanks for answering our questions. I have been eating carnivore for about three months now, and have great results, except one thing. My stools are rock hard and painful to pass. I never had this problem before. But the more strict I become with the diet, the worse it gets. Perhaps I am one who this diet wont work for? That would be disappointing, as I love the simplicity, appetite control and the many benefits that I have gained.

  51. Day #6 of carnivore, fasting Blood glucose 5.9 (usually 5.1) — it supposed to drop? Why the elevation? (P.S.: I have so called metabolic syndrome condition that was the reason to start the carnivore)

    1. Hey Jack, I’d recommend reading the 30-day guide (you can download over on the left).

      Many bodily changes occur while adapting, especially if you already have metabolic dysfunction. Getting caught up in the numbers early on is a common stumbling block for many people – I think a longer perspective is much more useful/helpful.

  52. Hi!

    How long do these side effects roughly last? I understand that most humans are different, but can anyone give me a ball-park figure?

    I started 2 days ago, eating lots of chicken filet, salmon steaks, ground beef burgers but I’m still constantly hungry, feeling very sluggish and tired. Lots of brain fog and head aches. Very similar to when I stopped drinking caffeine a few years ago.

    No diarrhoea (yet?), but quite a few stomach rumblings. Woke up last night at 2:30 am with a big headache and hungry, and after tossing and turning for 2 hours I ‘cheated’ by eating some cornflakes with a banana. Fell asleep almost immediately after that.


    1. Like you mentioned – it depends on a lot of factors. But what you described is very common.

      I’d recommend checking out the 30-day guide (you can download it on the left) – there are some strategies to help mitigate transition symptoms.

  53. Hi, been on the diet for a week and have not had any bowel motions for 5 days, feeling terrible??…

    1. Hi Ash, bowel changes – especially early on – are very common (pretty much expected).

      In the 30 day guide (you can download it on the left) has some tips on what to do 🙂

  54. Doc, almost 3 months in, mostly beef, eggs, salmon, dairy, and two cups coffee daily. My knees ache so bad going upstairs (I’m only 38 and never had joint pain). Could beef be causing inflammation in my knees? Or should I cut the coffee, dairy and eggs? Everything else feels perfect, I don’t want to quit. Thanks for your help!

  55. Hi Dr. Stock!
    I have been transitioning from keto to carnivore for the past few weeks, and notice that I have liquid diarrhea. I’m guessing that this is just from all of that fat increase? I was previously vegan…
    Also, I had some bloodwork done, and I had (slightly) elevated hematocrit, BUN, creatinine, calcium, and protein. Is this normal while one’s body adjusts to such a high protein/fat diet? Will drinking more water also help? Thank you for all of the info you’ve put together and your help!

    1. Hi CeCe – yes as far as digestion – I answer all those questions in the 30 day guide that you can download here (just click on the left blue button).

      I am going to be writing about blood work shortly and if you are subscribed to my newsletter (the “Saturday 7” at https://kevinstock.io) I will be talking all about these numbers.

  56. Hello, your website has been extremely helpful for me, as knowing the symptoms of the transition keeps me from thinking there is something wrong and I keep persevering despite of that. So first of all, thank you very, very much. Ironically, The simplicity of this diet raises a lot of questions and your website has been my main guide for it. I read it over and over again.

    However, I come from a high carb, low fat, and relatively low protein diet, and not just bad eating, but also overeating (The indulgence diet I like to name it). And I find it kind of suspicious that cutting off carbs and sugars has been extremely easy for me from day one. But, I love and am addicted to bulletproof coffee (with sugar and butter) and is the only thing that I haven’t been able to quit. For me drinking bpc is like getting dressed or showering. I am a beginner at this diet, so, my question is whether I should cut it off completely so it is no sugar at all, never, or if it’s okay to not treat it so seriously and gradually lower the BP coffee intake? I mean, can 3 or 4 daily teaspoons of refined sugar in my coffee cups ruin the whole thing, or mess with my body’s adaptation? I feel my body and mind sometimes going whack. One curious thing: My journaling has been extremely insightful since I began this diet. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. As long as you are gradually decreasing the sugar in the coffee that is the right 1st step.

      I would recommend eventually not having any sugar in your coffee. As you mentioned – it is addicting – and keeping sugar around like that keeps people from breaking the addiction and often leads to people reverting to old habits.

  57. HELP! I have been on carnivore for a solid 29 days. The first 3 and a half weeks were tough but no severe symptoms except for brain fog. Well a couple of days ago I had diarrhea which was odd because usually it happens earlier and I hadn’t changed much except for cutting eggs and eating a tad more fat. I probably went from 80/20 to 75/25(totally random guess, although I for sure had a slight increase). Anyways the past 2 days have been hell(digestive wise) every time I take a sip of water whether it is during or 3 hours after a meal I have diarrhea. I have easily had more bowel movements in the past 48hrs than from the first 3 weeks. Like 10x a day. I got Lipase yesterday and hasn’t helped yet. Last night I woke up at 2am sweating and had more diarrhea. Weird part about all of this is my brain fog cleared and my mental clarity is very good. Is there anything else I can do aside from wait it out? I could probably handle this for 3 more days maximum and then I will be forced to quit due to the fact I need to go places. Again I only eat regular steak, lean grass fed ground beef, water, salt every day.

      1. I gave it a few days and it has gotten slightly better at best. I use Ox Bile and Lipase right now. Ox bile seems to help for small quantities of fat but if I eat anything above 15-20% fat it is not fun. I still have diarrhea about 6x a day. I feel fine otherwise.I still want to follow through with this diet but I have about 2 weeks of hell coming up school wise and I’m not sure how I can do it. If I can get through these next 2 weeks I will be good to go for a while. So what I am asking is, are there any other methods, supplements or foods I should try for these next 2 weeks while in school? Thanks for the help!

        1. The 30 day guide has a bunch of recommendations – so if you haven’t checked that out, I’d start there.

          I’d also limit water (especially coffee if you are drinking it!) around meals.

          1. I am feeling better now, I switched over to raw, grass-fed beef and incorporated organ meat. Drastic difference, perhaps my meat source from the grocery store had something I was intolerant to or maybe I am sensitive to cooked meat. Either way, I feel like I am finally on the right path. Thanks for all your help and counsel.

  58. I seem to have a similar symptom to Nick. My background is no history of gut issues or autoimmune disease. I started keto about 3 years ago as a weightlifter to see if it would help physically and also simply reading that low carb was healthier and that it made sense. I had the typical keto flu in the beginning which was gone after a few weeks. My keto diet was strictly whole food based. I decided to try carnivore about 2 months ago because I had been feeling bloated for a few months prior to that (but no other issues or concerns, generally felt great), and had heard all of the positive side effects. It made sense after doing keto for so long. When I started eating carnivore I had some diarrhea the first 2 weeks but then was fine afterwards, having great bowel movements every 2-3 days. Almost 2 weeks ago now I started having heart burn, bloating, and no bowel movement for over a week. Then that turned in to terrible diarrhea every time I eat or drink. The diarrhea has calmed down a little bit but is by no means gone. I still feel bloated and my energy level is very low now and I tend to have headaches. Even eating doesn’t really appeal to me at this point although I continue to. What is happening? I wish I had a Dr to call with some answers.

    1. This is not uncommon as your body is going through this transition.

      I’d recommend moving to “Level 2” in the 30 day guide, as sometimes coffee and dairy exacerbate this.

  59. I will add, part of what is so confusing is that for about a month, after the initial first 2 weeks of some diahrrea, I felt great.

  60. I am on week 2 of carnivore. I’ve been carb cycling the last 4 months or so. Also, I’ve done keto prior along with a palumbo contest prep. So I’m no stranger to sugar restriction, or macro manipulation if you will. Carnivore so far has been an extremely diet for me. I’m not really experiencing any negative side effects yet. I had a couple loose and very strong BMs last week. Since then , not really. My energy has been stready all day long. I wake up feeling pretty darn good compared to prior. My knees and feet have not been aching like they use to at work. I also haven’t had any strong sugar cravings after the first three nights. I’ve already lost what I think is mostly water weight in my face, arms, hands and wrists. (had to tighten my watch band and my ring is a little loose) I drink a coffee in the morning pretty similar to a “bulletproof” recipe. I have awesome energy and focus. I stop eating around 7:00-8:00 pm the night prior, and don’t eat whole food again until 12:00-1:00 the next day. I’m hoping I was already somewhat fat adapted and thats why this has been rather easy for me. Only thing I’m worried about is I’m not eating bone broth or organ meats.

  61. I have been carnivore now for three-plus months with no cheating. For the last 10 days I have had extreme nausea no vomiting and hot water diarrhea. I have been completely unable to eat and have gotten very weak, but just the thought of food causes a Bout of extreme nausea. It has triggering me a kind of mourning a kind of grieving for the foods I used to eat. I dream about peaches and salads what is this? The thought of meat is turning my stomach and I don’t want to fail because I’m getting such remarkable results. I entered this diet because I have trigeminal neuralgia and not only the disease, but the drug, trileptal, has ruined my life. What is this sadness and Mourning and dreaming of apples and peaches and berries sweet coffee apple pie Mexican food all the things I used to so enjoy? This is new.Thank you.

    1. Cravings for carbs/sugar can take time to die (and if you had something that was sweetened it can re-trigger some addictions).

    2. How is your experience for TN with carni going?

      I am considering this but I only lasted 4 days on carni for the same reason!

      Any advice?

  62. How long does the bad breath last for? i am 3 weeks in and feel pretty good other than awful breath! Help, I deal with the public!!!

  63. Hi dr Kevin,

    Thank you so much for this page.. this has given me more motivation to bite through the transition. Also the comments were hell interesting to read.

    My experience so far.
    I went vegan keto for 2.5 months. I adapted very quickly. So i thought carnivore is very do-able..

    Nononono wrong af.

    Anyways after i realised this vegan stuff is not for me, after two years, i decided to try carnivore.

    The first couple of days were great. Then the insomnia started to kick in.
    Which has now finally passed. But after 9 days of strictly carnivore. I got the keto rash, taking bile acid to counteract, which helps. But I am married to the toilet, occasionally freezing and sweating at the same time, dizzy, feeling sick.

    I have very important couple of days ahead of me. Do you reckon if i temporarily introduce a bit of rice, it will stop these symptoms? After these days, I don’t care if it makes the transition longer. I just need these coming days to be on point.


    1. Haha yes – comment sections can provide entertainment in and of themselves.

      And I would recommend reading the 30 day guide if you haven’t already (you can download it on the left).
      GI adaptation can take some time and some supplements can really help (like lipase).

      If that doesn’t help there are some other things that I would try first like removing rendered fat, watching liquid intake around meals (especially coffee if you are drinking it!), and even trying to eat just a bit leaner to see if these do the trick.

      As a last resort you can try adding in some fiber (my 2 choices would probably be eating a bit of an avocado with meals for the fiber or a peeled, pressure cooked sweet potato for fiber and carbs which can help hold on to the water). Hope this helps!

  64. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for all your very generous help. I’ve been carnicore for 4 months, with the exception of coffee daily and a weakness for cocoa with butter. No sugar. This woe seems to have cured my 60 years of ibs-c!! Amazing! Recently I’ve found my weight increasing and my belly feeling bloated. I’ve cut back on rendered fat, but that hasn’t helped. Have you any suggestions?

  65. Hello,

    I’m having the rapid heart rate issue, and am wondering if I’m doing it wrong. I started the transition to carnivore about a week ago. I’ve been eating mostly ground beef (1-1.5lbs a day), because it’s cheap. Am I supposed to be eating the grease from the ground beef? I haven’t been like drinking all the rest after I eat the beef, but haven’t been avoiding it either. I’ve been adding brussel sprouts to my beef meal just as a sort of transition during the first week or two, and they soak up some of the grease. I’ve heard it’s good to get a good amount of fat on carnivore, so I just eat it up. However, I’m worried about having a heart attack. Should I drain the grease? Is it too much fat? I’ve heard salt deficiency can cause the rapid heart rate, and I haven’t been salting anything. However, we went to Ponderosa yesterday, and I loaded up my plate with all sorts of meat (Ham, sausage, pork chops, drumsticks, wings, chicken tenders) which I’m sure was loaded with salt, and I still had the rapid heart rate last night, and when my kid woke me up early this morning. Should I be concerned about a heart attack? Side note: I do the eliptical 3-4 times a week for an hour at a medium pace (1100 calories burned on average according to the machine). I haven’t been this past week because the gym’s been closed, but my I don’t think my physical fitness is much of an issue in this equation. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hey Luke this is actually a pretty common issue that people experience when they transition. You are undergoing a large “fluid re-balancing” and some electrolytes can help ease the transition. Have you read the 30 day guide? Recommendations are all in there.

      But to answer some of your questions – don’t avoid salt. Salt to taste.
      No need to drink the rendered fat – in fact – I wouldn’t recommend it (often gives people GI issues)

  66. Hi Kevin how are you doing?

    First off all thanks for all the info and great explanation!

    Am in my second week and my stomach hurt from not going to the toilet.. feels like constipation.? Eating raw beef and lots of raw eggs. Any idee wy i cant get any bowel movement?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Mike – I’d recommend checking out the 30 day guide if you haven’t (can download it on the left over there).

      Going less frequently and less volume is very common (especially early on) – in the guide is some things to help the transition.

  67. Hi, Dr Kevin.
    I have acute chronic pancreatitis.
    I’m interested to know if the carnivore diet would assist with this. I would have to be in the less fat version but at the moment I’m finding I am battling with food. They removed my gallbladder and now it seems like food is my biggest enemy in life.
    I’m very healthy, don’t drink or smoke, I exercise for a couple of hours daily and have done all my life. I’m 46 year old male and have very low body fat. My specialist just said i was unlucky and recommended the standard diets for it.
    Do you have any tips as I really some help as the guidance i had nutritionally means i am constantly ill and have ended up in hospital many times.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Warren – only one way to find out 🙂

      I would recommend starting by reading the 30 day guide (you can download that over there on the left).

  68. 5 months carnivore and my dry dry skin feels supple, I’ve cancelled hip replacement and can run again, increased energy, improved immunity, even my sense of smell has grown so much sharper. One of my big issues, IBS-C had resolved itself until I allowed myself one cheat and ate some naan bread at New Year’s Eve. My digestive system slammed shut and hasn’t normalized yet. How can one cheat result in such a big response? I’d like to understand what is going on physiologically?This was my one and only cheat. Also I still find myself waking in the night to drink water because my mouth is feeling like a sandbox. This leads me to have to use the bathroom 3x/night. I don’t use much salt. Can you explain? Offer a suggestion?

    You are offering such amazing support. Thank you for your time and kind generosity.

    1. Hi there Kochia, i’m Interested in whether you’re hip problems are still resolved? I’m feeling conflicted as i’m due for bilateral hip replacements in three weeks time due to severe osteoarthritis. I had great results at Christmas going carnivore but have been up and down since. However, the last couple of days the pain has reduced considerably and am wondering if I should give the diet more time before having the operation.

      I cheated a bit after new year and found it a huge setback but have been full on carnivore for about 3 weeks now and am finally getting results again. Just wondered whether your hip problem was due to arthritis or something else and how you are getting along with it now?

      1. Hi Jill,

        I just now came across your question and am so sore this reply is coming so late. If you went forward with the surgery I hope it went well and that your recovery is quick. My hip has been arthritic since I was 14, 50 some years. Since going keto, then carnivore I have refused 2 hip surgery openings ( in Canada we have to wait). Although I have pain and limited range of motion it’s nothing like it was before. I’m even running on concrete- short distances when my 3 yr old grandson wants to run. I could not have done that before. I’m likely to have some increased discomfort later, but nothing like it was when I consulted a surgeon. Having said all this keep in mind that we’re all unique and what works for me may not for you. I still continue to supplement wth collagen powder. When I missed taking it for a week my hips let me know I needed to start again. It didn’t take long for it to ease. Please let me know how you’re doing.

        Kind regards,


        1. Hi Kochia, I didn’t check in for a while so didn’t see your reply. I did go ahead with surgery on March 13th and have two new hips. I stuck with the carnivore diet throughout, getting my sister to smuggle food into the hospital and have stayed with it during my recovery. I’m back to walking 5 miles every day and honestly am glad I elected to have the surgery in the end as I have regained range of motion and am no longer in pain from arthritis. As you say, we are all different. The cartilage protecting my bones had completely broken down and both hips were equally bad. I trusted my surgeon, which was really important, but the interesting thing is I have been really well since the surgery and I put some of my recovery and feeling of well being down to sticking with the carnivore diet.
          I hope your hips are still responding well to the diet!

  69. Hey kevin,
    I’ve decided to have some raw meat today after reading your website. Fatty steak straight from the butcher.
    I dug in and the meat was pretty chewy. The fat was even chewier. I managed to get a bite of fat in and multiple bites of meat in. I have never eaten raw before so I don’t know if this is normal. Is the meat bad? Should I change the butcher or should I chew more and harder? I understand cooking is un-natural and destroys the good stuff in the meat.

    1. Hey Ahmad – 1st thing I’d say is that if you don’t like or want to eat raw then cook it (that’s not a problem). No need to eat raw.

      Also some cuts tend to be more chewy than others (i.e. they tend to be the less expensive ones) – nothing wrong with them at all, that’s just the way it is.

  70. Hello Dr. Kevin,

    Are chapped lips a side effect when first starting carnivore? Do I need more electrolytes or a multivitamin?

  71. Hello,

    you mentioned sore throat.
    I found this symptom on any other information about this diet.
    Where does it come from?
    It’s important for me, because I suffer from a light soar throat nearly every day since I’ve been on keto. (1,5 years) In my community nobody believes me, that it may be related to the diet. I hoped it would be only temporary. Now my hope was, that this would be perhaps disappear on carnivore. You mentioned this as adaptation symptoms…
    But do you know, what causes this symptom?

    1. It can be from numerous reasons during the adaptation including acid reflux as one adapts to this way of eating (stomach pH becomes more acidic and fat digestion becomes more efficient), or fluid rebalancing that can lead to a dry/sore throat feeling.

    2. have you had your thyroid levels tested? when i was on vegan diet i used to have a sore throat everyday. i was hypothyroid. it has actually cleared since i am keto/carnivore. Do you get adequate iodine daily?? iodine greatly affects thyroid health.

  72. Hi Dr Kevin, I started zero carb about 6 weeks ago. The first two weeks I had amazing results. I have severe osteoarthritis in both hips and am on the waiting list for hip replacements. All the pain from my arthritis virtually disappeared and I felt better than I had in a long time. I often suffered from indigestion even on low carb and that too disappeared However, I noticed that my neck and backs of my hands were itchy and red and blotchy. Did a google search and found that a high protein diet can cause those symptoms and the advice was to add a little carb back into the diet. So I reluctantly added some broccoli and spinach to my meat and the odd banana (for potassium) and satsuma. This stopped the itchy skin, but the pain from my arthritis is back with a vengeance. I should mention that I walk dogs for a living and didn’t have to walk at all during the first two weeks of zero carb. However, I now often suffer pain at the weekends too even though I don’t do a lot of walking then. I also feel that my hair is lank and greasy in the last month. Apart from the itchy skin, I loved the results from zero carb initially and would prefer to stick with it. Could the itchy skin and greasy hair be an adaptation problem and worth putting up with until I get adapted? Would really welcome your feedback – thank you for all your helpful info!

    1. I think so – from what you describe sounds like it would be worth it to go through level 1 and 2 for sure and see if it doesn’t resolve (I have a feeling it will).

      1. Thanks – I’ve done 3 days back on zero carb with no additional carbs and the itchy skin hasn’t returned yet. Arthritis pain is a bit better, but not yet back how it was when I started. Someone suggested alkaline water for the itchy skin on another site so may try that if it returns. I’m going to stick to the diet now- no cheating.

  73. Hello Dr. Kevin,
    I’m 24 and just recently started the carnivore – since Monday basically. Feeling great overall and looking forward to all the positive results. Just wanted to find out something, I understand that it is common to have a faster heart rate (which is very annoying) but was wondering how long it would take before that stops happening and if I am supposed to just be resting? I mean, sometimes moving around helps a bit and sometimes just sitting still helps a bit. These rapid heart rates I’m experiencing can last a few hours. Sorry if that is a silly question but I haven’t experienced this before. I also stopped drinking coffee whereas before I was drinking 3 to 4 cups in a day and went cold turkey almost two weeks ago. So those withdrawal symptoms weren’t too pleasant either.
    Anyways, I’ve heard amazing things about the carnivore diet and some of my friends who have been on it has worked wonderfully for them!

    1. You’re right, it is a common transition symptom. Usually improves in the first 30 days, I do know of people where it takes a bit longer.

      The removal of coffee and going carnivore at the same time can be tough 🙂

      1. Oh, this was encouraging to read! The second week has been so much better, barely noticed any rapid heart rate.
        Thank you for your reply. 🙂

  74. Been a carnivore for about a week. Every result has been great with one very weird symptom. My stool has an extreme amount of mucus in it. Is this something that will most likely change as I adapt? Or is it most likely a sign of something else?

    1. Bowel changes are extremely common – will change as you adapt.

      If you haven’t checked out the 30 day guide – there is a whole section on digestion that you may find helpful.

  75. Kevin,
    I’ve been a Carny for about a week now. Lots of great, and I mean life-changing results! The past couple of days I had a massive headache though. Tried all the tips. Magnesium, potassium, and salt water. Thought maybe I had a fever so checked my temp. Was shocked that it was 95.6! Thought the thermometer was broken but it wasn’t. After researching low carb/low body temp…thyroid and iodine came up in some results. I had some old Nascent Iodine in my cabinet and took three drops. 10 minutes later my headache was gone and my temp was back to 97.0. Maybe the Pink Himalayan Salt, which I’ve been using and is not iodized is playing a part here? IDK. But thought it was worth the anecdotal evidence that an iodine deficiency might have some effect on the headaches people are experiencing. Take it for what it’s worth. Thanks – Dubs

    1. Yes as hormones re-balance many people suffer some tough side effects – believe me I know 🙂

      Using some iodized salt is probably a good idea.
      I generally recommend generous salt consumption early on as it tends to help with many adaptation symptoms.

  76. Hi Kevin, just a quick question about electrolytes…. I have been taking endura rehydration low carb fuel… it has 1.3g of carbs per serve… I am 3 weeks into carnivore diet and the electrolytes have made a huge difference… However is it better for me to find a 0 carb alternative?

    1. I would probably just slowly wean off them instead of worrying about replacing them.

      Really salting your meat to taste is all you’re likely going to need (exceptions would be people who are training heavily).

      My recommendations is really because often these supplements come with sweeteners which although miniscule can keep sugar/carb cravings alive.

  77. hey thanks for site really helpful, im 32yrs 6ft and 140lbs ive been on carnivore diet for round 12 days now to try to improve my chronic fatigue and digestive issues ive had for round 10 years. i was marginally functional on paleo diet but wanted more, ive been feeling worse and worse, experancing alot of weakness in my arms and legs i’ve basiscally been in bed last week of this starting to get restless panicky feelings now, ive been eating 2.5lbs or so fatty beef some eggs and fish, im gaing weight getting plenty to eat lots of fat water and salt. ive tried electrolyte supp dont seem to be helping no other symptoms besides extreme fatigue and weakness, i dont take any meds, any advice on how to proceed. i really want this to work but im really thinking of quiting keeps getting worse

  78. Hi Dr. Kevin,

    I am on this diet for 5 weeks now, I feel so much better mental clarity on this diet than I have felt in a long time. My ibs sympthoms have healed but on week 4, a bit over week and a half ago I develop this rash. its all over my back and red, highly concentrated on upper back and now concentration growing on my lower back. Sometimes the urge to itch is so bad and on research I found out its a keto rash. I don’t want to leave this way of eating and come out of ketosis. On research most convincing evidence of getting rid of this rash is by introducing carbs back into the diet gradually. Any thoughts Dr. Kevin on how should I persue this problem. I feel progressively the rash has gotten worse over the week.

    1. Yes Keto Rash would be my first guess.

      A few things:

      1. You will get more efficient at using ketones over time which often reduces/eliminates the rash (it just takes some time)
      2. Try eating a bit leaner cuts of meat (and not adding fats, like butter, to the meat), while being sure you eat enough (probably more than you think at first)

      If it’s really bad, you could add in some carb sources and then try slowly tapering off carbs over time.

      Let me know how this goes!

      1. Thanks Dr. Kevin, I will cut on fats and see how that effects me and will keep you posted.

  79. Hi Kevin and thank you so much for this website. I read everything about the levels and all of the comments, all of which has helped.

    I started zero plants on 1/28/19, finishing week 4 today. I have been so sad and gloomy for hours today, and this coincides with my belly starting to get smaller. I wonder if I could be metabolizing “bad” visceral fat and that is causing my blues? I stuffed myself at dinner with pastured ribeye and grass fed butter, but still feel really down.

    The reason I ask is because we always used vegetable oil growing up, and I adopted it as an adult until a few years ago. So maybe my visceral fat has a worse composition than it will after some years of pastured beef?

    1. While I believe there is a significant relationship between diet and mental health (which I will be writing on very soon) it is very multi-faceted and very complex.

      To deduce one day of feeling down on food alone I think is a bit short-sighted.

      1. Hi Kevin,

        Follow up to my comment from 6 days ago. I was sad and gloomy and down all week. And my energy was in the dumps. So bad that I even called in sick to work on Wednesday, since I could barely get out of bed.

        I almost quit carnivore, but I didn’t want to give up on it until I tried the 30 days with zero plants. I decided to start in March, so on February 28th I allowed myself all the coffee I wanted, and went zero caffeine on Friday March 1st. And by the end of the day I felt like a zombie. Could barely think.

        Long story short, I drank a few glasses of wine, had bacon and eggs for dinner, and went to sleep. Woke up this morning feeling great! It was definitely the coffee!

        I know, wine is made from plants, but that’s beside the point! The point is, I didn’t think the 3 cups a day I was drinking would have as big of an effect as they do. Went to the gym today and will definitely stick with this WOE another 30 days.

        1. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

          Yes coffee can be one of those deceptive things (which is why I recommend people at least remove it for a time to see how they feel)

          1. Hi Dr.Kevin. I’m on my first week of carnivore and I’m wondering g if I HAVE to cut out all sources of fiber. I enjoy matcha tea regularly and I know it contains fiber, so should I cut back for a while and may e add it back in later down the line? Also, I enjoy stevia drops in my lemon water, but I dont find myself craving any other sweets. Would it be cool, in your opinion, to keep doing as I’m doing? Thanks!

          2. Hi Gillian I answer this in more detail in the 30 day guide as there are some pros/cons to what you are asking about.

            But basically yes, I’d cut back, and add back in later.
            Keeping sweeteners in like stevia can keep cravings alive, so I’d just caution that.

  80. Hello, I have a 9-month-old that I am still breastfeeding. However, due to histamine and possible auto immune issues I was suggested a carnivore diet. Is this safe for baby?

    1. I would reverse the question – is it safe for a baby to have milk from a mother that has issues with high levels of histamine and autoimmune problems?

      My view is that good nutrition is even more important for a baby/youth than for adults, and I think you know what I consider good nutrition 🙂

      1. That is a great way to look at it. Thank you! So far so good on breastfeeding and carnivore 🙂

  81. every single time i try carnivore for more than 24 hours, my left eye starts becoming painful. it almost feels like pink eye, but there is no redness. it just hurts really badly. it is very bizarre/ i have no idea what this could be. sometimes i cant even open my eye. i stop carnivore every time because of this. now, i am in 48 hours carnivore, and it is beginning to hurt again. this does not happen when i eat keto, only when i eat carnivore. how weird is that!?!

  82. Im on my tenths day and had only one small amount of diarrhea right after i ate eggs fried in butter. It was from fried butter. Other than that i didn’t poop. I don’t feel bloated tho. Also soma data: Minimal activity levels. Eggs (boiled, fried and raw), dried salted aged pork (fried in his fat), bacon, chicken liver, boiled beef, cheese, butter, milk, and only one time yogurt. A bit more than average water consumption. Used Himalayan pink salt in food.

    Also today drink 2 electrolytes. No changes.

  83. 52 year-old male….I’ve been on carnivore since 1/18/19… I eat 90% steaks. The rest is eggs, cheese, and occasional salmon. Had only been drinking purified water. Recently began fasting doing one meal only at dinner. Just recently started drinking coffee throughout the day. Weight from 200 to 168

    Sleep has been very deep and restful. Head clarity/mood has become consistent.

    The last several days, I’ve been very lightheaded and dizzy. Bending down causes me to nearly collapse. What’s going on here?

    1. I use lots of Himalayan pink salt. Always have had perfect BP. BMs went from daily (on SAD diet) to every 5 days on carnivore (mostly diarrheal) and are still after about 80 days carnivore.

    2. Coffee in a fasted state can cause issues like this – just one of several reasons I recommend eating when hungry and not forcing fasts.

  84. Hi. I have had geographic tongue all my life. Some years ago i i took a genetic test, and i had celiac positiv. But i wasn’t celiac, i just lost all handle on gluten after an antibiotic treatment of urin infection (that runs in my family). My mother is on lifelong levaxin, for her destroyed thyroid… And other women in my family struggles with thyroid issues and weight as well. A lot of study on this issues through the year, and i also found the h.pylori bacteria som years ago. I hva read that this bacteria is a problem now in the modern world, and are linked to stomach cancer. After i cut gluten three years ago, my geographic toung was not geographic anymore. But candida is a problem. But my theory is that geographic tongue is an autoimmune disease, linked with thyroid issues. I had problem with freezing also a lot, my sisters and mother as well. Low body temperatur and very low pulse. I have been A LOT at the doctor, checking everything, they never find anything. Showed them my tongue, they dont care. I got the diagnose when i was 4 years old, they just said nothing to worry about. I have problems with my belly and food all my life, and i also had a lot of mental issues. I had epilepsy when i was younger, had to use medication for three years. My therapist today believes it was because of trauma (that i had when i was around 10). I think that can be the case, but at the same time, diet and candida is the case as well. It is proven that trauma can bring bad effect to the micro biome. But i already had geographic tongue when i was 4 years old. And it has gotten worse the older i got. Now at 31 i had som white lines on my nails as well, never had before, and then i got afraid, i also had redness in my skin sometimes, pupping up and going away. I tried everything the last years, but still. So i am 100 % in it, i want to have my energy back, my life back. I worked through my mental problems, now i want to work out this autoimmunity in my body. But i need help. I use to be a top athlete when i was younger. Now i am 31, and i still train, but always tired. I have been 5 days now eating only beef, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, water with lemon, and som blueberries. I feel calm, and i have mye energy back already. But i got my period yesterday, and i bled A LOT. Felt good today, and i wanted to go out for a run. I was sweating insane, but i felt good, and i could run without stopping all the time (like before). But i get this intense pain in my belly, so i had to stop. I stopped, and then it went away, like a cramp, and i kept on running. It just felt like air that was stuck, but very painful. After a while it came out. Ive been going to the toilet the three last days, with good stool effect, looks normal. But today it was black. Is that dangerous? Now i am thinking about internal bleeding and stuff. How about h.pylori and geographic tongue, have you heard about it before and what do you know? I`ve been reading for 10 years now, and i ended up at carnivore store. But it feels natural also, i really love beef, i feel satisfied after i eat it. So that has to be good.. I have started to trust my intuition. Because when you think about it, it all started with intuition, science could not start without it etc..

    1. Lissie, I believe black stool is normal on the carnivore diet. I have been on it 3 going on 4 weeks and my stool is very black. Could be the iron content.

  85. Dexter: I had it, but now the stool has stopped. So i think maybe i am adapting better now. Thank you! Are you full carnivore?

  86. I am six months in and now have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time. What can I do?

    1. It’s a sign that you are in ketosis. As your body gets more effective at using ketones for energy (i.e. “fat-burning”) that taste will likely dissipate over time.

  87. Hello.
    I just started the carnivore 4-5 days ago after mostly keto for a year. But it is going much harder then keto flu. My blood sugar drops til 70-60 after each meal in a few hrs and I feel so dizzy and cant function. I eat around 130 g of protein and 115 g of fat around 1600 cal (Im 5,10 and 157 lbs) . I can’t understand whats going on and how can I start feel better. Sleep and other stuff seems fine , except mood is desperate sometimes and sad, no desires other then get some rest or eat. Didn’t have that on keto.

  88. Kevin, I’ve been on strict carnivore for 4 weeks. My endurance at the gym is miserable. I am winded after each set and have to take long breaks between. I’ve read of some guys having a small amount of carbs before their workout to help with this. Your thoughts?

    1. You are still really early in the adaptation, especially when it comes to training (took me 8-12 weeks).

      I wouldn’t add carbs as it will likely just prolong the adaptation (and/or prevent you from getting adapted)

  89. Hello Dr. Thanks for all the information. One question I hava is regarding working out. I am doing OMAD Carnivore. Is there an optimal time/best time to lift weights with this eating window? Thanks so much.

    1. If it were me (well I wouldn’t do OMAD if body composition were a priority, but if I were doing OMAD…) – I’d eat it 30-60 minutes after the workout.

    2. Hello. Just starting out. Wondering how bacon can be okay when it’s made with sugar and nitrates? Thanks

      1. You’re right. Many bacon brands use sugars and preservatives; however, you can find brands that don’t use additives.

  90. Hello Dr. Kevin,
    Thank you again for all you do. I have been a carnivore for a while now and loving it! My husband finally got on board about two weeks ago after getting diagnosed with gout. He’s been adviced to cut the meat but has also enjoyed all the benefits of eating carnivore and really doesn’t want to go back. But his gout continues to be an issue. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again

    1. Occasionally people with a history of gout experience a flare up during transition/adaption. For most of these people it resolves and is no longer an issue after adapted.

      1. Hi Dr Stock,

        This seems illogical because gout (high uric acid level) is mainly exacerbated by high purine foods (meat being the main one). How can you explain that is suddenly just stops mattering. Some people may have the genetics which allow high purine levels (see XDH gene) but if you don’t then you may be in for many issues. Have you looked at the genetic predispositions that may allow some people to eat only meat?

        1. I have talked with many many people who had suffered with gout that was fixed after transitioning to a meat-based diet. Two of the biggest contributors are alcohol and fructose – remove these and gout tends to resolve. Occasionally, when transitioning to this way of eating, people prone to gout can experience an initial flare up. Tends to resolve.

  91. Hi I am a recent graduate of a holistic nutrition program, and was taught that a diet high in meat has an acidifing effect on the body….I’m am hoping you can help explain this because obviously that can’t be completely true if people are achieving greater states of health on this diet. I personally follow a paleo aip type of diet and lately notice that I feel better with less vegetables than normal, but also experience more inflammation with more than a typical serving of red meat even though it’s pastured grass fed beef. I was hoping you might have thoughts on this?
    I still eat a lot of green vegetables with dinner but no longer with breakfast and lunch, and notice better digestion. I’m compelled to eat more red meat beyond the 3 or 4 times i already am, but so much of what I have been taught goes against this.
    Thank you

    1. I will be writing more on this in the near future – the short story: worrying about meat because it is “acidic” is unfounded in my opinion.

      1. I agree, I used to suffer far more from acid reflux on a standard diet than I do on the carnivore diet. Bananas, bread and potatoes all give me indigestion. Meat, no problems.

  92. I am in distress and don’t have time to read all the comments here, so I apologize if I’m repeating anything.
    I dove into the carnivore diet ignorant to everything including what electrodes are. I live in a bubble 🙂 No dairy for me. Just meat, bacon, eggs, liver. Been at it 32 days. Success since day one. All sorts of wonderful benefits. But now (for two days) I’m experiencing rapid heart beat, tummy ache, and diarrhea. So I’m trying to find out how to balance my imbalance, although not sure what caused it. Have not pooped for 30 days (except maybe a mere 2 cups worth. And now this — diarrhea! I don’t see doctors. I’m very anecdotal, but going into blind has now proven detrimental. Mostly concerned about strange and scary heartbeat. Haven’t been hungry for 2 days. Tried a tablespoon of pink salt highly concentrated in water and that helped the first night, but not the second. Drinking bone broth. Without a blood test, how do I know how to supplement and get through this first rough patch? Should I venture out and just get some type of electrolyte in me until bellyache subsides? Thank you

  93. Can a carnivore diet help eradicate intestinal parasites and or Blastocystis Hominis?

    Hi, I went from a solid year of healthy Keto and IF to Carnivore ( level 1) 10 days ago to help, hopefully, once and for all systemic inflammation and am curious if it
    Can possibly also facilitate eradication of either or
    Both unwanted intestinal issues?

    Thanks so much, your site has been super informative and enlightening these past two weeks as I research!

    1. I think it could – there are limited studies on diets effect on blastocystis – but some indicated what we eat does have an impact on parasites. I think eating in accordance with human design is probably a good idea.

      1. Thank you so much Dr. Stock, that’s very encouraging, for one thing, because it’s what I believe and WANT to believe. I really appreciate you writing and answering my questions.

        I’m anxious to jump to level two tomorrow. Is it best to stay put in level one for the complete 30 days?

        Thanks again,


        1. I think it’s best to stick with Level 1 or 2 for awhile before testing out Level 3 – but really it’s just a helpful framework for getting adapted and testing any potential troublesome foods once adapted.

  94. I shall stay patient then and it absolutely IS super helpful! I’ve read your guide twice now to make sure I don’t miss anything. I thank you for it!!!! I’m so anxious to be uninflammed but will enjoy this process and the signs and symptoms along the way.

    One cool reaction I hadn’t even considered would happen is my fingers are warm for the first time in 15 years! I live in mittens to keep them warm usually. I think that’s a good sign some healing is going on!

    So appreciate your time

  95. Hi Kevin,

    I jumped into the Carnivore diet about 9 weeks ago. I was coming from a diet that was mostly veg, fruit and meat (chicken, pork, lamb, beef and some fish – tuna, sardines) with a small amount of refined carbs (chips). I also ate Diary (mostly only natural greek yoghurt).

    Anyway, I tried to follow the month by month part of the guide, but I wasn’t feeling good energy wise so I’ve upped my fat intake 2-3 weeks or so ago (I read somewhere else that if you eat too much protein and not enough fat, you won’t have good energy levels?), and now I’m having problems with loose stools/diarrhea (I can actually smell the fat in it as it’s quite watery). This wasn’t happening much in the first month at all (I did have some loose stools, but not all the time), but now it’s pretty much like this every time I go to the toilet.

    I am assuming this is from my increased fat intake and also because my diet previously didn’t have high level of fat in it. Yes, I ate meat almost everyday, but the meat didn’t include a lot of fat.

    I’ve been reading more here and it seems I might need to try those Lipase Supplements and/or Ox Bile? The only thing with that is, I am in Australia and it doesn’t seem I can get Lipase that you mentioned. Does it sound like I need the Lipase more or the Ox Bile, or something else?

    I really don’t know where to get the Lipase supplements from.

    If I just tried to push through without any of the supplements, would the diarrhea keep happening, or would my body eventually adapt?

    Also, in regard to the rendered fat, I was pouring a bit of that over my meat, but I am not doing so anymore. When you say some people can’t handle rendered fats, do you mean I have to use something like a paper towel on my meat to soak it all up before eating, or would it still be alright if the meat is cooked in the rendered fat, but I just don’t pour any over the meat anymore (as mentioned, I stopped pouring it over, but it didn’t make a difference to my diarrhea issues). How about the fat on the meat itself? I can still eat that cooked along with the meat, right?

    Not sure what to do as I am struggling to do my job without the required amount of energy. One of the reasons I switched to this diet is so that I could have more energy at work. I also switched to it to clear brain fog and I also thought I might have a leaky gut, so I wanted to try and heal that too. Those are pretty much the main reasons I switched to it.

    Anyway, any help or advice anyone can give me would be great.

    1. Hi John, yes the loose stools is likely due to the increased fat consumption, and yes I think lipase may be a great option for you as you adapt to the higher fat intake (I don’t know about Australia and shipping but if you can’t get it on Amazon, I’d try local health/supplement shops or some Australian ecommerce site). If you try and pushed through you would likely adapt but it can take a few weeks, so most people much prefer to supplement to help bridge this gap (it will also help with the energy as you are absorbing more fat).

      With regard to the rendered fat, I just wouldn’t pour it/drink it if it’s giving you problems. Cooking in it though should be just fine.

      Yes, eat the fat on the meat.

      1. Hi Dr. Kevin,

        I haven’t had a chance to try the Lipase yet, but even after cutting out most of the rendered fat (apart from the little bit that is on the meat and fat itself when fried in the frying pan), I’m still getting loose stools almost every 1-2 days, sometimes the same day after eating.

        I’ve only been eating 2 meals a day, but I’ve also cut back on the amount I’ve been eating. I don’t know if I am somewhat starving myself as I do feel like eating more, but am worried about having loose stools, so I’ve sort of cut back. Should I try one meal a day and eating more during that one meal until I’m full?

        Also, do you think I should go to a local doctor? I haven’t been for almost 10 years (don’t really want to go) and see if they can get me a Lipase supplement from Australia? The Lipase supplement you linked to, is that more carnivore friendly (is it plant based)? Are there plant based Lipase supplements? If there are, should I be looking to avoid those?

  96. Hi Dr. Kevin Stock, thanks for the reply.

    Would any Lipase supplement do? I have found a couple here – there doesn’t seem to be many choices, though, well, not like you guys over there in the US have. Maybe I have to go to a doctor here to get a prescription, but I don’t want to do that as they will most likely ask why I want it and what I am eating. Once I tell them, I’m not sure how they’ll react. Probably try and tell me to stop eating high amounts of animal fat.

    The couple of Lipase supplements I did find online here also seem to have way lower levels compared to the one you linked to and also have other stuff in them for breaking down other things. I think stuff like protein, lactose and stuff like that. Should I be looking for a Lipase only supplement?

    I also found a US based store that ships the one you listed to Australia, but there is one major drawback, the postage is ridiculously high. The have a cheaper postage method which is about $30 AUD for both the Lipase and Ox Bile, but the transit time is 4-6 weeks and I told them there is no way I can wait that long for it. They also have other postage methods that would be quicker, but I’d be looking at $150-$180AUD just for shipping them, and that is crazy considering how small the bottles of pills are. I’ve bought stuff directly from the US before that are bigger in size and weight, but the postage wasn’t anywhere near those prices.

    If anyone if the US can recommend a place for me to buy from that ships internationally with prices that aren’t over the top, that would be great.

    Also, one other question about the rendered fat, even with a supplement like Lipase, is it likely that some people just can’t handle rendered fat at all? Even if I get adapted to eating more fat with or without Lipase, is it still possible that I may never be able to handle rendered fat at all? You kind of do mention that in your post above.

    Is it also worth trying the OX Bile, or is that only if the Lipase doesn’t help?

    The other question I have is, when cooking the fat on the meat, is it OK to cut it off the meat and cook it a bit more? I don’t really like the taste of it unless it’s cooked well on the outside. Beef, I have no problem with eating rare, but I just can’t seem to eat the fat unless it’s cooked a bit more thoroughly.

    I’ve also got off-cuts of Grass Fed Beef Fat from the butcher I purchased my Grass Fed Beef from to put in the pan and cook with some of the grass fed cuts of meat that don’t have much fat on them. Should I keep doing that? I did that because some of the cuts don’t have hardly any fat on them at all, so I thought I needed to add some to the pan at the same time when cooking meat that is very lean.

  97. Hi
    I’ve been on the carnivore diet just on a week. Ate meat and mostly salad prior to beginning this.
    I’ve been eating only beef plus milk in my tea and coffee and drinking plenty of water.
    When I eat my nose runs for a couple of minutes afterwards so wondering if it’s possible to have a beef intolerance or if the beef highlights a dairy allergy?
    Today I am drinking cashew milk in my hot drinks but runny nose the same after eating beef. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

    1. I’d recommend reading the 30 day guide that you can download on this site. You are so early, kind of impossible to draw conclusions (but I strongly doubt you have an allergy to beef, perhaps dairy, and cashew milk isn’t something I would drink)

  98. Is this what Healing should be like?

    Hi, almost three weeks at level one and I started this experiment ( great term by the way) with the intention of knocking down the systemic inflammation in my body. I came from a year strict keto with numerous food allergies and sensitivities I am 88 pounds, 4’11 and my body blows up with the smallest amount of soooo many foods. I have tried a few foods from keto in the past week and I have blown up with inflammation in my gut, inches on my belly and thighs quicker and more severe than ever! ( I know….90 days try the experiment). After these reactions, I’ve scared myself straight on strict Carnivore now.

    My question is, do you think it’s a normal process to Initially at least while I’m healing, to be so much more sensitive to foods I used to eat on Keto? Or is it perhaps that I’m identifying the foods I always was highly sensitive to and they are no longer allowed in my repertoire of foods? I’d so appreciate understanding better what may be happening in my body.

    I do indeed have some very positive experiences going on however, and I yank you so much for sharing your knowledge and information.

    For the first time in 7 years of HPA Axis Dysfunction, hypothyroidism and muscle having gone to pure flab, I am building and SEEING lean muscle mass again as I do resistance training.

    I have sustained energy all day after lifting where I used to want a nap.

    My fingers are now warm all day after eating, and they used to be ice cold every day for the past 15! Gloves with warmers year round was my thing.

    I sleep really deeply and restfully the past three weeks, haven’t in years.

    I think I’m detoxing bad gut bugs!!!

    I’m more cheerful than normal-and I’m a happy person anyway.

    I do love these signs of healing and just am so curious what’s going on that it hurts to eat three organic black olives, or even a slice of bacon now, where these both seemed to not hurt me before I started carnivore.

    Thank you so much!

      1. I’m on a day 7 on Carnivore Diet, and I’m feeling extremely sad and super irritated, even furious. I totally lost my mind today and this really worries me how much rage I feel. I feel like I can’t perform or even go to work because I feel so irritated by everything. What is the reason for this? What could help?

        Also, should I have a break from exercising, will it make me feel worse? I’ve been working out normally about 3 to 4 times a week.

        I’ve been also eating turkey and chicken. Should I stay away from those? Will they cause more inflammation?

        I did keto for a year, I overcame the unpleasant symptoms in a week. After keto I switched to raw vegan for couple months, then Paleo and now Carnivore.

        I haven’t lost weight yet at all, actually I’ve gained weight a bit. My mood is really frustrating me, it’s horrible. 🙁 Also I have a constant chest pain. makes me even more depressed when so many people are thriving and I feel so low. Like it’s crazy how irritated and depressed I feel, I’ve never been like this.

        Also what do you think about the aging when eating so much meat? Looks like meat eaters age way faster than vegans. I don’t know what works anymore, I’m so confused with what’s healthy and what’s not. Thanks for your reply

      2. Thanks much for that link and the encouragement….though I read everything on your site prior to starting, this was great to reread, makes more sense as I’m three weeks in now. Thank you!

  99. Can carnivore + autophagy fasting help in the healing of a torn lateral epicondylitis ?

    Can medicine plants 1 or 2 times a week be okay? ie garlic, chilli, tumeric.

    1. A low inflammatory diet could help, and from what we’ve seen, carnivore is quite low in the inflammation department.

      Not sure what you are referring to with “medicine plants” or what you mean by “okay”

  100. Hi,
    all the way from South Africa 🙂

    Just found your website and it has answered most the questions i had. I am on a one meal carnivore diet and i must say, i am blown away. After few weeks, my body is feeling like almost “new”.

    most inflammation are gone
    body feels very light
    body movement are smooth and easy
    can lift things much easier
    lower back pain almost gone
    walk faster and taller
    Fresh and energized in morning and during the day

    So far for good 🙂

  101. hey, ive been on carnivore for 92 days now, i started it to try to help with my fatigue, digestive and anxiety problems that ive had over the last 10 years. so far it hasent been working for me. i felt pretty ok before starting the diet was kinda at a ok place with my health, but when i started with the transition symptoms a week or so in they didnt go away, the first 2 months i felt like i was dieing pretty much bed ridden extreme weakness and fatigue along with a bunch of other more mionor uncomftorable symptoms. now at the 92 day point i still have pretty significant fatigue worse than before i started, regular diearriea, often have shooting pain in my abdomen, and i know this is the opposite of what everyone else gets but have been very deppresed since starting this, the fatigue and pains suck but the worst is the depression, ive had mild depression before but this is on another level, the other problems do seem to be slowly getting better but the depression really hasent, which really sucks because i wasnt depressed at all before starting this diet. iam 32 yr old male 6ft 145lbs, ive been religously eating 1.5-2lb grass fed beef and ~1/2lb of beef fat 1-2oz organ meats, 2-3liters of water and also lightly salt meat i will ocationally eat chicken pork or fish but thats it no cheating wich is pretty easy becasue i have no cravings or real appetite what so ever i dont care what i eat i just want to feel good-ok, i tried all the supplements you have listed here at different point durring diet they didnt seem to help some made me feel worse.any advice at what i can do at this point can adptation take this long? ive heard people having oxalate detox symptoms for long time after starting could this be it? i was gonna try to make it six months before trying to trasnsition back to clean paleo i was eating before, i can see my results arent typical most people are good after a few weeks, and feel better in some way not worse in everyway, ive asked for advice on few other carnivore support groups but i get shunned or ignored it seems, maybe thinking im a vegan troll? lol, if its anything but this diet is saving my life no one wants to hear it i guess, i think im gonna try to make it 6 months regardless to make sure this is or isnt gonna work, any advice or reponse would be great, thanks

    1. Hey Kris sorry to hear about the struggle. While you are right, most people are more adapted by the 3 month mark, some people are not (a lot has to do with your prior diet/health going into it).
      I’d often recommend going to a “Level 3” protocol at this point to make sure some other meat/food is not causing issues (but from what you mention, you seem to be eating right on track).

      Also, like you mention, oxalate dumping could very well be one of the issues.

      While many many many people have seen improvements/recovery in mental health issues, sometimes it does get worse for some people during this transition (and can be from a number of things including the lack of carbs which play a role in serotonin levels).

      If I were you, I’d try eating more (shoot for 2.5 – 3lbs of fatty beef), and if you aren’t exercising/working out – I think that will help as well.
      I’d also make sure to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep/night (meaning you likely need to be in bed for at least 8.5 hours every night).
      If you get these 3 things down for 3 more months and don’t see significant improvements (I’d be shocked) but let me know and I’ll see if we can’t brainstorm and figure it out.

      1. ok, yea thanks alot, i have been exercising as much as i can stand, i dont mind pusing myself but if i overdo it i pay for it for a couple days after words, ive been walking and doing bodyweight exercises, since the start of the third month , i was always active outdoors person before getting sick i used to be really into weight training i still enjoy being outdoors and active and try to do it as much as my body can handle,

        i will try to eat more im really struggling to get the amount of food in i have been, i really have no appetite but i has become easier, before starting i was about 150lbs droped to around 132lbs in the first two months now back up to 145ish over the last month or so

        yea sleeping was a a big issuse for me the first two months waking up with pain, dierriea, throwing up, or just feeling restless or weird, i was still usually getting 6-8, but this third month ive been sleeping pretty well, 9-10hrs easy, i fall asleep pretty quickly when i go to bed 930-10 usually sleep until 730-8 will wake up ocationally through night but can always go back to sleep, i guess i could be over sleeping if anything,

        ive come this far im gonna try to complete 3 more months anyway and hope i see some significant improvements, thanks

    2. Pain below ribs four weeks into carnivore, could it be too harsh for my liver and or gallbladder? I’ve gone to level 2, have been taking Ox Bile with each meal and though the nightly nausea has dimished greatly, the other night it was so intense, with pain right under the right ribs, I hardly slept. I drank copious amounts of water to try and flush whatever was going on. The next morning my stools had a chalk like color to them. That’s never happened and freaked me out so much I fasted for 24 hours to see if that may help. Can you shed any light on what may be going on? Is this merely still transitional symptoms? I’m totally committed to this and want to keep experimenting….Thank you so much

  102. Hello Dr. Kevin,

    I was strict carnivore for only 6 days and had non stop stomach pain. It started on day 2 and didnt stop until I ate carbs in the form of veggies on day 6. I really want to commit to carnivore as I have some autoimmune issues to deal with, but the pain was crazy. Any tips?

    1. Hi Tina, yes – I’d recommend reading the 30 day guide (you can download it on this site) – as it’s quite common to have rough transition symptoms and there are some things you can do to make it a whole lot easier.

  103. Hi Kevin.

    Great site,it has really provided me with all the info i need to get started with this diet.
    I’m on week 3 and struggling for these 3 weeks.
    I know i expected this.
    What i haven’t heard you talk about is ammonia,i have this terrible ammonia/meat body odor,it’s quite awful and embarrassing,i never had this before.
    I read somewhere it could be ketoacidosis.
    Should i be worried about this,because i don’t want to give up this diet.

    Thank you in advance.

  104. Hey Dr.Kevin,

    I have been on Carnivore diet now for about 2 months. I have been having pain in my kidneys and can’t seem to get the dull pain away. I also can’t seem to drop from 264 ponds. When I first started I was at 278, but I have plateaued now. Any recommendation for the kidney pain, because I truly enjoy the lifestyle change, however I am afraid of my kidneys going out.

  105. Hi Dr. Stock,

    Have you heard of pain in the liver/gallbladder area as one transitions? Thanks so much for being so cool to write people back on this site. You’re awesome -no pressure, i just truly wanted to tell you how great it is that you do! That’s dedication to helping us all!

    1. Well the liver is quite a large organ/area and the gallbladder sits underneath it on the right side of the abdomen – so perhaps you are talking about pain in the mid/right side of the abdomen…

      It’s not uncommon for people who transition to a keto/hflc/carnivore diet from a more standard/higher carb diet to have to get fat-adapted whereby their gallbladder has to “re-upregulate” and start doing its normal functions again (like secreting bile to aid in fat digestion). That could be the issue and is often just a matter of time for the gallbladder to adapt.

      1. Hi Dr Stock,

        Thanks soooo much for taking the time to answer that. I’ve been low carb my entire life and never experienced this. I will remain patient with the transition however.

        And excuse the longer version question I resent . This reply from you I am just getting. Sorry for the redundancy.

  106. Hi Kevin,

    Been doing carnivore for over a month now, however I keep having digestive issues, diarrhea for the most part (the full fatty watery kind). It looks like it is almost always at it’s worst when i have grounded beef. But it’s not particular good with other meats as well. I have been keto for a few years without any issues at all.

    – Yes I have been avoiding the rendered fats.
    – Using lipase before every meal.
    – All meat is grass fed.
    – Only eat red meat and chicken
    – last 2-3 weeks are using only salt and the advised electrolytes.

    I am going to go back to paleo/keto by the end of the week if it doesn’t go away, I simply don’t feel good. (makes sense when my body isn’t absorbing the nutrients).

    On a side note, I do recall having the occasional ‘explosive diarea’ issues on keto with things extremely high in fat, but not always. Examples I can think of are the ground beef and full fat coconut milk.

    Any ideas on what is going on?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. The colon has a function of reabsorbing water – often after years / a lifetime of downregulating due to fiber carrying much of these duties – it needs to upregulate (and start doing its job again). This can take weeks/months.

      Limiting water (especially coffee!) around meals can help.
      Adding in some fiber and doing a more gradual tapering off can help.
      Keeping salt high can help.

  107. I have been on female bio-identical hormones for 10 years (ie. estradiol,progesterone, dhea), and more recently, a very low dose of thyroid med. I also take many supplements. Does a person continue on these when starting the Carnivore Diet??

  108. Hi Kevin I sent u a message yesterday as well. I have decided to add in some Ox Bile to help with my gallbladder and the fat digestion.
    I also have another question. I’ve delt with a lot of overgrowth issues in the past and seem to still have some going on. I’m 6 days on the Carnivore diet and seem to be noticing whiteness on my tounge and yeast infection. Have delt with anyone that has had this happen. I’ve read it help get rid of these issues but nothing in my case.

    1. Yes, 6 days in is really early, fungal issues can stem from many things (like taking antibiotics) – I would just be patient.

  109. Hi Kevin, great article, my carnivore diet has been strong for over 1 month and I feel much better but still going through some symptoms. However, I’m much better compared to the SAD diet, vegan, or keto diet.

  110. Hi Kevin, I’m 8 months in and its been going really well. I came from low-carb previously (& long term vegan lots of years ago), but was not fat-adapted until about 3 months into Carnivore. I recently removed salt from my diet as an experiment, and I have felt less irritated. However, my body has started seriously dumping some nasty stuff. I’ve had full body pain, flu-like symptoms – mucus, headache, cough, burning catarrh, intestinal discomfort etc for the past 4 days. During these days I’ve had a great appetite for meat and lots of fat, aslong as its tender, as my gums are seriously inflamed, but today, not so much of an appetite and feel like I’ve been getting progressively worse each day. I’m not used to prolonged symptoms like this. I usually bounce back very well from a head cold or similar. I had a ‘keto-flu’ for 3 days back when I started adapting, which was very manageable. Of all things this time, I keep dreaming of green salads, or thinking of sweet liquids, like my body is craving something. All I have is meat and water (more water than usual atm). Any thoughts?

  111. i been on carnivore for 2 months….Everybody tells me i am going to get scurvy? i notice my teeth and gums have declined a bit. soft spots and bad breath. is this normal?

  112. Hi, I’m still experiencing extreme muscle soreness and fatigue after 3 months. I’ve cured GERD, dandruff, fungal infections, dermatitis, so I am convinced but I’m so exhausted that I’ve had to quit my job and I struggle walking to the shops. Still getting loose stool sometimes but that is improving. I’m eating lots of salt and have changed to fat trimmings instead of rendered fat. I am still eating free range pork though. Have you heard of pork causing fatigue and muscle soreness.

    1. It’s possible. I would recommend reading the 30 day guide if you haven’t as it lays out a protocol to help identify if certain foods are causing issues.

  113. Hi there,
    Today is day 12 on carnivore diet. I am doing this for weight loss and hoping to clear my eczema. I read all the comments, and unless I missed it, I don’t see where anyone asked about intermittent fasting and nothing mentioned in the 30 day guide. I am eating between 1 and 7 and try to get in 2 meals, which is sometimes hard. I’m afraid if I try to eat just one meal, I will be uncomfortably hungry. As it is, I start getting hungry around 9 in the morning and the discomfort comes and goes until I eat. I’m 60 yrs old, 5″3′ and around 148 lbs. Is there a benefit worthy enough to continue to fast?
    Also, I don’t do social media, so chat groups will not help.
    Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Debi, early on I recommend eating when hungry and eating until satisfied, and not trying to force fasting or trying to manipulate calories/macros ect.

  114. Gout
    Hello I am genetically prone to gout. Any thoughts as I enter the 30 day journey? Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Pete, I will be writing on this specifically in the not distant future, but until then – I have talked with many many people who had suffered with gout that was fixed after transitioning to a meat-based diet. Two of the biggest contributors are alcohol and fructose – remove these and gout tends to resolve. Occasionally, when transitioning to this way of eating, people prone to gout can experience an initial flare up. Tends to resolve.

  115. Hi Kevin,

    I’m 2 years into carnivore. 2 portions of fatty bee rib of per day, occasional eggs. mainly water – although a little coffee each day and occasional wine (a lot less now than when on paleo). I work in London. I’ve encountered positive improvements across the board following 10 years following the paleo diet. Despite a great set of improvements there is one very strange issue which is that almost like clockwork every 5 months I am experiencing colds which consist of pretty nasty coughing. Even in this state i do in fact still retain energy, but obviously such symptoms are concerning as when i was on paleo I was unifomrly cough free. I must note that the move to carnivore coincided with 99% elmination of supplements. As I enter a new phase of experimentation i am considering adding liver to my diet as this nutrient density may support better immunity. This may be important especially living in an urban polluted / higher stress environment. I know the answer is not to go back to paleo as I haven’t had a bad isleep and barely an ache or pain since going to carnivore. But, I am determined to get to the bottom of these strange coughing episodes.. I was wondering whether this experience has been encountered before?

    1. Hi Andy, glad to hear about all the success!

      While a great diet can result in countless benefits, it doesn’t necessarily shield you from all pathogens. You even mention “living in an urban polluted / higher stress environment.”
      Getting a cough once every 5 months doesn’t seem like something that necessarily has to do with diet in my opinion.

  116. Hello Kevin.

    I have been on the diet for about 7 months. I read a few of the main carnivore writers twitter feeds and have learned a lot. But I don’t actually do twitter or Lifelog/Facebook.

    I had terrible IBS like symptoms which of course completely left when I went on the diet. The greatest effect for me has been the low inflammation in my nose and my allergies, that required year round medicine, have been almost gone and I can breath at night with real rest. No allergy meds.

    I have some problems that I need to troubleshoot.

    I have been a dirty carnivore. This fall we picked apples and made apple cider and ate crabapples etc. I eat an occasional non meat item if I’m at someone else’s house for dinner and try home made food at relatives homes. But at home, only meat, eggs and a little cheese. I no longer crave any other kind of food. I have no problem eating an occasional item that we eat from our own garden, totally organic.

    some problems.
    1. In the first few months of the diet I was very tired. very week. Walking up the hill would exhaust me. Shoveling at the farm was almost not possible. Terrible brain fog and wanted to lay down and sleep most of the time. In month 6 and 7 I have been quite a bit better and have had better energy filled days at work on the farm. Possibly because I’ve started eating more.
    I thought it was electrolytes and so took some but it didn’t help much. I tried increasing the amount that I eat because my appetite nearly left me and I was not eating much. Now I’m eating well but still often very weak and tired; improved but not fixed.

    2. Have had terrible cramping mostly in my legs. But I feel the tightness in much of the rest of my body as well. Very tight muscles all over. Very puzzling. Can’t find the problem. I wondered if it was too much salt. Or maybe dehydration but I think that dehydration just exacerbates the underlying problem. I’m taking Potassium gluconate twice daily to see if that will help. No immediate help from that yet.
    I used to have one cup of coffee in the morning. I have stopped drinking that recently and ill see if that was dehydrating me a little. (Near to this is that I have been having eyelid twitching. I think it is related to the muscles tension and cramping. On my good days the eyelid twitching is minimal. But wish it was gone.

    3. I didn’t have much weight to lose when I started the diet but my guts feel so much better, no bloating. I’m 5’10 160lbs. so not bad. Male. 49 year old.

    Kevin if can speak to any of these problems id appreciate it.


    1. I’m not sure if you’ve read the 30 day guide, but I would recommend starting there.

      Everything you mention are common symptoms of adapting. Now after 7 months, most of these should be resolved, however, it could be that the “dirty” carnivore is prolonging adaptation.

      If I were you, I’d read the 30 day guide.
      I’d spend at least a couple months in “Level 2.”
      I would try and eat more (especially making sure fatty cuts).
      If cramping persists, I’d try magnesium before bed (citrate or glycinate).

      My guess is if you follow these steps most/all your symptoms would be gone in a couple months.

  117. Hi Kevin,

    I am 15 months carnivore and 62 years young. I love this way of eating – it has turned my health around in a big way! 🙂 I eat mostly grass fed ribeyes, burger, liver and bone broth. I feel better in my body than I have since I can remember. I am an intuitive and work professionally as a psychic medium, shamanic and reiki healer, and licensed massage therapist. An interesting observation is I feel my clients’ and spirit energy more acutely and viscerally than ever before – Yay!

    I do have a question about gum health and this way of eating. I find I no longer have the daily fuzzy build up on my teeth so brushing happens once or twice a day. However when I floss, my gums bleed more than they used to – sometimes quite a bit. Any thoughts or suggestions about this?

    Thank you for all you give and do to raise the consciousness and awareness of eating a meat based diet – your podcast Saturday 10/26/19 (your 15,000 word article) was wonderful and I have shared it with others. In my line of work and study there are a large number of vegans and vegetarians who disagree with my way of eating so I am certainly “fringe” in the healing arts by eating this way. However it is a wonderful life change! Also, my 21 year old son has lost over 100 lbs since January 1, 2019 eating this way and no longer has depression. Yay!

    Thank You and Blessings,
    Carol Ann

    1. Hi Carol, thank for sharing this!

      Without knowing more about your oral health, it’s hard to comment about the bleeding gums.
      My recommendation is to continue flossing for a couple weeks and see if it doesn’t stop (if often takes this long for the gingival inflammation to settle down – during this time bleeding gums from flossing/brushing isn’t uncommon)

  118. Hi Kevin,
    I was recently diagnosed with gout and everything I read is no red meat (along with other things). I started attempting to eat carnivore at the beginning of the year. About 85% of what I ate was some sort of red meat. Weekends was harder to follow carnivore and I like my wine on the weekends. My question is could it possibly be red meat?? I’ve read or heard of many people treating gout with this wya of eating but 98% of the world tells me NO MEAT. I have never had any symptoms before trying this new way of eating. When I was mostly eating beef I have never felt better, but it is also not worth the pain of gout. Wondering what your thoughts were??

  119. I just started this diet yesterday head-on by only eating beef and only drinking 1 cup of coffee and after that just water. I do have some questions that have been nagging me…

    1. I have noticed that the people that I personally know who are on the keto diet not only have bad breath but they also have a bit of an unpleasant smell coming from their bodies. Is this to be expected on the carnivore diet and if so about how long does it generally last?

    2. How long does the adjustment period generally last?

    3. I have read that intermittent fasting helps to not only helps in supercharging weight loss but also helps your body to tone up better because your body is basically feeding off of your body fat including any loose and flabby skin (i.e. underarm flab) if this is the case then how long should one be fasting?

    Thank You for this wonderful website and all of its resources.

    1. Sometimes when people first go into deeper nutritional ketosis they do have bad breath (and some other side effects that I talk about in the 30 day guide) – as they get adapted to using ketones as a more prominent energy source. Not only does this typically resolve, but many carnivores have a lack of body odor at all.

      “Adjustment” depends on what you are talking about. Fat-adapted could take a few weeks, GI adaptations can take months, etc..

      I don’t recommend forcing fasting when starting out (also in the 30 day guide) – nor do I recommend it for various body composition goals (i.e. building muscle) – but it can work for people who are more concerned about controlling caloric intake.

  120. I suspect I have candida (or similar gut biome imbalance,) will this diet help? Thanks for great resource!

  121. Hi. This is the only website that I’ve found online that can actually give me some info on the carnivore diet. Iv been eating eggs steaks and chicken and only drinking water. Iv completely lost appetite,my actual plan was to eat 2 meals a day but now I’m only able to eat 1 and I only eat because I have to eat. But after I eat I feel nauseous, I constantly have a headache, I also feel tired after eating , is this normal?. Is it OK to eat 10 eggs a day? I’m obese and I need to take my life back.
    Thanx for the info and your time.

    1. Hi Jamila, I’d recommend downloading the 30 day guide where this is answered in quite some detail – but in short – yes that is not uncommon early on.

  122. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the great information.

    I’ve been carnivore for 1 week and – like many others – am struggling with brain fog (almost feels like my brain’s inflamed) and dizziness. Hoping this will pass soon.

    My immediate concern, though, is with my gums. A couple years ago, my dentist found bone loss as well as receding gums. So I’ve been taking a high-quality (grass fed) bone meal supplement and vitamin D (in olive oil), which I think have been really helping. However, since starting carnivore, in order to be a purist, I stopped all supplements. My gums have been quite sensitive and bleeding (when I floss) for the past few days. I’m conflicted as to whether I should go back on the bone meal supplement – mainly because it contains several non-carnivore ingredients, such as grape seed extract, turmeric, green tea extract, etc. A different (also high-quality, grass fed) bone meal supplement I used to take has sucrose and sunflower oil – not sure why. Do you think I’m being overly vigilant about what are probably small amounts of “toxins” in these supplements and that the benefits are worth the imperfections?

    Also wondering if perhaps I just need electrolytes (potassium, in particular). How does one know?

    I had heard numerous stories of people’s gums drastically improving on a carnivore diet, so am surprised/disappointed to be experiencing the opposite.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    1. If you really think the bone meal helps then my all means keep it in. In the big picture, that’s a pretty small thing.
      Down the road, when further adapted, then perhaps try taking these out for a time and seeing how you do.
      I recommend a similar approach for electrolytes – if you aren’t feeling good early on – try adding in some extra electrolytes to see if they help (and then you can likely just wean off them gradually)

  123. Thanks so much for the quick response. Would you recommend continuing with the vitamin D (5000 IU) for now as well?

  124. Thanks for this helpful information! You mentioned GI issues in your article.
    I am on day 4 now and my GI issues are the opposite and I am dealing with constipation. I feel like this meat is just sitting in my belly not digesting. At this point, the smell of beef is making me nauseous. I can only manage one meal a day and afterwards I have indigestion to where I feel like my food is stuck in the valve to my esophagus and won’t go down. What an I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Cassandra – sorry to hear about the initial struggle – what you are experiencing isn’t uncommon. If you haven’t read the 30 day guide, I’d highly recommend starting there.

  125. Hey Kevin, Just curious, with you being a dentist have to had patients of yours that have done strict carnivore that have had improvements in their ital health. I have read a lot of testimonies from carnivores and am just wondering if you have witnessed it in your practice. Thanks for the info you put out. I follow a couple of other great and informed docs in regards to carnivore and I am so happy that the medical professionals are starting to wake up. I am a registered nurse of almost 20 yrs and have been so frustrated with the lack of good science in regards to nutrition and it effects on health, and don’t get me started on the food pyramid and the harm it has done to so many people. So frustrating when a meal tray comes up for diabetic patient and it has a tiny bit of protein and the rest a bunch of refined carbs and we spend the entire shift chasing blood glucose levels. Ridiculous! Whatever happened to doing no harm?

    1. Most of my general dentistry is with pediatrics, none of which (that I’m familiar with), eating a carnivore (or even mostly carnivore diet).
      Most people do see quite improvements in oral health though.

      From a sleep dentistry (treating sleep disordered breathing) perspective, fat loss is a huge component – so obviously this is quite beneficial.

  126. After reading through the above Q & A’s I have to commend you for the selfless commitment to guide and advise so many people.

    Many have referred to brain fog and dizziness. After about 6 months of strict carni, and being pretty healthy all my life with absolutely no medical conditions (age 54) I had a ‘seizure’ or ‘panic attack’ event where I lost control of my body and an extreme sense of pins and needles throughout my body, without losing consciousness. This lasted for about 20 minutes. I didn’t notice brain fog before that event, but now it seems to be constant. Many of your comments refer to adaptation, but is a panic attack a possible symptom? In my research into carni, I come across many references to ‘oxylate dumping’. Could this be a factor in the attack?

    Following that event, I had just about every scan and test done known to mankind (conventional medical wisdom) and all my bloods showed perfect minerals, heart was perfect, MRI & CT scans showed perfect blood flow and no issues. After all the tests I was released from hospital without a diagnosis, or medication …. or treatment advice from the Neurologist.

    The event happened about 3 months ago, and while it hasn’t happened again, I have felt the initial symptoms of the attack a few times and have taken a sedative to calm me down.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I am hesitant to drive in fear of being behind the wheel if it happens again.

    1. Appreciate it Kevin!

      After 6 months, I wouldn’t likely attribute this to adaptation, nor necessarily diet at all. But you mention, that perhaps it was after 3 months and now you’ve been fine for another 3 months – in that case maybe it was adaptation related, I just can’t say. I have not heard of anything like this, so like your other doctors, I’m not sure what to say – perhaps it was a one-off unexplainable event.

      1. Thank you, that was comforting.

        No comment on oxylates? Is this a fringe / irrelevant issue in carni in your view?

  127. I’ve for along time had sleep problems, hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, started carnivour diet two weeks now and sleep problems are worst.

    1. Hi Bill, if you haven’t read the 30 day guide (which you can download here at Meat Health) I’d recommend starting there. In it I discuss sleep, and how it is common to experience sleep disturbances early on, as well as some things you can do to mitigate the issue a bit.

  128. I have adhd and heard this diet helped with that. Can I still take my medication while on the diet until I start feeling a difference? I am 2 days in and want to continue for at least 2 months hopefully longer. I’m really hoping my rosacea goes away and my joints don’t hurt anymore. I have so many problems I’m hoping so bad that this diet works. I don’t want to be depressed anymore.

    1. Yes and I would recommend working with your doctor, sometimes slowly weaning off medications can be better than stopping cold turkey.

  129. Kevin, I’m on day 3. Its surprising how something so straight forward and simple, is also a challenge(which I like, overcoming something)! I have a couple of questions:

    1. Lemon juice in water; ok during initial 30 day, or no?
    2. I am doing 5 minutes of elliptical, just to get blood p