How to Break through Fat Loss Stalls on the Carnivore Diet

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Vanessa Spina, most commonly known as Ketogenic Girl, invited Dr. Kevin Stock on to the Fast Keto podcast to discuss how you can break through fat loss stalls, and what to do if you’ve done the opposite and gained weight on Carnivore.

Dr. Kevin Stock on how to break through fat loss plateaus and recomp your body

In this podcast you’ll learn what it takes for total body recomposition by using the tricks from professional physique athletes and applying them to a meat-based / carnivore diet.



To learn more about how to use a Carnivore / Meat-based Diet to transform your body for good (without starving, deprivation, and suffering low energy, low mood, ect…) by using the Meat Health Method, watch the Meat Health Masterclass:

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Dr. Kevin Stock
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