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Meat Health Academy

  • Welcome to Meat Health Academy!
  • How to go through the Program
  • Downloads
  • Resources
  • Questions?
  • Before we begin…

Success Blueprints

  • The Missing Ingredient
  • The #1 Factor that Determines Success from Failure (what they never tell you)
  • How to Find The GAP
  • The System
  • The 4% Rule
  • What to Increase to Increase Success
  • The Hidden Sabotager
  • Build One of These and Guarantee Success
  • The Invisible Force that Shapes Your Body and Health
  • THIS is What You Should Track (HINT: it’s not calories or macros)
  • The Success Blueprints

Part 1: The Meat Health Method

Stage 1: Meat Health Method

  • What Is the Meat Health Method
  • How to Start the Meat Health Method
  • 90 Day Challenge
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls
  • How to Get and Prepare your Food
  • Labs / Blood Work
  • Stage 1: Body Composition (My 1-Hour Rule)
  • Before Advancing to Stage 2 of the Meat Health Method
  • Stage 1: Test

Stage 2: Meat Health Method

  • Stage 2: Getting Started
  • What Animal-based Foods to Watch Out For
  • How to Build Your Primary Pyramid
  • How to Build Your Plant Pyramid
  • The (your) Meat Health Diet
  • Stage 2 Body Composition
  • The New You
  • Stage 2: Test

Part 2: Meat Health Academy


  • How to Discuss the Meat Health Diet with Family, Friends, and Healthcare Providers
  • Why Meat?
  • What are We Designed to Eat
  • The FAD Diet
  • Meat: Test

The Problems with Plants

  • Revolutionary Diets
  • Plants Fight Back
  • Plant Foods?
  • Seeds (Grains, Beans, Nuts)
  • Stems and Leaves
  • Fruits and Roots
  • The Food Spectrum
  • Plant: Test

Determining your Macros (and micros)

  • Protein: The Most Essential Macronutrient
  • Fat: The Most Misunderstood Macronutrient
  • Carbohydrates: To Eat or Not to Eat?
  • Fiber: Microbiome and Gut Health
  • Avoiding Deficiencies: How to Get All Your Vitamins and Minerals (Micronutrients)
  • Nutrient: Test

(Re-) Discovering Health

  • What is Health?
  • Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease (The #1 Killer)
  • Cancer and Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Brain and Mental Health
  • The Longevity Diet
  • The Complete Package
  • Health: Test

BONUS #1: How to Build Muscle (Advanced Strategies)

  • Advanced Muscle Growth and Performance Protocol

BONUS #2: How to Lose Fat (Advanced Strategies)

  • How to Lose Fat for Good
  • Advanced Fat Loss Protocol
  • Carnivore PSMF

Bringing it All Together

  • Meet Katie
  • Meet Keith


  • Environmental and Ethical Implications of a Meat-based Diet

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