The 90-Day Carnivore
Fat Loss Solution


LEVEL 1: Reboot

Reboot and start breaking down fat the right way

LEVEL 2: Breakthrough

Undergo a fat loss breakthrough with just 2 tweaks

LEVEL 3: Melt

Enter final phase fat loss that gets fat melting off

The 90-Day Carnivore Fat Loss Solution

The Flagship Program

In the 90-Day Carnivore Fat Loss Solution, you’ll get access to the flagship fat loss program through the Meat Health App that includes all 3 Levels with step-by-step video trainings, and simple to follow meal plans and daily checklists.

Meat Health Coaching

You’ll also be assigned a Meat Health Coach, who will guide you through the entire process, provide support, and hold you accountable. Your coach will be checking in on you and working with you to track and hit your personal fat loss goals and making sure you stay on target. You’ll also have monthly live sessions with Dr. Kevin Stock.


Fat Loss Lock-In

If you’ve ever lost weight in the past just to regain it, Bonus “Level 4” will prevent that and instead keep the fat coming off and Lock-In the fat loss for good.

RB12 Workout Program

This is the perfect complement to your Carnivore Fat Loss Solution. And you don’t have to spend hours in a gym. In fact, less can be more…The RB12 Workout Program is a resistance band workout system designed to maximize results in just 12-minutes a day.

Fat Loss Secrets Series

In this 20-video series you’ll discover the secrets to fat loss, the science behind fixing a broken metabolism, and how to avoid all the fat loss mistakes.

Start Your Fat Loss Breakthrough!

The 90-Day Carnivore Fat Loss Solution

Program Overview

Who should take The 90-Day Carnivore Fat Loss Solution?

If you’ve never done a carnivore diet, but are thinking about doing it for fat loss, start here. This is for you.

If you’ve done or are doing a Carnivore or meat-based diet but fat loss has stalled or you’ve gained fat. This is why I put this program out. You aren’t alone. This is very common. We’ll combine bodybuilding secrets with carnivore strategy and get that fat coming off.

If you have had good results with carnivore or keto or meat-based but want to take your body to the next level. This is where you can get to the next level.

Start Your Fat Loss Breakthrough!

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