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Do you feel lost? GPS360 can help you navigate the confusing and frustrating world of meat-based eating. Our extensive, effective and all-inclusive meat-based coaching program is built for anyone, from novice to veteran. Achieving success in your health goals can be difficult, and can feel impossible at times. This simple yet effective three pronged approach is guaranteed to move you towards your goals without overcomplicating the keys to your success. 

Get Skinny Eating Steak

The Get Skinny Eating Steak program is all about losing fat fast.

While there are many ways to lose fat, we employ a combination of a meat-based diet with an easy to implement workout regiment that requires as little as 12 minutes per day!

Our program ensures success by maximizing our client’s motivation and accountability with our comprehensive coaching app that allows clients to easily track habits, progress and connect with their coaches.

What’s Included in our Coaching Programs?

Program Overview

Hands On Coaching Throughout the Program

Live Face-to-Face Sessions

Calls, Text, Video…all through our Coaching App

Level 1 through Level 3: Fat Loss Diet Protocols

Community-based support and team competitions

BONUS: RB12 Workout Program
The simple 12-minute Resistance Band Workouts to compliment the program and supercharge results

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