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Meat Health Academy

How to Transform your Body and Health with a Meat-based Diet

About the Meat Health Method

Meat Health Academy is A to Z — everything you need to transform your body and health — with a meat-based diet. It is the only nutrition program you will ever need, created by one of the leading meat-based nutrition doctors. This is the ultimate guide to creating lasting transformation ― a new body and revitalized health ―  with a meat-based diet.

Using the Meat Health Method you will have the strategies, the step-by-step guides, and the blueprints that will be your shortcut to a body and health beyond what you thought was possible.

Whether it’s stubborn fat that won’t fall off or an autoimmune condition that won’t resolve you’ll have a  systematic approach that takes you from start to success with a meat-based diet.

In this program you’ll learn the missing ingredient (besides meat!) to creating lifelong transformation. Fat loss that stays off. A gut that heals. Autoimmune diseases that remit. And a method that makes it effortless. It’s a formula that almost all coaches, doctors, and health professionals never learned. It’ll be your secret advantage.

With this program you’ll transform your body, health, and life. You’ll know the “what to do” and “how to do it.” But you’ll also gain the confidence and expertise knowing “why” each step of the way, having answers for family, friends, and doctors.

How to use the Meat Health Method to Transform your Body and Health

Meat Health Method vs Carnivore Diet

The Meat Health Method is based on a systematic approach that is grounded in two principles.

Principle #1: The foundation of human nutrition is meat. We are all Homo sapiens, humans of the same species, designed to eat a particular diet. In this regard, the Meat Health Method and the Carnivore Diet are quite similar.

Principle #2: While we have far more in common than we do differences, we are also all unique. These differences range from history to genetics to goals to lifestyles. This is where the Meat Health Method diverges from a pure Carnivore Diet.

In this program these two principles of the Meat Health Method are taught in 2 Stages.

Stage 1 – In Stage 1 we build the meat-based foundation covering everything from transitioning into a meat-based diet to a completely pure “Carnivore Diet.” Stage 1 culminates with the 90 Day Challenge, the ultimate reset, which builds a solid foundation to launch in to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – In Stage 2 we use the Meat Health Method to personalize your meat-based diet. We build your personal “food pyramid” designed for lasting success for YOU. For some people this may mean eating a pure “Carnivore Diet,” for others it may include varying amounts of plant-based foods. By the end of Stage 2, you’ll know exactly what is right for you. You will also know what foods you may want to eat more or less of (and when to eat them) to aid in additional fat loss, enhanced muscle gains, or as a strategy to overcome certain health problems like keeping autoimmune conditions gone for good.

This 2 Stage approach was designed so that it will work for you even if every diet has failed you (including Carnivore and Keto), even if you think your metabolism is broken, even if you think you are genetically cursed, and even if you’ve never been the biggest fan of eating meat.

While Stages 1 and 2 are the meat of the program, before embarking on this new journey, you’ll have access to The Success Blueprints. Not to give too much away here, but The Success Blueprints will be your secret weapon. These trainings discuss the missing ingredient (besides meat!) that no nutrition program or diet covers. Getting this training right from the start is going to set you up for rapid success.

This is the nutrition program to end nutrition programs. It is A to Z. You’ll be armed with all the knowledge and skills to avoid the most common pitfalls, you’ll finally “get” macro and micro nutrients, and you’ll be equipped with the know-how to discuss this way of eating with anyone – family, friends, and your doctor. You’ll even be armed with all the ammo you may need to debate online if that’s your thing.

And then there is the BONUS Trainings. These are like standalone programs, but I wanted to ensure you had everything you need. So here you’ll learn the advanced strategies to build muscle and lose fat, faster and easier than you thought possible. As I discuss, these programs are to be used with caution. They can be used to cause extreme fat loss in short periods of time, but need to be used responsibly.

For even more details about Meat Health Academy and the Meat Health Method, you can register to attend the Meat Health Masterclass.

What’s Included in the Program

You are going to cover a lot of ground: here’s the Curriculum.

14+ Hours of Video (+Audio) Trainings

Dr. Stock walks you through the Meat Health Method, step-by-step, so that you can apply the method today to start seeing results immediately.

60 Modules: Step-by-Step

Access 60 self-paced, step-by-step modules that turn strategies into a simple success method. Plus get all the trainings in audio, MP3, format so you can listen (and re-listen) anywhere.

The Ultimate Workbook

Access the Ultimate Workbook, 100 pages filled with the Success Blueprints, Cheat Sheets, and Quick Start Guides to fast-track your transformation.

Who is Meat Health Academy For?

  • If you have struggled with your health or weight and struggled to create the lasting change you want, whether with your body like fat loss or your health like an autoimmune condition, this program is for you. You will get the knowledge and skills to breakthrough to a new you, a new body with revitalized health.
  • If you want to take your body and health to the next level. Maybe you’ve done keto and feel like there is more you could get. Maybe you have dabbled in carnivore but lacked a system to make it work. Or maybe you’ve done a plant-based diet only to realize it wasn’t the solution you were hoping for. This is for you.
  • If you are a Coach, Personal Trainer, Doctor, Healthcare Professional, Health Influencer, or Student of the Health Sciences and want to take your knowledge and client/patient success to the next level by adding a new powerful tool to your tool belt. You’ll find that here at Meat Health Academy with the ability to earn a Certification.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is now open. You can enroll at Meat Health Academy.

Meat Health Masterclass

For more details, register for the free Meat Health Masterclass:

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