What did humans evolve to eat?

What did humans evolve to eat? The human brain is the obvious smoking gun that answers the question: what did humans evolve to eat? The vast size and energy demands of the human brain required a diet that differed from … Read more

Fiber on the Carnivore Diet

Do you need fiber? While checking out with 30lbs of beef at the grocery store, you may notice the lack of fiber in your grocery cart. But really… is fiber necessary? Do we need fiber to be healthy? Most people … Read more

Atkins Diet vs the Carnivore Diet

Dr. Robert Atkins was a pioneer in the low carbohydrate movement. He advocated for a ketogenic diet long before keto became recognized as a viable, healthy diet. However, the Atkins Diet and the Carnivore Diet are not the same. And … Read more

Are we really meant to eat meat?

Are humans really meant to eat a meat-based diet? In this podcast, Dr. Stock reviews the evidence for a meat-based diet including a look at what an ancestral diet would have entailed, what our anatomy and physiology suggests we are … Read more

Liver and Vitamin A Toxicity

Can eating too much liver cause vitamin A toxicity? In the carnivore community there seem to be 2 camps: The “nose-to-tail” camp, where you have to eat organs, especially liver. The “eat meat, drink water” camp, where that’s it. Recently, there … Read more

Evidence for a Meat-Based Diet

What is the evidence for a meat-based diet? Let’s explore. Evidence for a Meat-Based Diet: 1.0 – Evolution Throughout human evolution, selective pressures fueled a persistent feedback loop between climate, food availability, and the advantages of a large brain. Archaeological … Read more