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Dr. Kevin  Stock

Dr. Kevin Stock is a dentist and a leading advocate and authority on meat-based diets. He has over two decades of nutrition research, all of which is compiled into Meat Health Academy, his flagship program on how to transform your body and health with a meat-based diet.

Tens-of-thousands of people have used his educational resources to transform their bodies, cure diseases, and reclaim their health.

Dr. Stock began teaching his nutrition and fitness ideas as a dental student. This continued into his professional career in Dental Sleep Medicine treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) where he invented and patented NED, a nasal device to treat sleep disordered breathing.

He is the author of “Yourdrum,“ a national level physique competitor, and aspiring artist and musician (he also never stops learning).

As an active writer and researcher, Kevin shares his findings on his podcast Kevin Stock Radio and in his “Saturday 7″ newsletter, which has become one of the fastest growing newsletters in the world.

Dr. Stock is widely known as an expert in multiple disciplines, especially ― health and fitness, personal development, and creating lasting change ― all of which you will learn at Meat Health Academy.

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Dr. Kevin Stock
Dentist with a focus on health through a meat-based diet, sleep, and fitness. Researcher, author, inventor of the NED Device. Founder/CEO at Meat Health LLC, Scriptis LLC, and NED LLC. Blog, "Notes to Self," at:

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